Draft Breakdown: Round 18, waiver-wire, trade targets

We take a look at the best options to grab from the NRL SuperCoach Draft wires and the best players to target in trades.


We are well and truly into the pointy end of the season and draft finals are drawing nearer.

It’s time to really deep diving on player’s match ups during your draft finals.

It’s much easier to make a decision on those fringe players depending on their final’s matchups.

In the coming weeks I will do an article on some of the finals strategy’s we can use in our draft comps.

Below are some players that are worth considering and are owned in less than 35% of leagues.

Keep an eye on origin injuries, as you will need to act quickly to pick up up players that will benefit from these injuries.

Also, there’s a good chance we see a few resting after a tough origin series which is great for waiver opportunities this week.

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Sean O’Sullivan

Penrith look set to rest their origin stars.

This will see O’Sullivan step into the side against the poor Tigers.

Despite the mass resting, I believe the Penrith reserve players will still score some points against the Tigers, as we saw in round 13 against the Bulldogs.

In his four games in 2022, O’Sullivan is averaging 57 PPG and clearly not afraid to run the football.

Jayden Campbell

Campbell should be back in the next few weeks from a hamstring injury.

The NRL Physio has educated me well in the risk in returning from a hamstring injury.

However, Campbell has been impressive in a struggling Titans side and is averaging 50 PPG.

And his talent and attacking ability is undeniable.

The Titans don’t have a bad run for draft finals coming up against Manly, Dragons, Knights and Warriors in the final games of the year.

He is a perfect player to keep on your bench and if he kills it, which is more than capable of doing, take his points as an AE.

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Dominic Young

Young is rapidly growing in confidence and ability.

If he were playing for a better team, he be a great SuperCoach player with his tackle busting ability and tough carries.

He is averaging 50 PPG with an impressive 71 PPG three-round average.

Young has a tough couple of matchups against Manly and Roosters but then takes on the Bulldogs, Tigers, Broncos, Raiders and Titans.

Sunia Turuva

Most of us got a first look at Turuva when he impressed for Fiji on rep weekend.

He has been killing it in NSW cup all year and if he gets his shot this weekend, he will be a SuperCoach weapon.

He has scored nine tries, averaging 180 run meters a game and averaging five tackle busts a game from 15 games in NSW cup this year.

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Matt Lodge

Lodge was averaging only 46 PPG this year for the Warriors.

Last year, he averaged 57 PPG in a combination of games for the Broncos and Warriors.

It may take a few games, but I think it’s reasonable that Lodge could average 53+ with the Roosters, who are desperate for some middles.

He has a great offload and if he is able to get the offload licence for the Roosters, he could even get back to the 57 PPG he was averaging last year.

Thomas Flegler

Flegler should be the main beneficiary of the Haas injury and will have more minutes to pop his great offload.

Flegler is getting a lot of his points from his offload and will continue to pump out 55+ scores whilst he is without Haas.

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Tyran Wishart

Just one to keep an eye on if Grant gets rested or injured.

Brandon Smith should be out with a decent suspension and Wishart will have to play big minutes at hooker if anything should happen to Grant.

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