NRL Round 8 Supercoach Wrap: 10 Things We Learnt

From another Hynes masterclass to Cleary's underwhelming return, Nick Moon recaps the Supercoach week on NRL's ANZAC Round.


Where are my Supercoach points as promised to me on Friday?!

There isn’t a bigger tease around than the “Projected” Supercoach scores.

After getting through ANZAC Day bulging at the seams with triple figure scores, I was staring down the barrel of a monster 1400+ score.

That unfortunately did not come to fruition, far from it in fact as I was forced to endure another Sharks carve up at the hands of Nicho Hynes.

How I have gotten through the last 2 weeks without him is beyond me.

Moving on from Nicho, Round 8 seemed to be a round where you had or you didn’t!

Some guns absolutely went nuts with Munster, Fifita, Garrick, AFB and Crichton joining Hynes in  posting huge scores, whilst other guns should have maybe spent their afternoons at two-up.

DWZ, with the load of the Overlord and the Spy on his shoulders, has been very underwhelming whilst Lomax spent more time watching Sam Walker kick goals than he would have liked

Despite being Nicho-less, I still managed a solid 1,212 points leaving me in 11,122nd overall. 

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10 things we learnt from Round 8

1. Nicho .. You are killing me (And other non-owners)

So, turns out holding Cleary WAS NOT the play! The Prince of Cronulla, hell NSW at this rate just has gone ballistic these past 3 weeks coming off the bye to really put a dagger into mine and other non-owners – if there are any out there silly enough like me!

He was back to his best on Sunday, carving up the Raiders edge defences and making a mockery of Supercoach scoring. It was like a Solar eclipse – I just couldn’t look at it without it hurting my eyes.

I am a DCE owner and part of me wants him to take the early guilty plea – means I can bring in Nicho for the Dragons game. Because if I don’t own him by next weekend, I may leave the country and go somewhere they don’t speak English

160 points to round out a massive week for scoring, and if you were smart enough to throw the C armband on him, well you would have gone to bed on Sunday night very happy. 

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2. Fullback battle throws up snake eyes

Walsh, Papenhuyzen, CNK, Edwards, Tedesco, hey even Fuller!

These were the top targets of those who owned Ponga for the weekend and we were all left somewhat wanting after sub-par performances!

Papi just couldn’t get involved with Munster running the show and was a dropped ball away from going 100+, CNK was looking at a monster score but the Titans hit back and he had to rely on base, and somehow Tedesco only scored 81 despite the Chooks putting 60 on the Dragons!

My eyes, much like the Fox cameras, were heavily on Walsh and as a non-owner against the Tigers, it was a tough 80 minutes. But not as tough as the Broncos trainer it seemed!

Walsh scored a double but was heavily impacted by cramp/sore legs/dodgy curry as he ended with 74. He spent more time in the arms of the trainer than running the ball

He failed to finish with what seemed like cramp but was there more to it?

Team list Tuesday will tell us.

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3. Munster sends warning shots!

Spoke a lot about the five-eight spot and who should partner Brown or Strange or Galvin… and it seems the most obvious decision was staring us in the face.

Cam Munster reminded everyone why he is the number one 6 in the country on Thursday with a demolition job against Souths scoring an incredible 148, scoring a try and setting up 4 others.

There is always a concern with Origin but we are talking about the best of the best.

He has such a high ceiling his floor can at times seem low but priced at $682 before the round kicked off, it seems you just need to find a way to get him in. 

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4. Fifita – Find a way!

Much like Munster, find a way!

Fifita was enormous for the Titans and has shown in the past couple of weeks he is a must have for season 2024.

Had a breakout game on Thursday after what seemed like a few weeks of bubbling scores, he scored a try and set another up to go with a mountain of offloads and TB.

The obvious concern is the draw, Origin and the fact he is only playing 60 odd minutes!

Seems a few more cons than is comfortable but there is serious upside.

That and he is so low owned, that a another score like that on the weekend, and you are making some serious ground 

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5. Cleary’s return falls flat

Five weeks I held Cleary, five weeks for 51 on his return! Can’t win them all!

I might have saved a trade but I think I lost a lot of ground in the meantime! Saturday had all the makings of a big Cleary score – Fast track, paper-thin defence, points to be scored but the Cowboys turned up and Cleary was left wanting!

Plenty found the $883k to bring him in and we will hold judgement until his matches against Souths, Bulldogs and the Warriors in coming weeks, but a quiet month heading into Origin could hurt plenty of owners.

His all round game, by admission, was under par so this should have Souths very worried. 

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6. ANZAC Round remains unrivalled

I’m a big believer in Magic Round having seen the magic first hand but there is something special about the ANZAC Weekend! 

The implementation of the New Zealand game added so much to a weekend already bristling with respect and gratitude to those who have served and are currently serving.

The players and fans all buy in. It did though seem to be a bit of a moving week, with some huge scores.

Hard to put down exactly why, but a reminder for next year.

Seems the 8-10 week mark is when teams start to really drop or fire. 

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7. It’s time to go… Tom

I didn’t think I would be writing these words, but Tom Trbojevic its time to pack your bags!

I might be a bit presumptuous here and I’m sure come Thursday he will have the captaincy on him but his scores are starting to wear thin!

One 100+ score to start the year and averages a tick under 80.

The fact Manly is winning is numbing the pain slightly, but I’m a points junkie and need that 170+ hit I know he can deliver for me.

I’ll pay ya back, you know I’m good for it.

Please I’m begging you!

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8. And you can follow him Terrell

I thought once I had Terrell May in my FRF I wouldn’t have to worry about getting rid of him barring injury.

But his minutes in the past month are starting to become a real concern! Only managed 26 on Thursday in a game that was admittedly over by half time, but that comes after last weeks 30 and 3 weeks back a 20!

It’s a small spot fire I can let burn out for a while, but it is something that warrants some attention in the next month or so. 

His output isn’t in question when he is on the field, but sharing the minutes amongst JWH, Collins and White, he seems to be the pod man out.

If Robbo wants to be coaching post 2024, he better get this bloke some more minutes, otherwise he will be joining the thousands of us playing a fantasy game where we pretend to play coach.

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9. Brown and Lane – It’s not a s**t road, but it’s getting close

Play on words there but the pair have been awfully disappointing – as have a lot of their other teammates but looking purely through a supercoach lens, I don’t think you can carry the duo for much longer!

I can see a world where you can hold Brown, but him being parked on the right edge does not suit his game, and Parramatta looks like a side that won’t be doing much in September. 

His attack seems stifled and a bit lost without Moses.

The one positive is, he should get dual position. Because you would want to play him at HFB over Hynes, Cleary or DCE..

As for Lane, well he lost his one attacking weapon and that was Brown hitting him short. 

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10. Minute Watch:

Warriors v Titans
AFB 61, Barnett 57, Egan 80, Fifita 61, Joliffe 60, Fermor 80

Dragons v Roosters
Liddle 49, Su’a 80, Eisenhuth 76, Crichton 80, T May 26, Watson 80 

Storm v Rabbitohs
Grant 75, Blore 72, Katoa 80, Chan 29

Sea Eagles v Eels
Ola 70 (Sin Bin), Lussick 57, Lane 55, Matto 80 

Tigers v Broncos
Fainu 70 (Sin Bin), IPap 61, Haas 51, Piakura 67, Willison 34

Cowboys v Panthers
Nanai 80, Lolo 45, Cotter 66, Henry 38, Yeo 80

Dolphins v Knights
Plath 66, Kerr 38, JMK 80, KPP 80, Lucas 80, Brailey 80

Raiders v Sharks
Sasagi 80, Smithies 63, Levi 41,Nikora 80, Hazelton 43, McInnes 52 

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