Pre-Draft Board: Top 36 ranked Draft targets

We rank the top 36 targets for your NRL Supercoach Draft to help ease you through the big day.


Pre-draft rankings are a quintessential part of the NRL SuperCoach Draft game. 

In ‘Classic’ the value of players is set for you, but in draft YOU get to be the judge.

Your pre-draft board is your place to organise all of the players in the league based on the value you place on them. 

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Your board will automatically be organised based on how players scored in the previous season, but there’s always plenty of factors you need to consider as you move into a new season.

Did a player overachieve last year? Did they underachieve? Has there been any significant team movements which will impact a player’s attack negatively or positively? Are there injuries?

Keeping tabs on all these things across 17 teams is hard work, so here’s our list of the top 36 NRL SC Draft Targets for 2024. This list will consider the round 23-26 Finals series within rankings.

1Nicho HynesAbsolute gun and the highest scorer from 2023 will threaten to do it again. His good finals draw and unlikely NSW call up get him just ahead of the number 2..
2Nathan ClearyOrigin selection can mean the chance to miss a couple of games but otherwise Cleary is a homerun at number 2.
3Kalyn PongaConsensus best fullback who could average the most of any player if his 2023 form continues. Averaged over 100 at fullback when goalkicking last season.
4Tommy TurboIn a tight field, Turbo’s finals draw of Tigers (rd 25) and Bulldogs (rd 26) is too juicy to ignore.
5Reece WalshStill a kid. Should improve. Rd 24 bye hurts his standing but his other finals games are amazing. Scored six tons last year and three scores in the 90s.
6Latrell MitchellLooking fitter than ever in preseason. Could easily outscore the other fullbacks above him if he can stay on the field in 2024.
7Scott DrinkwaterA bye in round 25, followed by Storm in 26 hurts his stocks, but Drinkwater is seriously good. Had the 4th best average last season with seven tons.
8Dylan BrownThe best player at his position. Could be as high as fourth on this list if it weren’t for an awful Finals run for Parramatta with games against Panthers, Roosters and Broncos from rounds 23-25.
9David FifitaBy virtue of being the best at position, he’s a top 10 pick. His return from a pec tear might delay his start to the season until round 4. Let’s hope Des Hasler doesn’t change his role – or edge.
10Harry GrantAnother best at position, and one that’s very weak. Finals draw is decent, and he can easily outscore other hookers by 10-25 points week on week which is a nice advantage to have.
11Shaun JohnsonDolphins, Sea Eagles, Bulldogs and Sharks in a round 23-26 finals run. If the Warriors are humming to end their season, he could win you a comp.
12Jahrome HughesJust behind SJ, but in a low depth position he’s a stud. Can only improve on last year’s scores with better forwards in the system.
13Cameron MunsterSecond best at position. Can take his foot off the gas in easy games which makes him a frustrating own at times, but is destined to average 70 again this season.
14Brian To’oArguably best in position. Four tons last year and sitting outside of Nathan Cleary is great real estate.
15Greg MarzhewLast year’s breakout winger, big Greg has both a fantastic base and try-scoring potential. Four tons last year and two 90s. Knights also have a nice draw for finals.
16Tino Fa’asuamaleauiCould be the highest averaging player at two positions. Question marks on how Des will use him keep him out of the first round for me, but his dual position is super useful in Draft.
17Daly Cherry-EvansAt a position with low depth, DCE is rock solid and has a great finals draw. The young players on his right-edge are all still improving which could mean more try and linebreak assist for the veteran.
18Payne HaasSolid but will play reduced minutes from time to time with Broncos goals of peaking in the Finals.
19Ryan PapenhuyzenPotentially speculative based on how he plays in trials, but he has great value in the second round. Could go as high as 9th if we get confirmation that he is goal kicking this year.
20James TedescoHas declined in each of the last two seasons, but still playing for a good team. A bye, Eels, Titans and Raiders in the Finals is very solid.
21Jamayne IsaakoCould be higher if it was Averillo, not Farnworth, inside him on the right-edge. But kicks goals for a team who should score a lot of tries.
22Clint GuthersonA brutal finals run is the only knock on him. Super consistent and durable. Plays considerably better with either Brown or Moses out of the team but should still average mid-60s with them fit.
23Matt BurtonCould go to another level this season with better cattle around him. One of the most ball dominant at his position and goal kicking gives him a decent floor. Pick at 5/8 if you have the opportunity to do so.
24Valentine HolmesExcellent floor for a CTW given his goal kicking, albeit his Finals draw is very tough. A very reliable option.
25Izack TagoAveraged 68 last year and should get better. Great base for a centre, and if he lands on the right-edge outside Cleary, should be involved in lots of tries.
26Cody WalkerGreat upside in a Souths team with more weapons in attack this season. The calf injury in preseason is the only reason he’s behind Burton at the position.
27Mitchell MosesLosing a little ground to Dylan Brown each season as the dominant attacking force at the club, but can still go big against the bad teams. Tough finals run is the only thing keeping him from the second round.
28J’Maine HopgoodAs solid as they come with a base of 57 last year. There’s always a risk of his minutes being managed given the riches at Parramatta of middles, but he’s a stud. 
29Haumole OlakauatuCould go to another level and still just 25 years old. A brilliant finals run is the icing on the cake.
30Joseph ManuSolid and could play fullback at times if Tedesco is unavailable.
31Dylan EdwardsAlways manages to average well despite being down the pecking order in attackers at the club.
31Reuben GarrickA move to centre this season should significantly reduce the amount of tries which is the only reason he’s not a top 15 pick this season. The dual position is handy as coverage. His goal kicking and good finals draw makes him still a great option.
33Briton NikoraRose to a new level in 2023. Robust, with great base and huge attacking potential outside of Hynes.
34Pat CarriganWhile his scores can vary depending on minutes and his licence to offload, Carrigan could be the best 2RF in the game if he’s given a licence to free the arm. Reliable.
35Isaah YeoOne of the most consistent scorers at the position, and is typically managed to peak by the end of the season, which coincides with SuperCoach Draft finals perfectly.
36Charnze Nicoll-KlokstadA breakout player in 2023 and a reliable scorer at fullback. Has great base and if he can rediscover his try scoring and assist from from last season can average over 60.

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