Quantium data analysis: True player ownership stats, Round 26

Actuary Adam Driussi provides player ownership breakdowns to allow you to differ your side from those atop the rankings.


After 26 weeks the final week of the season is upon us, and we’ve saved the most challenging round until last! 

Mass restings and injuries combined with a lack of trades mean that team numbers are decimated. 

Let’s assess the damage and take a look at the ownership of each player after Round 26.

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Fullback (non-DPP)

The table below sets out the proportion of teams in the top 100, top 1,000, top 5,000, top 10,000, top 20,000 and top 100,000 that own each fullback.

Players in red are unavailable this week.  4 of the top 6 most owned fullbacks amongst the top 1,000 teams are unavailable.


It’s a brutal week at CTW with 4 of the top 5 owned players in the top 1,000 unavailable.

Those who nuffed Jack Howarth have got lucky with an unexpected debut (scoring a solid 40 pre updates).


With so many teams running Ponga and Munster at five eighth, it’s a brutal week for Supercoaches. 

The 47% of teams in the top 1,000 who own Cody Walker will be stoked to have a leg up on the rest of the pack.  

Half Back

After being so good to owners in 2023, SJ’s resting is a huge blow for the 40% of teams in the top 1,000 who own him – especially with Cleary and Hynes named to play. 

DCE looks a lovely POD to finish the year with a juicy match up against the Tigers.



FRF is a bloodbath for Supercoaches this week with 10 of the 12 most popular players in the top 1,000 unavailable. 

The 26% of teams who own Tino will be loving it.


With Harry Grant out (and owned by 96% of the top 1,000 teams), the vast majority of teams have a backup hooker starting. 

Whilst 24% own a proven player like Damien Cook, the remainder own a wide variety of players with significantly less Supercoach pedigree. 

Players Available in Round 27

It’s carnage in terms of player availability this week. 

The table below sets out the number of players available by rank. 

Amongst the top 1,000, only 4 teams have 17 players available!

45% of the top 1,000 teams have less than 12 players available and 9% have less than 10 players! And that is including various players that you would never want to start.

Analysing The Top 20 Teams

It’s a nervous week for those near the lead so I’ve done a deep dive of the top 20 teams. 

The table below sets out each team, how far they are off first, how many trades they have left and how much money they have in the bank. 

Not surprisingly, 13 of the top 20 have no trades left.  The team running eighth has managed to save 3 trades and already has 15 players available – that could well be enough to win them the title despite starting the week 201 points off the lead.

A deeper dive into the top 20 (pre trades) shows which players each team owns.

Looking at teams 1 and 2, it shows that they have 8 players in common.  So with neither side having any trades left, it’s [De Belin, Papali’i, Luke + 76] vs [Cleary, Nikora, To’o, Howarth, Moale, Kodi Nikorima].

With Howarth scoring 40 tonight, the lead is down to 36 and (barring a captaincy miracle) the leader looks gone.

My quick analysis says it is likely down to three teams who can win – teams 2, 6 and 8. 

Good luck to everyone in what shapes as a crazy Round 27! 

I’m off to the Gold Coast for the Bulldogs v Titans game and then looking forward to a more positive 2024 season for both the Bulldogs and my Supercoach side!

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