How to Plan for the Origin Bye Rounds

Jay Schubert provides a guide to navigating your Supercoach teams through the Origin bye rounds.


With the bye rounds just around the corner, it’s time to have a dive into which teams have the better draw through rounds 13-20.

For players that prepare well, the reward is saving trades over these weeks to use them for the run home.

Bye Rounds Just Scores Different

There are three major bye rounds – 13, 16 & 19, only your best 13 players count towards your scoring on these rounds.

In these rounds you can use 3 trades without a Boost, or 4 with a Boost.

No need to completely tear your team apart for these rounds, if you are prepared.

The timing of trades is more relevant, coming down to who to trade and who to hold, depending on each team’s upcoming schedule.

Any Origin Players that over this period will miss the 3 origin rounds 13, 16, 19, plus rounds that their team are on the BYE, plus any restings.

This can be the best time of the season for any sideways trades.

** Beware **

Dolphins Origin players’, only play 3 of 8 games at most, missing Rounds 13,14,16,18,19.

Knights Origin players’, byes in Round 12, 16, and 21 and missing the origin weeks in 13 and 19.

They will only play a maximum of 5 out of 10 games through Rounds 12 to 21.

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Round 13

Teams on the Bye: Broncos, Titans, Sea Eagles, Storm, Rabbitohs, Warriors, Tigers.

If you are holding any non-keeper Origin players, this is the week to trade, as they will likely miss all 3 major bye rounds.

Teams to Target:

Dolphins play all 3 major bye rounds.

Knights will only miss round 16 during the origin stretch. 

Bulldogs have the bye in round 15 on their own, and round 19.

Teams to Consider:

Raiders, Roosters, both play the first 2 major bye rounds.

Be careful not to load up on these players to cover round 13, as round 14 is classed as a standard round where you need 17 scoring players.

Round 14

Teams on the Bye: Raiders, Roosters, Dolphins.

A standard Round with 17 scoring players

Teams to Target:

Tigers have done 2 of their trades and do not miss a game until round 26.

Titans, Sea Eagles, Rabbitohs – all play the next 2 major bye rounds 16 & 19.

Teams to Consider:

Storm and Warriors play the next 5 games straight.

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Round 15

Team on the Bye: Bulldogs

This is a standard round with 1 team on the bye, chance to save trades.

Round 16

Teams on the Bye: Broncos, Sharks, Knights, Cowboys, Eels, Panthers, Dragons

Round 17

Teams on the Bye: Titans, Sea Eagles, Rabbitohs

A standard round with 17 scoring players

Team to Target:

Broncos play round 19, and do not have another bye until round 24.

Teams to Consider:

Dragons, Sharks, Eels, all play round 19, but also all have their last bye in round 20.

Round 18

Team on the Bye: Dolphins

Another standard round, where trades can be saved for the run home.

Round 19

Teams on the Bye: Raiders, Roosters, Bulldogs, Cowboys, Panthers, Storm, Warriors

Round 20

Teams on the Bye: Sharks, Eels, Dragons

Teams to Target:

Bulldogs, Raiders, Storm, Panthers, all have played their final bye round in round 19.

Any of the keepers that are in these teams and named to back up in round 20, are set and forget for the rest of the season.

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Origin & Non-Origin Player Considerations

Through the 8 rounds, non-Origin players from the Tigers & Knights will play 7 games. All other teams will play 6 of 8.

The maximum number of games Origin players will play during rounds 13 to 20, (excluding any possible restings / injuries).

5 Games: Tigers, Knights, Cowboys, Panthers, Storm, Warriors, Broncos

4 Games: Dragons, Sharks, Eels, Raiders, Roosters, Bulldogs, Titans, Sea Eagles, Rabbitohs

3 Games: Dolphins



If you plan early, you can save trades for the run home and use minimal trades during the challenging origin period.

Good luck in the weeks to come.

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