POD plays: Round 26 uniques to take you to glory

Data expert Jay Schubert calculates hundreds of projected Round 26 scores for you to figure out which PODs to bring in this week


Here we are, the second last week of NRL Supercoach and the Grand Final for head-to-head competitions.

Looking at the numbers of the last three rounds (current form), all the below information is calculated. Also, positions are divided into left and right of the field where appropriate. Hopefully this will make your decisions this week a little clearer. The top three Predicted Scores for each position are highlighted green.

The predicted score is using the same formula from last week’s captains article, where all six that played performed as predicted with DWZ going large, Grant underperforming, and Ponga & Cleary scoring their average.

The biggest standout from the list below is Jahrome Hughes. With the right duals, he is a perfect replacement for Garrick / Teddy owners wanting a high scoring POD. Titans have given up 99 points on average over the last three weeks to Halfbacks. Combined with Hughes’s current form of 118 (three-round average), and only 4% ownership, he could be the one to make the difference in head-to-head Grand Finals.

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Left FRF

Right FRF

Lock Forward

Left 2RF

Right 2RF



Left Wing

Left Centre

Right Centre

Right Wing


All the best for the week ahead!

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