Weekly wrap: Round 24 winners, losers, injuries

2021 6th overall Clem Cassidy and Nick Moon recaps every game from Round 24, eyeing the Supercoach studs and duds.


Oh captain my captain! Everywhere you looked it was all about the captains this week. And we missed the most obvious one… Sam bloody Kerr!!

It was touted as the week where the captains would reign supreme and just by picking the right one, could have seen you shoot up the rankings, or more importantly, win that vital head to head final.

But alas it was not to be as all the popular captaincy choices fell by the wayside, Cleary and Nicho scoring sub 60, Ponga getting an early bath after barely breaking a sweat for his 77, and Latrell turning out to be the pick of them but only scored 81?!

Unless of course you found Reece Walsh as your captain and you are feverishly refreshing the Supercoach website to see how much you jumped in the rankings.

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With the skippers all going down, it turned out to be a very tight week with not much in the scores. A lot of head-to-heads would have hinged on Sunday’s Knights v Bulldogs game and unfortunately it did not go the way of the Marzhew and Best owners.

Quick Shoutout to Wayne who knocked off Scotty by a point in my head-to-head cash comp. Scott was apparently too worried out about next weeks prelim…

The Philly Hamstrings had a somewhat bounce back scoring 1240 but left a Garrick and DCE on the bench. That score will hopefully give me some green arrows and I can crack into that top 20000! Yep, that’s my year. As for my co-writer Clem, she fared even better after nailing her reserves. She was quick to message on Thursday with a Garrick gloat. But hats off to her, she played Mulitalo also and finished with 1263.

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Sea Eagles v Panthers

By Nick Moon

Bad decisions headlined this match! Bad decisions from Garrick, bad decisions from Sutton, and bad decision to captain Cleary! Seibold also made a bad decision picking and sticking with Schuster but that’s for another time.

It was meant to be a Cleary bloodbath… Even yours truly backed him for a big performance but he didn’t account for a DCE led Manly side hell bent to upset the applecart – by employing tactics from the 80s!

The wrong half had the better of the nights as Cleary could only manage a measly 53 which left many like me with a very sour taste. The captain curse on a Thursday strikes again! Not sure it’s a curse, but its like having a night out on Thursday. Fun while it’s happening, but you then have to watch everyone else over the weekend get their night out and theirs may be a whole lot better!

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Plenty would have benched Garrick and that seemed to be the order of the night as points were aplenty sitting idle. Turuva with 75 came from the clouds as he has one score over 66 this whole season so he was always on the bench for many, but Garrick hurt. He was one that you could sit with confidence after not scoring more than 30 in his previous three outings against Penrith but he crashed over and was in everything to finish with 80. Not a great start to our weekend seeing that.

To’o top scored for Penrith thanks to another try but didn’t reach his previous weeks efforts, although 77 was a high as any Penrith player got.

A bright spot though was Soni Luke getting more than his usual 12 minutes subbing on for Sommerton. I don’t think it will be the norm moving forward but nice if anyone took the AE.

Minutes played – Ola 80, Jake 74, Luke 48, Sorensen 64,

Injuries: Ben Trbojevic (head knock), Brad Parker (head knock)

Judiciary: Dean Matterson (careless high tackle)

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Sharks v Titans

By Nick Moon

Ahh well ,we got over the Cleary clanger so hopefully Nicho can be the captain we are all chasing…

Wrong again! Despite the huge scoreline in the Sharks favour, Nicho was only credited with a try contribution. His 55 points came mainly in tackles and goals. He had everything going for him to post a big score – home game, bottom 8 club, enough moisture in the air to get his hair the perfect wetness, but alas he couldn’t deliver!

Every time the Sharks scored, it seemed to be anyone but Nicho setting it up and captainer’s just had to sit and watch.

But some of those might have been lucky (is that the right word after the last month?) to own AND play Mulitalo! He finally repaid the faith after one of the all-time bludgers of a month for a huge 110. He, alongside Ramien, had a day out as he too posted a triple figure score.

I did though see plenty of Mulitalo’s on benches this week… Good time of year to leave 110 on the pine! Don’t worry though, I’m sure he will back it up next week and you can play with confidence.

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Sneaky shoutout to McInnes who has averaged over 80 since his move to lock. I mean, imagine if we had trades…

And for the Titans, well they just couldn’t fire a shot at the Sharks. I thought they were going ok there at one stage, but it was Friday night and the jerseys looked awfully similar.

Big Tino crashed over, rewarding anyone that either held or brought in the newly minted 10-million-dollar man. Just got to keep this form up for 10 years. A great pickup for the run home if you can afford him.

And since Origin, David Fifita hasn’t been himself. Only scored 68 on Saturday despite playing the full 80. It didn’t seem likely mmid-way through the year, but there is a Supercoach life where you don’t have to own Fifita.

Minutes played – Nikora 80, McInnes 67, Fifi 80, Tino 68,

Injuries: Kieran Foran (sternum)

Judiciary: David Fifita (shoulder charge)

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Broncos v Eels

By Nick Moon

Absolute points galore here and some of the prettiest points in 2023 I might add! Reece Walsh, take a bow! Everyone was talking about Latrell, Nicho, and co but someone forgot to mention ol’ sexy eyes! 123 of the finest points of the week and left owners in raptures. He seemed to have a hand in all of Brisbane’s tries and if he didn’t, he was on the other side of the ruck with his hands in the air. Never seen a footballer who wants the ball more than Walsh! As an owner (or even fan of the game), there is nothing more enjoyable than watching this bloke get about his business.

Looked a very good trade in option for this past month but the draw and bye scared me off (and I’m sure plenty of others too), but after a lean two weeks he bounced back with a bang. Averages 84 since returning from suspension with two 100+ scores. The Raiders match in Round 26 is very enticing. Latrell to Walsh by then anyone?

Piakura came off the bench as was expected but didn’t get the minutes plenty would have liked. Will make some much-needed cash but is a sell heading into the bye.

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Deine Mariner was the beneficiary of Walsh and co, scoring a double and was unlucky not to have a third. Not sure he is featuring in too many sides, but there would be a draft side or two out there that picked him up and probably won their matchup.

Dylan Brown was the only shining light for the Eels and with Moses going down, might take on a lot more responsibility. His 87 was a lot more before the updaters got involved.

Apart from that I would be moving on from the Eels players.

Minutes played – Haas 53, Piakura 30, Hopgood 60, Matto 58, Lussick 80

Injuries: Mitchell Moses (facial fracture), Andrew Davey (head knock)

Judiciary: Wiremu Greig (dangerous contact)

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Rabbitohs v Dragons

By Nick Moon

Well, if Nicho couldn’t and Cleary couldn’t, surely it was time for Latrell to step up!

No, and we are starting to see a theme for Round 24! Latrell was another that couldn’t reach the lofty heights as a popular captaincy choice. Despite setting two tries up, he could only muster 81, which come Sunday night turned out to be a solid score! But we weren’t to know that.

The messages were flying and with both Cleary and Nicho going low, the Latrell camp were confident and thought they could skip away from the pack.

He was busy and did set two up, but I think he is coasting in third gear. We know what he is capable of, but like I said last week, there was a four-week period where was unstoppable, after that… meh.

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Cody has started to click into gear with his cohort back, scoring a classy 81 and thumbing the naysayers who traded him out. He along with Johnston have been Souths best this past month.

Johnston keeps finding the line, but I fear there will be a week where he doesn’t and we will be looking at sub 20. Next week v the Knights will be a tough one to call. Might be a non-play but a risky one at that.

Murray seems to have fallen away, only managing 48. Tricky one for owners with the bye looming but in a 2RF spot that has gone awfully cold of late, he might be just what owners need.

Minutes played: Murray 67, Keon 80, Russell 80

Injuries: Jed Cartwright (pre-game – back)

Judiciary: Damien Cook (dangerous throw), Lachlan Ilias (dangerous contact – tripping)

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Tigers v Warriors

By Clementine Cassidy

Firstly, a massive shoutout and thank you to the Tigers for bringing a home game to NZ! And to add to that, it was the Warriors 700th game since entering the comp in 1995, and the crowd in Hamilton loved it, and honestly, I know I’m fully biased – but how good are Warriors fans, and how good are Warrior’s fans’ signs, and how good’s a Warriors game at home!

And the Warriors took their fifth win in a row (just) in front of the crowd, 22 – 30, with the Tigers staying in the contest until the very last, including scoring a couple of tries in as many minutes to keep them in the game.

And can we just stop for a second to imagine a Warriors Grand Final appearance, which is something I’ve been fantasising about non-stop for the past few weeks. And with every win, I, and every other Warriors fan, gets ever more hopeful of a fairy tale finish…

And while the Warriors were a little off defensively, SJ’s cool head helped hold it together for them, and the big men also came through for the Warriors and the SuperCoachers – including yours truly.

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AFB. Oh, how I LOVE him. That glorious man. A try, a line-break, 6 tackle busts, 262 metres – 98 points. He has a 3-round average of 73.

While Tohu Harris owners would’ve been stoked with 87 points including his second try of the season in as many games. (I traded him out a couple weeks ago just in time for his try-scoring run because these are the types of slick moves I make this year…).

But the man is a literal warhorse and if you have him, congratulations to you. You simply must have one or both of these big Warriors guys in your team for the run home.

How glorious was the SJ junk for owners and Warriors fans alike (I could hear Spy’s cries of delight all the way from the Goldie – and I screamed along with him because he put my big AFB over for a try with 3 minutes to go). 73 points. 2 try assists and a contribution – but limited kicking – monitor that…

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DWZ finished on 58 points and crossed for a try because scoring tries and having the most glorious perm is his thing. Gosh I love watching his hair – do I potentially have a hair fetish?? Hopefully for owners, CNK will be back next week to help send his points skyrocketing again…

The Tigers put up a fight, with Daine Laurie playing his absolute heart out and top scoring for the Tigers with 98 points including a try and 2 assists; while Starford To’a on 86 points with 2 tries – well. His 882 owners would have hit levels of elation not known to man previously – hopefully you played if you are one of those 882.

Bateman looked dangerous and updated to 75 points, while IPap base monstered up with 60 points and continues to just be super consistent and get himself involved.

And let’s give a shoutout to the two young fullbacks, Bula and Tauupiki. How good are they going to be in the years to come!  

Injuries: Wayde Egan (throat)

Judiciary: Dallin Watene-Zelezniak (dangerous contact), Alex Seyfarth (high tackle)

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Roosters v Dolphins

By Clementine Cassidy

Okay. Confession. I didn’t see much of this game because, like most of the rest of Australia, the Matilda’s and their edge of the seat shootout took precedence, and how incredible was that and congratulations to them!

But let us recap the Roosters vs Dolphins game through the highlights and the SuperCoach app instead…

And the Roosters came through for Luke Keary’s 200th NRL game, to take the win, 30 – 14, with a dominant performance over the Dolphins.

But one thing I did watch, was the Joey M post-match interview with two of my girlfriends, who instantly took the greatest interest in the NRL, and I now have an angle for recruiting some girlfriends to play SuperCoach next year…Thank you Sir Joey M!

And Drew Hutchison, take a bow!

130 points. 2 tries (his first double). 2 line-breaks. About 5 million tackle busts. For a bloke with a 3-round average of 32 going into this game – OMG I am so stoked for his owners and I hope you played him!

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And there were plenty of points for Rooster’s owners in the SuperCoach app. Nat Butcher on 95 points with 3 line-breaks and a whole heap of base. Luke Keary in his 200th NRL game scored a 93 including 2 try assists and FOUR line-break assists.

Billy Smith is now doing everything we wanted him to do when we all owned him, knocking out a casual 80 points including a try, 2 line-breaks, and 5000 tackle busts – how good is he!

As well as scoring two new fans in the shapes of my girlfriends, Joey M also scored a try for his 72 points, as did Suaalii for his 75 – (I can also confirm my friend who benched both last week, played them this week…phew!)

While Teddy. Look sir! You don’t get points for arguing and debating with the ref – and whilst 63 points wasn’t the worst, it would still feel a bit hohum for owners.

For the Dolphins, big Wallace top scored with an 81. He now has a 3-round average of 76…

While Isaako repaid the 3589 people who traded him in this round, to cross for a try to finish on 67 (how relieved would you feel with that try!).

He has a 3-round average of 80, has scored 20 tries in 21 games, and isn’t a bad shout at all at 631k.

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Lemuelu was killing it, then left the field with an HIA to finish on 34 points in 27 minutes.

And I KNOW he’s my nemesis – but I really feel for the Spy here – the last two times he’s played him, he’s lost him to HIA and I fully agree with Timmy that there needs to be something in place next year to cover this – I currently feel like the luckiest girl in the world that Spy’s only 29 points ahead and not 229 points right now…

It wasn’t Hammer-time, he only managed a 36, while big VTW could only muster a flop (both literally and figuratively) and finished on a 27.

Brandon Smith continues to be my favourite situationship I’ve ever escaped, locking in a paltry 28.

And lastly, a special mention to Victor Radley, not on report for the second week in a row, and I am now convinced I am living in some alternate reality.

Injuries: Connelly Lemuelu (head knock), Kenny Bromwich (head knock), Joey Manu (ankle), Jeremy Marshall-King (shoulder), Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow (head knock)

Judiciary: Ray Stone (high tackle)

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Storm v Raiders

By Clementine Cassidy

44 to 2.

An absolute annihilation at AAMI.


The Storm smashing the Raiders, in a performance that saw all the popular SuperCoach Storm players go massive!

NINE tries to the Storm. One paltry penalty goal to the Raiders to kick off proceedings.

And the Storm have broken the hoodoo and beat the Raiders for the first time at AAMI since 2018. And I know how they feel, because I once won a H2H to my H2H hoodoo – Timmy Williams – and it was the most glorious moment of my whole life. I still think about it sometimes…

And PLEASE tell me you played Meaney and didn’t let him flail around on your bench like an unloved extra. And please tell me that you weren’t one of the 941 who traded him out and in fact were one of the 404 with the crystal balls who traded him in, and can I please borrow a crystal ball? I need to beat Spy…

120 points! A try and 2 assists. A BIG performance after some mediocre ones…HUGE.

Embed from Getty Images

And Harry. Oh, he’s a wizard! Coming into the game in the 21st minute – WHAT AN ABSOLUTE PERFORMANCE! And in the ultimate points upgrading of the season – he upgraded to 110 points! A try, 2 assists, 2 contributions…what a day for owners!

E Katoa must be considered as someone to bring in. I’m looking to do it (and yes, I am very much stealing this play off Spy chat – because every time I copy Spy it pays off for me and a girls got to do what a girls got to do…). Only 511k. 95 points including a try and an assist. If you’ve got trades (I have four), consider it!

It was all Storm for the SuperCoach points.

Loiero whacked out a massive 93 points, including a try.

Whilst Hughes finished on 90 points and Munster on 87 points including a try…if you owned any of the Storm’s big guns it was happy days!

And a special mention to Welch who crossed the line for the first time since 2021! What a moment!

I’m just scrolling down the stats on the app to find the Raiders players…hold up, they’re here somewhere…I’m still scrolling…

*10 minutes later*

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…aha there they are!

And with 56 missed tackles, no tries, 12 errors, and a couple of sin binnings – it wasn’t pretty viewing if you had a Raiders player in your team.

Big Red did manage a 58 for owners, whilst Tapine finished on a disappointing 45.

Absolutely nothing to write home about, but better than the kick in the teeth that was owning Timoko for his 18 points including a sin bin.

And finally, we MUST make a Lil’ Papi mention. Our beautiful Sir King of the Glorious Mullets played for the Sunny Coast Falcons on the weekend, and his stats were amazing. A try, 2 try assists, 2 line-break assists, 127 metres. And how good will it be having him back in the NRL. Surely it happens in the next couple of weeks! The HAPPIEST of happy days!

Injuries: Nick Cotric (head knock)

On report: Matt Timoko (high tackle)

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Knights v Bulldogs

By Clementine Cassidy

This was not a day to remember for the Bulldogs, down to eleven men at one point, missing 53 tackles, and copping an absolute thumping in the first half.

The Knights leading 30 to nil at halftime, before scoring two more tries in the second half to take the win 42 – 6.

And the Knights now hold the record for the most points against another team in back-to-back games. ONE HUNDRED AND TWO points to six in the last two games they’ve played the Bulldogs.

And it was all Knights for the SuperCoach points too, with Gagai leading the way on 97 points. What an absolutely EPIC trade for the 1,734 people who did it! (The 8 people who traded him out would like to borrow YOUR crystal ball please!).

And Kalyn Ponga, 77 points in 70 minutes. And who were the 50 people who traded out the million-dollar man vs the Bulldogs and why please?

And also, we’re not going to cry about a 77-point Captain in a week where none of the big Captains reached the heights we all thought they would. I’m stoked with it!

Embed from Getty Images

For the other Knights, Big Leo Thompson whacked out a casual 88 including a try.

Tyson Gamble scored a 73 including a double. And he just looks so stoked and so angry at the same time, like he’s really happy but also he might fight you at any second…

Marzhew was quiet for owners and could only manage a 44 (still making his trademark tackle busts). Here’s hoping for more points in the next couple weeks.

For the Bulldogs, Mahoney top scoring on an 82 including a try is really the only notable mention; with Preston binned for his 39 points, Kiraz managing a 43, and Burton finishing up the day on just 30 points.

Injuries: Jackson Hastings (ankle)

On report: Jacob Preston (dangerous contact)

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