2024 Watch List: Players to keep an eye on

2019 runner-up Walson Carlos takes a look ahead to who you should be targeting for the 2024 NRL SuperCoach season


With a number of Supercoach seasons all but over, particularly for head-to-head players who haven’t made the second round of finals, it’s never to early to start planning for next season!

Get out the black book and write down these ones to revisit in March next year as potential prospects for the 2024 Supercoach season.

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Spencer Leniu

Heading to the Roosters as a marquee signing. Joins an ageing pack of middle forwards and should surely see an upturn in minutes and therefore production.

He’s so explosive and he has good PPM, just needs the minutes. Will start in cheapie range for FRF.      

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Fonua Pole

Seen enough this season to say this young lad is a serious player.

Tough, explosive with great footwork, and great game awareness.

His rise will mimic that of the Tigers and with Api directing things from hooker, it opens up more opportunities for middles for attacking stats.

Might be on the fringe of cheapie/mid-range price for 2RF/FRF. Hopefully keeps dual status.  

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Tallis Duncan

Has only had a small taste of NRL but has certainly made a big impression in that short space of time.

Reminds me of Jamie Buhrer coming in as a lightweight middle forward with versatility and footwork.

Underrated speed that could see him be effective on the edge.

If he can jag a spot somehow in the 17 (possibly right edge 2RF) he could be a great cheapie pick up.

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Viliame Kikau

Will come in underpriced due to injury and lack of games this year.

We know what he can do when fit and he’ll be focal point of Bulldogs attack in 2024.

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Braydon Trindall

Moylan is surely gone after this season for the Sharks and you’ve got to believe that Trindall gets a fair crack at the 6 jersey in 2024.

Currently a very low price because of his low scores from short stints off the bench.

As long as he doesn’t score too well to finish the season, he could be a ripe for the picking cheapie in 5/8 position to start next year.

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Deine Mariner

Maybe the best kept secret on this list.

Tipped to fill the left centre position vacated by Herbie Farnworth when he moves to the Dolphins next year.

Equally a possibility, I could see Cobbo move to left centre and Mariner slotting in his more favoured right hand side as a wing.

Barring too many late season appearances and scores (possible), he will hopefully be priced at somewhere between $300k and $350k and could be a steal.

Very highly touted privately by the Broncos.

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Ali Leiataua

Sliding doors moments is what the NRL and professional sport is all about.

I’m almost certainly young Ali would’ve kept his spot after a very impressive debut against Canberra earlier this year had it not been for a hamstring injury.

In comes Rocco Berry and he hasn’t looked back.

With players like Berry, Pompey, Wiliame, and Vailea all jostling for spots and the return of former captain and superstar Roger Tuivasa-Scheck, the centre positions are going to be hotly contested at the Warriors.

If he can jag a spot early in the team, Ali Leiataua may not look back!

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After losing my 1st vs 4th matchup last weekend, my Supercoach season goes on the line for my main cash comp.

Three trades left and no point leaving anything to spare, I’ll have to do what it takes to get the W.

In terms of overall, I’m sitting in 6,698th and still grinding away hoping for a top 5,000 finish.

Best of luck this week Supercoaches!

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