Weekly wrap: Round 22 winners, losers, injuries

Nick Moon recaps every game from Round 22, eyeing the Supercoach studs and duds.


Well it’s fair to say this weekend had everything! RLPA making a statement, McInnes making 84 tackles, updates, downdates, updates downdates, Hynes and Manu barely getting their tape over the logos dirty, and the trio of Grant, Ponga, and Cleary were the headline act!

We are well into the business round of the year and how are all our trades looking? Pretty thin considering the form of Hynes, Val Holmes getting suspended, and some dead wood still hanging around taking up space and money. I’m looking at you Mat Croker and Turuva.

The Philly Hamstrings had a solid week, but still a fair way back scoring 1313 after trading out Nicho and Kennedy this week. (Bout time I nailed a trade or two)

You might be wondering where Clem is this week? She was unavailable due to a “Girls Weekend” and would be in no state to provide any substantial type reporting. Judging by the singalongs and bottles of wine in the background, it was probably the right move to give her the weekend off. With no more byes, she becomes a bit of a POD and assures us she will be fit and firing for the run home for those willing to take a punt on her.

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Despite Clem failing to watch much footy I assume, she still managed to post a very good 1329, looping KP which turned out to be worse off for her as she dropped VTW and ended up with Soni Luke. The bane of our Supercoach year

Also we bid farewell to the Spy and Clem… For the 2023 in house SC playbook league! The pair have failed to make the finals! I think I’m right in saying this is Spy’s second year on the bounce missing out. In a 10 person league, they finished 9th and 10th. I’ll let you decide who was the wooden spoon winner…

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Broncos v Roosters

We were bear witness to the greatest travesty seen in Supercoach… The referee foiling a certain try assist to Reece Walsh! What was he doing there! It was that type of night for most of our Supercoach guns, missing out on the big plays by mere inches. Walsh was denied there, Staggs (Obvs a Supercoach gun) being called offside in a ridiculous cal,l and Teddy being denied of what looked a certain try. ‘Bout as good as it got for Teddy.

It was a very low scoring affair at the Gabba, with only Carrigan, Reynolds, and Mam scoring more than 70. Only one Rooster scored above 63 and that was Tupou, and that came only after a late try.

Supercoach points were hard to come by and the Roosters made it look near impossible. Teddy looked like he was on a train and trial deal, far from the Tedesco we saw only five days ago. He finished with only 34 whilst Manu was even worse, being about as useless as the Roosters Salary Cap Auditor.

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Patty Carrigan crossed for his first ever try. We’ve now seen both Twal and Carrigan cross in the space of eight weeks which is like Haileys Comet swing back for a second look. Carrigan the pick on the night with 94.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about Walsh’s 44, like I said should have been 60 odd with that TA but he is about to go nuts with a 120+ I feel. And even if he doesn’t reach those heights, he should average 80+ for the run home. That and he is a joy to watch.

Injuries: Egan Butcher (head knock)

Judiciary: Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (High Tackle – Careless), Patrick Carrigan (High Tackle – Careless)

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Tigers v Rabbitohs

We welcomed back the return of the great one Latrell Mitchell! His calf must have surely turned into a cow by now it’s been that long!

He was a very popular buy for this week and the run home. He didn’t really go huge like a lot would have expected but a nice return to the fold. Finished with 74 and felt like he was just warming up. His combination with AJ and Walker looked like it hadn’t missed a beat with AJ going huge scoring three and amassing 122! Has been pining for his big no. 1s return and he timed it to perfection. Those who sold will have some nervous watches in the next month or so. He is known for going big at the back end and I have a feeling it won’t be the last 120+ we see.

Cody had one of those games where he just couldn’t find his mojo. Was in everything but nothing went his way.

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And Murray?! Well done to those who bought him when he was on special and got the extra 10% off with a code. He barged through late and scored a very good try to finish his night off with 78. I’ve seen sides with more Rabbits than a farmer out on the Monaro so that might be problematic come Round 26.

The Tigers have all but locked up another kitchen utensil, but they still come to play! Api has been enormous for them since he returned from his jaw. Never been a Supercoach gun, but his 120 on Friday was by far the Tigers best. Bateman has been on a slide and Papali’i saw his first attacking stat since he was wearing blue and gold.

Injuries: Shawn Blore (head knock), Daine Laurie (knee)

Judiciary: Davvy Moale (Shoulder Charge), Aitasi James (Dangerous Tackle)

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Storm v Eels

Well the biggest controversy of the weekend was the Storm celebrating their ’07 and ’09 premierships! If that’s the case, I’d also like to acknowledge my win in Supercoach 2022 and the Cooma Touch Grand Final of 2019.

With their old boys in tow, Melbourne blasted out of the blocks thanks largely to none other than Harry Grant and Jarome Hughes!

The pair were head and shoulders above anyone else on the park on Friday, with Harry bagging a double to finish with a season high of 149, absolutely cruelling any non-owners who decided to anti-POD him and run with a Cook or Robson.

Hughes went one (or 7) better than Grant with a massive 156. I know of a couple that sold for Cleary but he outscored all the no. 7s this week.

With no bye to come, Melbourne look ready to go on a big run here and the worrying sign is Munster seems to have been in 2nd gear this whole time. Scored a brilliant solo try on Friday and finished with 80 but if they decide to attack down his edge, look out. I shudder as a non-owner.

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Eels. Well they can nearly head to Flight Centre. Hopgood found the line to bust through the 100 barrier, his fifth score in excess of 100 this year! Imagine selling him…

Matto and Moses were strong, with Matterson getting through a mountain of work and offloading at will. The bench role doesn’t seem to diminish his minutes, and owners can play with confidence.

Gutherson with his best impression of a roll-on deodorant can, was nullified well and spent most of the game looking dejected and wondering if that new barber down the road was worth the money.

Injuries: Nil

Judiciary: Nil

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Raiders v Knights

What the hell is in the water at Newcastle?! Bottle it, freeze it, whatever you must do to keep this Knights team humming!

And when you work out what is in it, get KP on a never-ending supply! How good has he been!

The cornerstone of the Knights attack, he just lets Hastings and Gamble do their thing then chimes in when he wants it. It’s working perfectly for them and a few teams are looking in their rear-view mirror.

KP made a bigger impression in Canberra than any politician has ever done, finishing with a monster 122. A popular captaincy option (or VC), he scored the opener and didn’t put a foot wrong from there. We know how bad a start to the year he had but in Round 9 he was worth 440k. He’s now gone past $1m and has a superb draw to come.

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Plenty are benefiting from KP’s resurgence, none more so than Marzhew who is having the time of his life on the right wing for the Knights. Bagged a try and finished just shy of 70 whilst both Young and Best finished with 57.

Dane Gagai is one that has flown under the radar but judging by his scores, experts should be shouting his name from the roof! Scores of 86, 80, 51, 76, and now 97 if you want to look for a POD in the CTW he is your man!

Taps top scored for the Raiders with 67, but they are quickly becoming Supercoach irrelevant. Big red managed only 39 in a week where many would have played him.

Injuries: Nil.

Judiciary: Sebastian Kris (Dangerous Contact)

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Dragons v Sea Eagles

Chez’s 300! And didn’t need to take a week off to play it at home. What a guy!

Every time I think the boys have booked their trip to Bali, they prolong it by a week and now we find ourselves one point out of the 8! Dare to dream? Only now need to win nine straight to lift the Provan Summons. And by then Turbo might be back. Imagine!

I did trade DCE in for this match, thinking he might just do a number on the Dragons but they fought hard and it didn’t play out like I planned… But trading him in for Hynes turned out to be a masterstroke!

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Saab showed his old team what they were missing out on with 102, whilst our favourite 5/8|2RF just keeps finding ways to keep us all interested! Yep, Schuster managed a cool 86 setting up a try and having a hand in two more. It was his first score over 50 since Round 12. Might not feature in many 17s, but with scores like this, he will continue to make good money.

Lomax knocked out 76 and has had a strong back end to the year. Seems to be flying under coach Carr, Whilst JDB finished the night with 72 which included a sin bin. Has been a solid buy for owners. Lomax to Val? Like for like!

Injuries: Christian Tuipulotu (knee)

Judiciary: Jack de Belin (Dangerous Contact)

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Panthers v Sharks

Well it was the tale of the two halfbacks. Million-dollar men both leading their sides to finals glory. Both owned by most if not all of those still reading this article.

Nathan v Nicholas. The jaw v the wet hair. And it could not have gone worse for our Prince.

The man who has been our heart and soul of the 2023 Supercoach season shouldn’t have made the trip. He would have been better served sitting at Northies watching the All Blacks and taking down some notes.

Our boy only manged 22 and looked well out of his depth. Apart from that 15-minute period last week v Manly, it hasn’t been a very good week for Nicho. Coincides with his feature in the Sunday Telegraph where he modelled. If Craig Fitzgibbon knew what was coming after that shoot he would have burnt down the Telegraph’s headquarters

Do you hold? Do you trade? Takes on Souths next week and things look bleak for the Sharks.

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Ronaldo didn’t play, which was probably a good thing considering his past three weeks. Probably would have scored in the minuses and Will Kennedy did a hamstring only five minutes into the contest. A massive blow for the Sharks and owners out there.

But enough about Nicho and the Sharks. It’s all about Nathan now! 10 out of 10 performance from the Penrith half and a huge 109 to set up many a weekend. He updated to about 287 there at one stage, not sure how that happened but he up (down) dated again to land on 109. Scorers got a bit excited I think. Gave him 15 points for putting his boots on.

Because of Cleary activating God mode, the payers around him just had to catch the ball for the most part. To’o scored 84 with a try, Sorensen 82, and Turuva also crossed for a handy 57. I’m still an owner and cannot believe how bad his scores have been this year! Should have rissoled him back in Round 8.

Wasn’t all tries and points for every popular Penrith player. Tyrone Peachy finished with 19, only six points more than Soni Luke.

Injuries: Will Kennedy (hamstring), Ronaldo Mulitalo (jaw – pre-game)

Judiciary: Tyrone Peachey (High Tackle – Careless), Braden Hamlin-Uele (High Tackle – Careless)

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Bulldogs v Dolphins

Isaako brother, what’s happening?! Five-round average of 54, a score of 50 on Sunday, and missed the winning goal to keep the Dolphins’ hopes alive. Not a great day out. He did manage to find the line so even that worries me with his final score. As a non-owner it’s still a tough watch knowing how big he can go but its looking less likely each week.  Do you trade? Was superb to start the year but has fallen in a heap.

Lemuelu went down with head knock, lasting only five minutes, much to the Spy’s disappointment. He and the Overlord quicky came up with ways to get around this on WhatsApp. Boys. It’s part of Supercoach.

VTW went into Meninga mode, beating every Bulldog bar Driussi to score a beauty as he made 66. Looked like he was blowing for the most part though and a full pre-season on the Redcliffe sand dunes might have him primed for next year.

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The Dogs may have left their run too late, but calculators at NASA still gave them a chance. Preston bounced back after missing last week with a virus scoring 67 whilst it was a welcome return for Kikau scoring a try, finishing with 57 but importantly getting through unscathed.

Injuries: Connelly Lemuelu (head knock), Euan Aitken (knee)

Judiciary: Reed Mahoney (Shoulder Charge), Jake Averillo (Dangerous Contact)

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Titans v Cowboys

Well, it had to come sooner or later didn’t it?! The Cowboys and Co couldn’t keep this run up! Looked bit flat and the Titans pounced.

Val Holmes has a nervous wait from the judiciary after he tried to better his high shot from last week with another. I think he did and may be looking at some time on the sidelines. He managed only 31. Hope you have some trades left! What a blow at this time of year

You get the feeling the Cows weren’t at their best when Hess is their leading scorer for the day. Dearden and Drinkwater couldn’t combine like the last few weeks and the million-dollar man scored under 60 for the first time since Round 10.

If a few results went their way in the last month the Titans would be comfortably sitting in the 8. They didn’t and now they are fighting week in week out for a finals spot. They showed yesterday they can still go with most sides and having Campbell, Brimson, and Boyd on the field at the same time looks the way to go.

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Fifita was back to his tackle busting best and went within a groundsman’s mow of scoring a try. He scored 88 but is set to lose around 50k making him very attainable for those like me who don’t own. New coach Lenihan seems to want to give him a spell and has gone back-to-back weeks playing 60 odd minutes.

I’ve been down the Brain Kelly path before. I don’t think I’m ready for him to break my heart again but for any new lovers out there, I like what he is doing!

Injuries: AJ Brimson (abdominal), Reece Robson (head knock), Jojo Fifita (ankle)

Judiciary: Valentine Holmes (Careless High Tackle).

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