Watchlist: Positional rankings, team, trade plans, Rd 7

SuperCoach expert, Charlie Dadds, ranks his top targets for every position, and reveals his team and trade plans.

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Remember that thing I said a couple weeks ago about being caught in a storm out at sea? No, me neither; but I do vaguely remember saying how easy it was to end up overboard. While I was mainly referring to Double Game Week's, it’s appropriately relevant to SuperCoach in general. I mean, has the last 24 hours been nothing short of absolute mayhem?   Stoin doing his best impression of me circa year 10 cricket (not bowling and being just about as useless with the bat), Sams out injured, Sixers v Heat in serious doubt... What a time to be alive. Anyway... Fish is on holiday, so you’re stuck with me today. Let’s get into the wa

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