Spy Talk: Planning for the final round

Fresh off a 91st placed finish last season, the SC Spy looks into the big dilemmas facing SuperCoaches each week.


Final week!

Here we are after a cracking NRL season and I’m primed for finals footy, it’s going to be unreal.

Thanks to everyone for the discussions and banter throughout the year. Whilst not my best season, it’s still been decent enough. I’m hoping for a top 2,000 finish at this stage.

For anyone that has cracked a best ever campaign, congrats, and if not guess what, it’s a clean slate in March 2023!! Take the key lessons and rip in again.

For some, this final week will be absolutely massive! Top 1, top 10, top 100 chances.

Whilst most things have been discussed already, I’ll note some keys points below relevant to final weekend footy.

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1. Potential restings

Play guys early in the week to best be able to deal with restings later in the weekend.

As I write, Jahrome Hughes has been ruled out of the clash with the Eels, casualty one…

You ideally want a couple of bench guys who play late Saturday / Sunday to be able to put the reserve on if blokes get rested late in the earlier games.

I’m not saying to put yourself in a spot where you can’t play a gun or two, but for example I am looking at playing Max King over Taumalolo which would mean that if I get caught short Friday night or Saturday Lolo can then come in for them as he doesn’t play until Saturday at 7:30.

It’s also why I’m trying to play both Daly Cherry-Evans and Haumole Olakau’atu despite Manly’s current woes and despite having potentially better options later in the weekend. I’ll likely choose one, but I may go with both for safety in numbers.

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I hope that point makes sense. Each team will be different, but if you think there isn’t a whole lot between two of your players then choose the guy who has a match earlier in the weekend as it could become very beneficial.

It also goes without saying that you should ensure the guys that play first are on your field in the starting 13, otherwise you may end up with a rested player and not being able to sub someone in as they have already played.

The only reason not to do this would be if you’re like me and play DCE.

He may sit on the bench at halfback as I will likely want to captain Nicho Hynes on Sunday. But if Nicho Hynes happened to rest I would have to deal with an AE.

2. Free loop?

Don’t forget many Supercoaches have a free captaincy loop this weekend if you have 17 or less. Choose wisely.

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3. Match-ups to target

Finally, let’s discuss the high upside matchups this weekend before throwing out some options who may be cracking POD

The Manly v Dogs clash could see points. It’s hard to trust either side though here.

The Titans v Warriors could be an anti-Defence type contest. Plenty of points may well be on offer and a match I’d like to have a few in.

The Sharks v Knights is the big one for me. The Sharks have potential to really get away if Newcastle don’t turn up again defensively.

In terms of options from these games who may not be highly owned, see the list below:

– The WHOLE Cronulla backline!
– Nikora
– Tino
– Reece Walsh
– Addo Carr & Kiraz
– Burton

I really like the Sharks backline players, and I would throw in that if North Queensland facing a reserve grade Penrith side land in a good spot and are capable of nice scores.

I can see Penrith still playing okay though, so it’s an interesting watch. I’m still happily playing Drinkwater and think Val Holmes has a great opportunity as well if they can kick clear. Cowboys by a 16-20 point margin is my tip.

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Enjoy the last round and any queries at all let me know! I’ll take some time out tomorrow afternoon to check Twitter and the SC Playbook subscriber only Whatsapp group.

Please let me know if you are ranked particularly high and I’ll make sure I do my best to reply.

Good luck legends!!! It’s been a pleasure.

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