Sit v start: Who to play in your final 17, Rd 25?

We rank the fringe 17 players in your NRL SuperCoach squad to help you decide who to sit and start in your weekly team.


There’s probably plenty of Supercoaches like me with 17 or less players this week. Nonetheless, I’ve pulled together my final start/sit tables for this round. Given there’s only one round left, these may even help you with your final trade/s.

Below are my thoughts on plays for the round, listed in priority order. I’ll let the table speak for itself, but I’ve included ‘key rankings factors’ to explain where I’ve moved a player up or down the rankings.

I’ve left out the super elite types (Hynes, Teddy, Murray etc.), on the assumption that they’re plays every week.

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Thanks as always to the legendary, whose website I’ve utilised for position vs team analysis and various stats breakdowns.

A general note to keep an eye on the weather leading into the round and across the weekend. For rain-affected matches I’d slightly favour forwards over backs.



*Projected score = ((Player PPM x expected minutes) + (Matchup PPM x expected minutes) 


With so many outs, I think everyone on the table is a play this week!

Hope you enjoy the final round and the finals!

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