Spy Talk: POD options, Round 24

Fresh off a 91st placed finish last season, the SC Spy looks into the big dilemmas facing SuperCoaches each week.


G’day Everyone!

Hope it’s been a ripping week.

Given its truly the business end and we already know just about everything there is to know about most of the Suoercoach studs, I thought it might be a good idea to name some blokes I think could be real difference makers this week particularly based around some good match-ups.

These guys might be for those of you who are after a real point of difference to try and either sneak up some vital ranks or win a H2H clash where you think you may well be the underdog and need a bit of a free swing!

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Penrith v NZ

Here is a ripper for the Penrith boys and below are all of the blokes I’d be happy to play if chasing some bonus points –

Kikau – Could do anything!

May – Could well be due for 2 or 3 meat pies let’s hope they don’t score before it gets to him.

Tago – He might just find space before it gets to May and go himself.

Crichton – Goalkicking and always a try scoring chance. Like it this week!!

Edwards – Work-rate plus attacking chances in a possible route.

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Liam Martin – Can he grab another try or 2. Has to be a huge chance!

Luai & O’Sullivan – Both chances to blow up!

Api – Minutes maybe the worry he would be a prime rest candidate.

Essentially, every bloke above could become a huge point of difference given the matchup at home. The key of course is trying to nail down who exactly scores the tries! Maybe most of them cash in. 

Kikau and May are my picks and of course there is To’o on the other side who I own, but to be honest he isn’t getting a heap of quality ball. If you own though definitely play him as he could well double up. I’d just prefer May on the left on Crichton inside him and goal-kicking.

Sunday Games – We could see points!

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Wests Tigers v St George / Newcastle v GC

Doueihi – I can’t help but think he will do some damage on Sunday! It will all depend if the young Tigers side can lay any sort of platform. They do have a million out so there is no guarantee of this but I don’t hate the punt if you’re in trouble!

Tino – This game could see Tino crash over to go with his awesome work-rate.

Beau Fermor – Yes please! Such a great hole runner

Brimson – Points machine in an attacking game of footy.

Zac Lomax – Could be a bunch if goal kicks and he is already a good fantasy player!

Eddy Lee – Quite simply a try scorer.

Ben Hunt – Could do anything if the men from Balmain don’t show up.

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Jack Bird – Officially flying!

Marzhew – On the wing v Newcastle and a huge work rate!

J Campbell & Amone – 2 youngsters who could cash in!

If forced to pick I think I would take Bird and Brimson but they are all good shouts I’d you are looking for the late round flyer to win a GF!!

For me this week, I am going to keep my options open right across the weekend but I do hope my Penrith boys May and To’o can cash in whilst I like the idea of grabbing Kikau if possible.

Good luck to everyone, back your instincts, and as Tim Williams said earlier this week when I believe he quoted me, “when in doubt make your own decisions because that’s easier to live with than going against what you think and crashing out while the player you truly wanted scores 100+!”. 

Enjoy the footy!!

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