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  1. fk.joshua

    Hey legends, I have a draft question re. Halfbacks. I’ve lost CHT and picked up Brodie Croft last week as a 1 week play, I’d love to gauge your thoughts on who you would run with out of the following who are still available:
    Luke Brooks, Chad Townsend, Sam Walker or Sean O’Sullivan?

  2. galvo_15

    if you have brailey mahoney
    Watson and hoy
    would you trade mahoney out for munster/walker to keep cash flow running
    or would you trade tino down and trade hoy up.?

    trades I can make are
    mahoney to walker/munster/trell/papi
    Barnett to pangai

  3. Hey, lads hope all is well and you all had a great round in supercoach.

    Wanted your thoughts on some trades with 65k ITB

    1. Hold or sell Dylan Brown.

    2. Which would you prioritise first getting one of Munster/ Walker in this week or Junior Paulo, David Klemmer.

    3. When is the right time to start saving trades and thinking about bye planning.
    Potentially thinking of holding this week.

    Would appreciate the advice boys.

  4. Hey boys, really struggling to decide on a FRF for under 550k. AFB, papalli and mo fotuakia (benched last week so turns me off him) are the main 3 Im looking at and would love an opinion on which is more appealing. Can’t see papali going much lower than 520k

  5. danezzy09

    if you could move on Cody Walker now, to partner Luai, would you do so or take the easy cash option with Schuster with a view to upgrade later? It is a question of giving up the cash now to capitalise on Cody’s draw. I can see a point differential 150-200 (or more) over the next 3 rounds with who else i would play.

  6. beans_ss

    Hi guys, just wondering if I should sell Tex Hoy this week for Shuster from Manly.Hoy has a huge break even after going big last week, but worried about Ponga returning. I know he not back for at least one more week but if I don’t jump on Shuster now I’ll have pay his upgrade price and also worried about his job security.

  7. NuffTime

    Tired of waiting for BKelly to return (pending TLT…)
    If I sell could move the following (or am I just chasing pts)
    Was planning on BKelly -> Garrick
    And Welch to DFifita via Tino to FRF
    Both have ok-ish fraws upcoming

    Still weak at CTW with now
    Garrick/Staines/Laurie/Simonssen [Averilla Fusitua Sualli)

  8. Thoughts on going Collins to Gagai and Roberts to a dual nuff i.e. Anderson

    With this move, i forgo Schuster holding liddle and moving Joe O to frf.

    Meaning my CTW would be To’o Gagai, Staines, Lauire, Niu, Simonsonn & the Fus.

  9. greenmachinejake

    I have Josh Hodgson as my backup hooker and was planning to move him onto Cody Walker this week via Watson. With Hodgson getting that nice score last week and his break even being -4 is it worth waiting a week on this trade? The worry is Cody goes off this week and I’m spending more for him next week. I can’t do this move with one trade this week but should be able to next week provided Cody doesn’t go nuts against the dogs. Cheers.

  10. ShowusyourJohnson

    Thanks for your help fellas. Really appreciating the pods + feedback.

    I have 3 trades lined up this week but obviously can only make 2. Schuster – obvious cash grab. Gagai – bunnies have a great run and the left is deadly. Peachey – looks to have lock position sorted and been pumping out big scores as well as gives me dual flex with Capewell. So please help me choose.

    Option 1 – trade out Moylan and Davey for Schuster and either Peachey or Gagai (and which one)

    Option 2 – trade out Davey and Tino for Gagai and Peachey.

    Cheers again lads.

    • ShowusyourJohnson

      I’ve had another idea pop up. Starting to get concerned with Teddy’s points with all the roosters injuries. I know he will still score well but probably not as well? Thinking Teddy and Moylan to Cody and Munster. Crazy or worth a punt?

  11. richards.matthew13

    Thinking of doing Tino to Ryan Sutton as a cash grab while Tapine is out and Jock Madden (dual/loop has been handy) to Schuster. Thoughts? I don’t have the cash to just do Madden to Schuster.

  12. jduff102

    Currently ranked 221.
    Trading Moylan to Schuster.
    2nd trade options; Luciano out for either Angus Chrichton, Cam Murray or (via duals) Gagai or AJ (would love Walker but can’t afford it and make it work).


  13. joshdogga234

    Is trading luai to walker too sideways?
    If i didn’t make that trade could trade out either welch or tino for Alex Johnston (duals), or like an AFB, Barnett or Frizell, Cant afford any more then $600k 🙁

  14. naughts45

    Fullback is such a premium position, but now we have some great options of fullbacks at CTW. Do you think it’s worth trading Teddy to Trell so next week I can go Jet and Tesi to Val and Crichton. I see them as 40 point upgrades each

  15. When do you start planning for byes?

    Spy made a good point that Nui might be near max price with his draw but would you hold him as he plays Rd 13 or take the money and run? Looking to upgrade either simmonson or Nui.

  16. big_dave899

    So i need to free up some $$$ for next week to bring in walker and holmes and sitting with davey taking up $$$, is going to coulton this week a good play, going cheapies early isnt smart but next weeks big picture feels nessacry call??

  17. Hey lads have a few trade scenarios which I’m thinking but I’m stuck on cash generation vs points

    1. Collins to a nuff move Joe O to front row and then go Liddle to Munster to partner brown at 5/8

    2. Liddle to Schuster and Collins to Klemmer

    3. Collins to a dual 2RF/CTW nuff Move Joe O to front row and then Roberts to Gagai to partner To’o

    Would appreciate the advice boys

  18. christopher.j.w.e

    Lads! Is it crazy to trade out Teddy for 1-2 weeks? It’s the way I can get both Cody AND Schuster in this week. Alternatively I would forego Schuster and have to trade out Tino to get $$ for Cody this week (who I promised myself I would bring in this week). Cheers

  19. Samuelschembri33

    Hey guys,

    Do you think it’s worth trading out Barnett for Angus – just because his status is up in the air this week? Or is that to sideways..

    Or using the cash to upgrade my CTW with trading out Niu to Olam (if not, I’ll be playing Staines which I kind of don’t mind)

    • Hey mate,

      It’s a really hard question that most of us are toying with. I personally think the Cook-Schuster trade is worth it for the huge cash generation and hopefully decent points output, but you’re also trading a gun with an easy upcoming draw. If your team is well set up with cash growth it can lead you to hold Cook, if it’s struggling for cash growth a bit it may lead you towards Schuster.

      – TW

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