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  1. Hey boys hope all is well and you all had a great round Supercoach wise

    Bit of a trade conundrum

    1. Matto to Crichton as my first trade

    For my second trade here is the conundrum do I go Hodgson to Brailey or Staines to James via duals.

    Or do I just use the one trade Angus in for Matto

  2. luke richo

    Hi lads, I don’t think there are must haves generally as so many options , but feel if I don’t go Brailey and Barnett this week I will be antipodding for the sake of it – but also feel I’m just getting players that everyone already has. Is it too early in the season to think like that and just do what the numbers are saying?

    (Team below currently- went from 500 to 2300 odd)

  3. Brett sims

    What trades to do
    Watson brailey
    Taukeliaho Welch Lenie utoikamo
    Crichton matto faasuam tupouniua riki James
    Cleary Fogarty
    CHT averillo
    Roberts nui Laurie simonsson fus Saab b trbojevic
    Teddy paps
    Thinking of trading out mato for Barnett / Harris /Fifita / TPJ not sure about second trade your thoughts please

  4. Hey fellas,

    I traded Crichton to Fifita last week once matto when down with the plan to trade matto to Crichton this week.

    However with Ryan James putting up another big score does he become a must/ priority over getting Crichton back in. My other trade is lam to Brailey.

    If I don’t get Crichton this week I’ll most likely get him the following week


  5. steveisezy

    Hi guys.
    Im running a brailey/lam at hooker and a
    Matto/ Crichton/ b. Smith and Barnett in 2rf.
    Looking to offload lam and matto.
    Thoughts on a cheap hooker and expensive 2rf or vise versa?
    Or 2 mid rangers like mahoney and a tupouniua.

  6. richards.matthew13

    Hi Team, loving the content this year. First time subscriber. I got in Brailey and Arrow last week. So this week looking to strengthen CTW a bit. Thinking of going Matto to Barnett & then Staines to Hymel Hunt as a bit of a pod. Loved his 40 base on the weekend and a good draw coming up. Otherwise would you go Ferguson. Other option is to leave Barnett and swing Capewell to second row for another good CTW but think I’m leaning to just following the tide and getting Barnett.

  7. jduff102

    If Cleary doesn’t play this week, I’m considering trading Hunt in for him this week and make a little cash (hopefully decent points this week too against Manly) then straight back to Cleary for Round 4. (Keep in mind I have no replacement with Jock Madden as my reserve HB. Only other problem area I really have is Hooker where I’m trading lam for brailey). Thoughts?

  8. amy.satchell

    Hi guys.

    Currently for maximum potential cash generation I’m thinking Lam->Brailey and Fusitua->r James. I am concerned however about the following four: Staines (has a good run after this week), Murray (playing lots of minutes so may be fine), tino and Leilua (2rf). Are my trades sensible or should I do something about these other four? Thank you as ever. Amy

  9. Lads, Tommy Eisenhuth is starting backrow in the next 3 games for the Storm with Penrith, Brisbane and and Bulldogs on deck. Available in the ctw is he worth a quick rental and upgrade to a mid-range/gun when Kaufusi is back? Played one game in the #11 jersey last year – played 80mins with 56 in base.

  10. Joey's Dingers

    Timmy, from what I can gather you’re a gong local. Give me some solid advice, and I’ve got a corporate ticket to the footy at win on Friday for you.

    I’ve got cheese, and was happy to let him go this week, but now the storm haven’t named a rake on the bench, so he looks like getting 80.

    I’m punting matto, and was thinking cheese too, going to Mahoney and Paulo via duals (with Davey sitting there useless).

    With cheese looking at some extra minutes, do you think it’d be more sensible to play cheese, then go matto and davey to Mahoney and Tupuoniua instead? I can’t afford Paulo this way, but end up with a good bank either way.

  11. tierce_04

    First trade this week is Lam -> Brailey.

    Need some advice on the second trade, am getting rid of Charlie Staines and bringing Capewell to CTW, who is the best money making option out of the below 3?

    Spencer Leniu
    Daniel Alvaro
    Leeson Ah Mau
    Tyrell Fuimaono

    Thanks for the help guys!

  12. thomasolsen7

    Hi guys,

    Thinking of doing Ryan Matterson to Barnett. And then what do you think I should do for the second trade.

    Either Brandon smith to tupouniua for cash generation.
    Or smith to a gun like TPJ or David Fifita

  13. G’day Gents – I need a 2RF or FRF under 340k I can play this week in my 17 – (already have R.James/Riki/Uto).
    Is K.Koloamatangi a worthy option this week at $301k?? Looks like he could be set with 80min on Souths lethal left edge – and that very juicy run of games ahead. Are his 80 minutes safe though?
    Alvaro is the other obvious option, but I have less faith in Dragons players to provide reliable SC points.
    So who’s the better pick and play for the next 5 weeks – KK or Alvaro?

  14. Turbos Hamstring

    Hey lads, I’m poking along nicely inside the top 200. I currently have all the good cheap/mid money makers. But I don’t have Ryan James. Long story short I took a punt on Davey last week and we know how that turned out, so I’m looking to punt him!
    I have Matto > Gus locked in as one trade, and will have $400k ITB. Do you think I should go double gun this week or is James too good to pass up ? Cheers legends

  15. Would you trade Liddle to Brailey and run a combination at hooker of Hodgson and Brailey. Concerned with Liddle’s minutes and simpkin lurking around by having a Hodgson Brailey combo means I have two 80 mins hookers and some flexibility with Watson at half I can trade a Hodgson for example to either a Cook/Grant or to a Munster/Walker at 5/8 later down the track.

    Would appreciate your thoughts boys.

  16. Beagles

    Hi Guys,
    Have cover for Cleary (Fog) and Paps with either Liddle or Lam (not sure who to play here)
    Was thinking Cheese to James and Matto to Fifita which leaves me enough cash to upgrade Lam to C Walker next week in 1 trade.
    play Cheese and trade Joe O or Lodge to James but need 2 trades next week to get C Walker (which would be either Fog or Cheese)

  17. Hey mate, what cow would you rather get in this week? Braily or Barnett? I need points. Next week I can only get in James + Papi so whichever cow I miss this week I won’t even be able to get in next week. Thanks

  18. jarrodhonour

    Hi Tim.

    Loving be POD and the playbook site mate.
    Really keen on Hudson Young to replace Matto this week. My only concern is job security with CHN lurking. My thoughts are he’s done enough to stay where he is. What do you think?

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