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25 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 24 question and answer”

  1. davidvdg

    Head to head question – I have one trade left. My ability to won by semi-final is line ball. I can afford Cleary doing the one trade. If I was to gamble and wait a week, I am very likely to not be able to afford him (due to high BE of my halves). With all the time he has had off, do you think there is any danger of him being rested in Round 25?

  2. Hi lads,

    Absolutely love the advice you guys have given us this year. The podcast is amazing as well and it’s all worth the subscription. I’m a little torn on what to do here. Which combo would you do below and why?

    A) Teddy and Turbo
    B) Teddy and Pappy
    C) Turbo and Pappy

    Or keep Teddy and go Pappy and DCE with Cleary as the other half.

  3. Hey guys. Coming 300th overall and still in the hunt in my h2h leagues. I’ve got one trade left for injuries but I had 17 solid players last week plus I’ve got jfh and turbo back this week and Angus Crichton and potentially to’o next week so depth should be good for the last round. Would you consider ponga to papy for the last 2 weeks? Frustrating coz I picked ponga over teddy 3 weeks ago due to his draw but ponga looks uninterested on the field. Thanks

  4. Cronulla16

    Might sound a little crazy but three trades left and no massive issues. H2H only. Would anyone consider Ponga to Papz?

    Not sure if anyone has watched knights/storm game and can give any insight on eye test for both players but I just feel newcastle aren’t using Ponga very well wheras storm will aim to get papz more ball due to how long he has missed and with GK

  5. max_bryden

    one trade left.. worried about depth at CTW with Nofa/Hynes in my 4 and Talakai my 5th.

    should I use my last trade on an NPR CTW to Saab for his two juicy games and sit nofa this week? or trade a healthy Schuster from 5/8 to Papi via duals for the upside?

    Team is:

  6. ajbicknell

    OK boys, last trade. Pending unforseen issues at TLT, I have 21 playing this week and I have backups in all positions at this stage. At halfback I have Cleary and Sam Walker, and was thinking of trading Walker to DCE. Other option would be Luke Thompson to Brandon Smith or Euan Aitken, or holding the last trade until next week. Surely Walker to DCE is a no brainer, but wanted to know your thoughts as it is my last trade!

  7. Miss Jane

    Hey Guys,
    Playing H2H and 2 trades left. Need to trade Doueihi, who is out this week, advice please…
    Doueihi out for Paps to partner Turbo and Cleary in to partner DCE or
    Doueihi out for Teddy to partner Turbo and keep Burton to partner DCE?
    Cannot afford Teddy and Cleary… *opponent has Cleary Burton and Turbo

  8. samso_sam

    Hey lads.
    I have 3 trades left and I’m liking manly’s draw and want to stack up on some high ceiling players.

    Would you rather
    Burton > DCE
    Douehi > Schuster 262k ITB with

    Burton > Cleary
    Douehi > Schuster 36k ITB

    Or look elsewhere? I also have hughes in the halves as a burton alternative

  9. craigbartlett3

    H2H question please: Strong squad, but need two spots filled, maybe three. Considering sitting D Fifita in the first game but opponent has him and has to play him; but one other, maybe two, out of Grant, Curran, I Paps, Cheese and Schuster. AFB also in the mix. Cook also an option to sit instead of Grant. Also Hughes v DCE. Thoughts on the weakest three say from that bunch above please?

    • craigbartlett3

      And also just want to say, being clued up about you guys has been amazing this year, and a complete difference in the way I understand SuperCoach. Your analysis is next level and anyone not paying up for your insights is being left behind. Thanks for making 2021 just a little bit less, um… insert expletive here

  10. nick.frost133

    Hey lads,

    Thoughts on using last trade to move on hynes? Or hold off and hope storm rest Munster next week?

    Leaning towards trading as I have little money in the bank ($1,500) and can’t afford to risk his price dropping further.

    What are the best options to replace hynes with? Just miss out on grabbing aitken – thanks bunker for the try 🙁
    Was thinking between;
    Saab- good draw for next two games with turbo back, low base but just bank on attacking stats?

    Lomax- been playing well recently but not convinced on the dragons? Does play south’s last round with potential restings

    JAC – massive ceiling but very low base, decent draw for next two games

    Kelly- been killing it recently, great base with decent draw ahead

    Or any other pod option that I haven’t considered!

    Lastly – play tpj or brailey? Do we think TPJ will see increased minutes after his first game back In a while? Could snag an attacking stat against tigers.

    Brailey playing Titans and is locked in for a safe ish 35-50 points.

    Thanks lads for the year so far, hope the next two weeks are kind on you boys

    • nick.frost133

      Sorry to add another player in the mix but forgot about tupou as well? fair few options in the mixer but nothing major stands out!

      Currently just inside the top 2k but mainly focussing on cash comp h2h.

      Thanks again lads

  11. Hey fellas,

    In H2H semi final and have 1 trade left. Unique players opponent has are Hughes, SWalker, Teddy and CMurray.

    Thoughts on best trade
    1. Douehi for Teddy
    2. Matto for Murray
    3. SJ for SWalker
    4. Burton for DCE (he has Burton as well)

  12. Joey's Dingers

    G’day legends,

    I have two questions, the first not related to SC at all. Is the Spy tall? He sounds tall for some reason.

    Now onto more serious business. I am fortunate enough to still be alive in my three cash comps. I’m reasonably well prepared for this week, with 20 available (including 16 that I’m quite happy starting) and one trade up my sleeve. A couple of my leagues have reasonable money just for making the final, so I’m thinking of using my trade to give myself an edge. Currently, I have to play one of Brailey/Nofo/Blore/ TPJ as my 17th player.

    The trades I’m tossing up-
    a) TPJ to AFB (solid base, perhaps a limited ceiling – lose a potentially vital number for next week)
    b) TPJ to Olakauatu (low base, great match up – again lose a number for next week)
    c) Milne to Stephen Crichton (Playing wing, great match up – don’t lose a number)

    The first option seems the safest, although the latter two allow me to see a bit more of the round (perhaps giving me the option to save the trade).


  13. thomasolsen7

    Hey guys, 1 trade left and I was thinking of going ponga to papi as ponga has been useless and the knights coach is doing my head in haha.

    The only thing with that trade is the news of doueihi, and my other 5/8 being Cody Walker who could get rested. What do you guys reckon about using that trade or saving it in case Walker gets rested?

    Thanks guys

  14. KerrodW

    Hi lads,
    2 trades left, lost my 2 important h2h’s last week so just trying to win the other ones I’m in. Have douehi and looking at either getting cleary or get two guns in, instead. Have to go douehi to someone under 250k to afford walker to cleary. Or should I go Milne to to’o and douehi to luai to get in on the Penrith bandwagon. Thoughts?
    Cheers for the content this year.

  15. christopher.j.w.e

    Hey fellas, thanks for all the great listens and expert advice all year, hope everyone finishes strong!
    Last trade this week, need it to field 17 – who scores the most the next two weeks out of:


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