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37 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 13 question and answer”

  1. $71K ITB and 18 trades remaining. Looking to trade out Klemmer and Martin but who should I be looking at? I’m eyeing off Luciano Leilua (pending outcome at judiciary) & CHN. Here is my current forward pack
    Watson (Mahoney)
    IPap Utoikamanu (Leniu* Klemmer)
    Matto TPJ Barnett (Blore* Martin Curran)

  2. MattyO

    Have saved no trades thus far, though have managed to climb into top 650, much attributed to the help of this POD, thanks lads!
    With only 9/10 for rd13 given Luai/Reed on SOO duty should I look to bring in 2, or try to save a trade or 2?
    Thinking Capewell to JFH and Luai to Watto, or maybe even Turbo to Gutho for a short term points grab. Not sure if Luai is a hold with 90%+ of attack going through Cleary.

  3. Nelson

    Hi fellas,

    I have 18 trades left and was looking good for Round 13 and planning on saving trades but now got Joe O, Fergo and Simpkin out which leaves me with 11 players.

    Thinking of doing 1 trade and bring in FRF or 2RF with $461k budget- whats best option with R13 coverage?

  4. Angus

    Hey lads hope your well wanted to know thoughts on trade ideas saved 3 so far and have 13 players for this bye round.

    1. Teddy to Gutho and OFA to B Smith
    2. Teddy to Gutho and Simo to A Johnston
    3. Hold trades could be vital later in the season.

  5. ShaiH1

    Thoughts on these trades?
    – TKO to IPap
    – Turbo to Gutho

    Alternatively, I could go Turbo/Teddy to Suaalii for the second trade to ‘save’ a trade and leave more cash ITB.

    Have 18 trades coming into the week though so that’s not a huge issue. Have 11/12 players for the bye pre-trades. Cheers!

  6. Fishermann

    Hey lads, purely H2H focused player here. Wondering what to do with Sam Walker and whether he is a season long hold or not?

    Not worried about this week’s matchup in my leagues, so if he was to go would it be a move via duals to either CWalker/SJ (great upcoming draws) or Munster on the cards next week? Or is there a better option that plays this week?

    Current halves:
    Cleary (SWalker)
    Watson (Gamble)


  7. ajbicknell

    Haven’t been paying too much attention to Reed Mahoney recently, but thought he may be a good trade in this week. What’s happened to his scores the last four rounds, aside from HIA against the Roosters? Is he a keeper to the end next to Grant, or is someone like Cook post Origin a better option for the run home?

  8. ajbicknell

    CTW a bit of a wasteland right now. Have Hynes, Peachey, Laurie, Staines, then Saab & To’o and unfortunately Fergo. Nofo is an obvious safe option, but worried about his dependence on tries against his tough run coming up. Don’t like or trust Isaako or Sivo. Best just not up there. Will look to get Lomax when he’s back and dropped in price. Do I hold Fergo hoping a couple weeks out gives him a rev up? Saab a trade out with a 102 BE? Or Fergo/Saab to Nofo given his high ownership in top 100/1000?

  9. KerrodW

    Gday lads, Tim if your answering the questions this week,saw you playing for the Como crocs on the weekend against my team to gymea gorillas, hope your leg isn’t too bad after you copped that knock. Anyways back to SuperCoach, struggling a little, which makes me want to focus head to head, thinking Saab and Curran to iPap and suaali or just hold the trades, only have 9 for this week. Thoughts?

  10. MattyO

    After listening to the Podcast, which is always first class, and now with Fergo out, I am thinking of changing my trade options. Thoughts on Fergo to JFH and Teddy to Gutho? Or should I just hold Teddy and save a trade given I’ve not yet saved a trade yet.

  11. craig.squassoni

    Decided to sell Cleary to Hughes and 2nd trade I’m thinking either junior paulo to Isaiah papali”I or teddy to Gutho!

    Other fullback is turbo! Front row I have spencer lenu and TPJ!

  12. Thoughts on the current cheapies stock – Sualli, Helium Luki, B Jones and S Blore? H2H only and don’t need to worry about this weeks bye round. Particularly interested in Luki but concerned he is a trap.

  13. Beagles

    Howdy Guys, I have a pretty solid 13 playing this weekend and have 18 trades left. Tossing up on trading in B Smith for Luai or should i just stick solid and keep Luai for the rest of the year. I am concerned what Grants impact might be and forcing me to trade Smith out again.

    • Hey mate, already recorded when this dropped sorry.

      Not crazy no, if you’re content on those three then you can go early.

      However I probably wouldn’t advise it, things can change so quickly.

      Imagine if Fifi gets a HIA in Origin, AJ does a hammy at training, etc etc. Just so many variable, I think the value of saving a trade this week is more important.

      – TW

  14. Ranked ~200th last week. Schuster/burbo nightmare saw me ~400th. 9 players playing before trades this week. Haven’t saved a trade. Not a fan of bye rounds. Think I’m cooked. Might call it. No question. Just needed to vent. Thanks & much love.

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