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23 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 12 question and answer”

  1. Border Sc

    Do I sell any of the unlikely to play rd13 players and buy elsewhere? Eg Cini, Nui, Blore, Uto? Can’t wait for TLT rd 13. Need to start upgrade from now. Trades to spare and $ to spare

  2. Miss Jane

    I’m playing h2h, saved 5 trades so far.

    I know I should have jumped on few weeks back, but would u trade Gutho (losing $$$) for Hynes (to make 100k plus) to be able to upgrade to Paps or Turbo down the track or Gutho to someone else?

    • ShaiH1

      Thoughts on the trades:
      Crichton & Simonsson to Hynes & Palasia

      Obviously holding Crichton would be ideal but it’s the only way I can afford to bring in Hynes.

      Worth noting I already have a pretty strong CTW with To’o, Nofa, Fergo, Best, Laurie and Staines. However, I feel like I can’t bypass Hynes’ Rd13 coverage, especially with Papi still out indefinitely

  3. thompsonfarming99

    Keen to keep in touch on Dufty’s progress. Don’t seem to get much news. Bought him in before injury for SOO coverage and still trying to save trades. I reckon he may be a save trade over the next bit, if I have news on his health/playability. Other fb is Teddy. If he is out for another 2weeks maybe need to get Walsh over SOO. It was a good plan with dragons rounds coming up.

  4. Hitro Okesene

    This week I’m looking at Sam Walker to Matty Burton, which obviously makes sense in a few ways. But there’s a bit of talk that he makes Origin now that Papenhuyzen is out. I have Gutherson ahead of him, but what do you reckon? Should I hesitate on the trade?

  5. alex_steedman

    Is there any merit to trading out Mitch Barnett for Jackson Ford? Only have $6,700 it the bank and guys like Fuimaono and Fusitua doing nothing for me. That extra cash will help me trade both out next week. Sam Walker to Matt Burton is my other planned trade. Thanks for your help.

  6. Nelson

    I have $27k in the bank and thinking of trading S.Walker out for Hughes but then I will need to trade out Curran/Capewell etc for cheapie. Other option I’m looking at is S.Walker to Burton.

    Also I currently have 14 players for R13 (includes Matto, To’o and Gutho so could potentially reduce) is 14 players enough and should I just save trades?

  7. Jeffrey.Fletcher

    Is Isaiah papali’i a must have for round 13? Tossing up between him and Hughes this week. Thinking Hughes might be good cover for Cleary if he is rested after origin seen as though the panthers play two days after origin 1.

  8. liam.h.odonnell

    Any outlook of selling turbo over origin? Misses 13 and 17 and backs up the Friday night after both rounds. Could miss 4 out of 6 games from round 13 (one game he will play is vs the dogs however)

  9. Angus

    Hey lads hope your well

    Saved 3 trades so far.

    Thoughts on Gutho to Hynes. Bring in Hynes and take the cash rises and then downgrade him when Papi comes back and also Gutho big chance now for origin

    H2H player only as well

  10. thomasolsen7

    Thinking about trading Staines and capewell this week. My other ctw are Laurie, to’o, tupou, simmonson and fusitua

    I’m thinking of bringing in either Brian Kelly and best which gives me 4 strong ctw for the season plus Laurie.
    I could also bring in hynes and suaali as Suaali probably plays 17 while teddy plays origin. However, that leaves me with only 5 ctw who will play each week.

    Don’t have the money to make these trades with simmonson or fus. Thanks guys

  11. joshdogga234

    Would really love to save trades this week but the couple loose cannons in my back row (Crichton and Capewell) have put a pin in that. Don’t have any backup 2nd rowers.

    What do you think is the best pair of trades?
    1. Capewell and Curran – Tohu and Palasia (Have about 10-11 for round 13 atm)
    2. – Martin and Twal
    3. – Martin and Palasia

  12. MattyO

    Lads, first class & indispensable content as always! Sitting just outside top 1k now, but haven’t saved any trades. I wanted to save trades this week, but have Gus and Capewell, and only looking like fielding 10-12 next week pending SOO. With that in mind & 150k ITB I am contemplating using both trades or maybe just on. My thoughts are:
    1. Capewell to Val & Gus to BSmith/Matto, or
    2. Capewell to BSmith & SWalker to Burton
    Leaning towards the latter as I can bring in Val in 14 for Fergo, and potentially may hold fire on Burton to save a trade?

  13. LordOfTheUpdates

    Fella’s, Made a total rookie mistake on the weekend due to a mates wedding commitments and didn’t pull the Fergo>Hynes trade in time. 100 odd points and 150k gone missing…

    I now find myself in an awkward position wanting both Burton/Hynes this week which means Id need to sacrifice Walker and Kelly. Am I just going sideways hard here or take the points/cash opportunity?

    I also have a concern I’m way too late on Hynes considering his probably a trade out in a few weeks when his back on the bench anyway.


  14. Hasstalavista Baby

    Hey guys thanks for your support am ranked 300th and have saved 3 trades already so much appreciated. Thinking of trading Munster and Capewell to Burton and B.Smith – I like Capewell and see him as a keeper so will probs get him back in after Origin, is it a waste of 2 trades to get Smith in?

  15. The Integrity Unit

    Thoughts on Tom Eisenhuth at $310k as a short term play, to be moved on to a Rd17 bye playing keeper? 2nd row starter at least the next two weeks (Broncos & Titans) then has Warriors & Tigers if Origin players are rested.

  16. Beagles

    Hey guys

    Have saved 3 trades and have at least 13 round 13 players, maybe up to 16 depending on selections. Crichton and lodge out is a blow as my only cover left is James. Would you play james and keep Curran or would u trade Curran to a palasia chn toup or Kikua and play them.

    Also thoughts on SJ instead of burton

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