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31 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 10 question and answer”

  1. matto_sullivan

    Struggling to decide on trades, with Fifita, Barnett, Capewell and CWalker in my squad. For my first trade I will go Fifita to Tohu, and for the second trade, I am thinking either:
    1. Capewell to Nofo or Issako (benching Staines)
    2. Barnett to Matto (playing Staines)
    3. CWalker to Luai (playing staines)

  2. KerrodW

    Gday lads, bludger of a week last week and without turbo made me plummet 6k spots. With fifita being out thinking of trading him out for ipap and then schuster to luai with 3k to spare? Or just go matto instead of ipap and have some money it’s,Thoughts
    Think I’ve gotta hold on to teddy as he’s so cheap and have ponga as well. Turbo does scare me though.

  3. NRLSC Sponge

    Since you stole the idea out of my brain Timmy, what are your thoughts on me dumping Munster to Luai and SWalker to Hughes? Have Cleary so need Hughes for 13, have Madden so need Luai

  4. Samuelschembri33

    Hey lads!

    Got two trades I wanted to run past you. Trading out Fifita due to the suspension.

    Fifita and Condon to Papali’i and Liam Martin (BE -8 And should play round 13)
    Fifita and Condon to Matterson and TPJ

    Cheers lads, love ya work as usual.

  5. christopher.j.w.e

    Hey fellas! Thoughts on Gamble as a cash cow/bye cover? Thinking of trading J.Simpkin to him via Watson. Was going to hold Simpkin for a round 13 body but he’s not even in the 17 anymore & could hold Watson instead. Cheers!

  6. ShaiH1

    Just wondering who to trade in for Fifita. At the moment I’m tossing up between Matto, Tohu & Papalii (that order of preference).

    Also have Watson and Schuster who I’m looking to trade, and can get any HOK or 5/8. Could also go Ogden to Haas if I go Fifita to Matto.

    Which option do you think is best? Cheers!

  7. Nelson

    Hi fellas,

    Great podcast this week – was very impressed with Matty Ryan’s SC knowledge.

    Thoughts on getting Hynes in for Capewell as he would get few games now with Munster injured and covers 13 or should I go with Nofo, Best or Peachy?

  8. stuart_2c3b9fd8

    Hi Fellas,
    I’m well inside and the top 1000 and wondering whether to trade in Bradman Best and potentially be similar to a lot of others or go for a POD like Jack Bird, I guess I’m asking in 2021 is center/wing the position to try and play catch up?

  9. joshdogga234

    What would be best option for second trade this week lads,
    1. Grant to Mahoney (Pulled the trigger last week smh)
    2. Stefano to Flegler
    3. Capewell to matto
    4. Save trade (Think i have only saved 1 all year but will mean I have to play kelly and simonsson this week)

  10. Love your work boys 👍

    Do you know for origin if the 18th man stays with the squad? I am interested in gutho but with his versatility surely he is 18th man in case of 3 X his etc so trying to figure out if he would be released or not to play Rd 13.

  11. Boys!
    I am thinking about going Martin over Matto on the basis that Panthers have a good draw (actually draw doesnt matter with these boys), he is cheaper, Clearly always likes to hit him short, should play 45-55 mins with good PPM, plays 13, negative BE and could eventually start over Capewell?

    • If it helps I actually traded in Martin over Matto this week. I think he will play bigger minutes than 55 this week and in round 13 and will make us some money. I then have enough money next week to get Matto whose price probably won’t change next week.

  12. Hayne Bit My

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to grab your thoughts on Ikuvalu v Tohu Harris.

    I would normally jump at the chance to get Ikuvalu with the draw they have but are the roosters too busted now for him to explode?

  13. stuart_2c3b9fd8

    I’m ranked top 500, I have good bye coverage however should I be looking at trading Cleary or Walker to get in a halfback for round 13 or do you think I can hold my ranking with 1 less player?

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