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It's live! In our subscriber special, an SC Playbook contributor will be answering your questions via audio each week.

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Have any questions you need answered? To deal with an influx of questions, SC Playbook is offering a weekly audio special to subscribers to answer as many of your queries as possible. Simply leave your questions in the comment section on the bottom of the page. Each week an SC Playbook contributor will record there answers which will later be posted on this page. We'll do our best to answer any questions via text if submitted after recording. But get them in early to ensure they're answered. This week, the SC Spy is behind the mic.

10 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Question and answer, Rd 19”

  1. H2H matchup, 3 trades remaining.
    current CTW is Mansour, To’o, Lomanx and Aitken
    Banking on Lomax not repeating last week
    If I want nofo I need to use 2 trades for cash:
    Aitken -> Nofo + nuff (v Storm, Eels… maybe not?) [2 trades to get $$]

    If I want to swap Grant for CS9, then Aitken could go to
    Yeo (another Panther? But v Cowboys, Dogs)
    BMoz (v Sharkies, Rabbits)
    Campbell Graham (v bulldogs, roosters)

    I think I just talked myself into getting Yeo back with CS9?

  2. hey boys, congrats to Tim on moving into 7th hopefully you can take out the top prize,

    I have 2 trades left with 365k in the bank
    Im planning on using my first trade on fermor to angus crichton asuming he starts this week given boyd cordners injury

    for my last trade should i use it to go from SJ to DCE or
    trade out lomax for sauce or D tupo currently have nofo, yeo, too starting with mann on the pine but he can’t play this week due to his suspension
    or should i save the trade for next week ? have the opp of playing klemmer tohu jazz or SJ for my last 2 reserve sports


  3. Jeffrey.Fletcher

    Hey boys, got two trades left and thinking I should save one for the final week.

    I have sst and haas, trying to decide if I should trade one of these guys and then play Shaun Johnson against the chooks or go Johnson to dce and play with just one front rower in which case I’d cop valemi as an AE. I also have to play toa this week as my last reserve.

  4. Hey guys love your work.

    I’ve got 4 trades left and in my main comp semi. To be brief the match is mainly revolving around;

    My Ponga, Dce, Luai vs his cook, to o, b moz at the moment.

    I am considering not trading api to cook which would allow me to bring in either to o, bmoz or even a hail Mary type manu if need be plus go teddy to turbo (If named and I wait until confirmation before trading). My question is how crucial do you think cook would be here? If I go cook and turbo I’ll be left with 3 ctw and a frustrating ae of Musgrove but I’d at least get a decent loop opportunity. Or I could go cook and fill the ctw spot, of the ctw available would you prefer to o, bmoz, tupou or manu? Thanks mate.

  5. Just outside top 500 and that’s the focus. I have 3 trades left, have Api, Haas and Teddy as well as Papa. I wanted to make some upside trades this week and FRF was the last place I wanted to touch, unfortunately no duals to help either. Play Papa this week in hope the Warriors continue to fight in a must win Game for Raiders and hope Haas back next week or just bite the bullet and bring in a DSaf / Klemmer for probably Haas to cash me up for Api to cook/ lolo / angus? I can see Haas not playing next week either and being stuck with him if say Cleary rests.

    Best of luck to Tim, cheering you home mate.

  6. Samuelschembri33

    Hey fellas, two part question. Due to injuries and outings I have been running only one FB – so, since teddys resting – my question is: Ponga or turbo for the final two games? I only have two trades left, and my last trade would be to bulk my CTW I have nofo, Mansour, Yeo and sivo, can get any other ctw this week… I like some of the roosters boys like manu or Bmoz of course, or should I lean towards a safer To’o. Cheers! Bring home the big 50k Timmy, rooting for you mate!

  7. alex_steedman

    Have a starting Wing/Centre quartet of Mansour/Yeo/Staggs and Lomax. Would you consider benching one of these four players for Jaxson Paulo against the Bulldogs or even Star T’oa on Sunday against the Dragons?

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