NRL Round 6 Supercoach Wrap: 10 Things We Learnt

From Manu brilliance to a flying Lomax, Nick Moon recaps the highs and lows of Round 6.

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The man can’t take a trick! Thankfully, I have a platform where I can air my weekly Supercoach grievances because otherwise I would need a lounge and someone to listen to me! Round 6 was the 4th time this year I have copped a single digit score due to an injury! The Hammer joined Piakura, Luki, and Garrick; and that doesn’t even account for the Tino debacle of Round 3. But! We march on... Like Bart writing on the chalkboard, there is nothing I can do about injuries, there is nothing I can do about injuries, There is noth.. I do have to think of the good times when things don’t go your way, like trading in DCE as a P

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