Updated team reveal: SC Spy drops his 2024 Supercoach squad

Updated: 2021's 91st placed NRL Supercoach finisher the SC Spy reveals his squad to start the 2024 season.

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G’day Troops, The trials are over and we are just days out from the Vegas season openers, so it's time to reveal my final squad. Well, at least until next week's team lists drop before the remaining six games of round 1... The injury to Jayden Campbell has forced a reshuffle in my squad make-up, but I’m extremely happy with how it’s looking at this stage. Of course things can change, but I’m fairly set on the majority of the squad. There are a few cheapie bench spots that remain unknown which will be filled in once trials have finished, and of course once the all-important round 1 teams are named. Here’s what 'Blac

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