Draft rankings: CTW positional analysis

We dive through the centre-wing positions to rank the best players to pick-up on NRL Supercoach Draft day in 2024.


The CTW would be the most variable position each season with a large amount of fluctuation between the rankings each year-on-year. 

Typically the top tier CTWs have really good base, attacking upside and potentially even goal kicking.

The best CTWs will be drafted in rounds 2-4 but you can find some value quite late in this position.

Generally we like to have a mix of base stat beast CTWs and high upside CTWs (but also high risk) in our teams. 

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Your league settings will determine your strategy, but if you are in the traditional four CTW setup, look to get one gun early in the draft, one or two mid rangers and one or two value picks late.

When picking your CTWs, consider the opportunities they will get compared to last year, whether that be from the players inside them, the quality of team they are in, age, competition for spots, etc.

Below are our rankings of the top 20 CTWs – these rankings typically take into account a Round 26 Grand Final in a ‘non-captains’ league.

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Name2023 Average
Greg Marzhew77
Brian To’o71
Izack Tago68
Jamayne Isaako77
Valentine Holmes72
Reuben Garrick71
Joseph Manu64
Zac Lomax62
Jacob Kiraz59
Alex Johnston58
Ronaldo Mulitalo62
Bradman Best60
Dominic Young63
Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow59
Brian Kelly64
Dallin Watene-Zelezniak70
Nick Meaney68
Jesse Ramien57
Taylan May0
Selwyn Cobbo59
  1. Greg Marzhew

Expect much of the same from Marzhew as he produced last year. His floor will be high with his runs and tackle busts out of his own end and he will capitalise on a dominant Knights left edge.

  1. Brian To’o

There’s an argument that To’o could be number one on this list as he is so consistent and is playing in the best team in the competition. He is third on our list, and although consistently great, he doesn’t have the ceiling of Marzhew.

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  1. Izack Tago

Another year in the competition and potential playing in the illustrious right centre role for the Panthers, Tago could go to another level this year.

  1. Jamayne Isaako

Isaako is expected to regress from the dizzying heights of last year, especially with Herbie playing inside of him. Still a great 5th pick as a goal kicking winger with a decent finals draw.

  1. Valentine Holmes

Val managed to average 72 last year in a Cowboys team that started slow. The Cowboys should be a better team this year and Val should get even more opportunities close to the line. He is a gun but has a bye in round 25 and the Panthers in round 26, which really drops him down this list.

  1. Reuben Garrick

Garrick is also expected to regress moving to the centre position, with less attacking stats. There is a world where he moves back to wing through the season or fullback should something happen to Turbo.

  1. Joseph Manu

Manu averaged 76 points in 2022 and backed that up with a disappointing 64 in 2023. Manu is expected to bounce back in 2024 along with the Roosters performances.

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  1. Zac Lomax

Lomax has played in an average Dragons side his entire career and still scored decently in SuperCoach. If he gets a crack at the fullback spot he could increase his average by 10 points and even if playing wing he should get a few more points.

  1. Jacob Kiraz

After starting the season on fire last year, Kiraz’s scores took a dip as he played through injury accompanied by poor Bulldogs performances. He should be back to his 40-50 base stat self this year.

  1. Alex Johnston

Johnston averaged 58 last year, his lowest average since 2020. His scores suffered with the Rabbitohs slump in the second half of last year. Although age is a concern, he is still a try scoring machine in a dominant attacking side.

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  1. Ronaldo Mulitalo

Expect much of the same from Mulitalo which was a 62 average last year, he will benefit from an easy Sharks draw.

  1. Bradman Best

As with Marzhew, I’m expecting similar scores as last year on the dominant Knights left edge. 

  1. Dominic Young

Last year Young averaged 63 on the Knights right wing with an enormous amount of tries to his name. We are expecting a regression, but he should score tries in a traditionally blessed role as the Roosters right winger.

  1. Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow

Expect a few low scores if you draft the Hammer, but he will get plenty of opportunities playing fullback for the Dolphins, who should be better than they were last year.

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  1. Brian Kelly

Kelly is expected to see some regression from last year as it was his highest averaging season by some margin. The Titans now have some weapons on the right which may see them have a more even attacking distribution. However, Kelly should still see opportunities playing outside Foran and Fifita provided he doesn’t switch edges with AJ Brimson making the shift.

  1. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak

Will regress from last year but still should score well outside SJ and RTS.

  1. Nick Meaney

Moving to centre from fullback will really hurt Meaney’s scores, but he is still in a dominant Storm team and could potentially kick goals.

  1. Jesse Ramien

Playing outside Hynes, Ramien was unlucky not to score more last year and should see a small uptick in scores.

  1. Taylan May

Expected to play centre for the Panthers. We don’t expect him to get to his 2022 average of 64 when he played on the wing, but he won’t be too far off.

  1. Selwyn Cobbo

Will regress moving from wing to centre but is still playing in a dominant Broncos team.


  • Daniel Tupou
  • Sione Katoa
  • Corey Oates
  • Josh Addo-Car
  • Taane Milne

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