Updated! Team lists: Supercoach round 20 squad analysis

2019 NRL Supercoach champion Dez Creek analyses the squads dropped for round 20 of the 2023 season.

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Turbo Irvo managed 975 this week which has me sitting around 1500th overall and an urgent need to get multiple highly priced gun players. Priority number one is Kalyn Ponga who is set to skyrocket in price and ownership as he looks to cement himself as the number one 5/8 option for the run home. To fund the trade from Schuster to Ponga I'll be nuffing CTW for the first time this season and banking some cash to get Cleary and Fifita as required moving forward. I always find that this little period after Origin seems to be a huge rankings differentiator most seasons and I don’t see this one playing out any differently. Some folks are sitti

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