Home stretch: Panthers + Storm

Stats guru Jay Schubert analyses the SuperCoach contingent from the Panthers and Storm ahead of the run home


With the last Major bye finally behind us, it’s time to look at the home stretch. Five teams are now also finished with their respective bye schedule, Panthers, Storm, Manly, Roosters and Knights. As there are so many, this write up has been divided into two parts. Part 1 focusing on the Panthers and Storm, the two teams of those mentioned above that are currently in the top 8.  

Both of these teams will be getting back to full strength as players will be returning from Origin duties or coming back from injury. With the Panthers aiming for the minor premiership and the Storm looking to consolidate a top 4 spot, both have incentives to perform. 

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Nathan Cleary, Dylan Edwards, Izack Tago are the stand-out options, yet again. Cleary will be finding his way into a lot of teams as soon he is named to return from injury, the only question is “do you hold off a week or not?”. If he comes back this week for round 20, he’ll be up against a Dolphins team that is a shadow of what they were producing earlier in the season but has a BE over 110.  

Dylan Edwards has been doing a fantastic job whilst still flying under the radar. In a stacked Fullback position, he could fit in to most teams comfortably, for the run home. Averaging 72, lowest score of 39 and a maximum score of 163, Edwards is worth considering.  

Tago is another back that has high upside with great base and hitting form with a 3 round average of 93. With a low score of 33 this year, he’s not going to hurt playing him, but with a maximum score of 142, he’ll hurt you for not having him. 

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Alternate Options 

Isaah Yeo & Brian To’o while not having the huge upside of others in their positions, both players will score well each week. Yeo is the link forward in their attack, but has been quiet this year by his standards, with a high score of 87. He is still averaging 67 and the 5th highest averaging 2RF, well worth considering in the 4/5th 2RF spot.  

To’o is one of the most consistent CTW’s this season, 11 scores between 43 and 67, a really solid option for the 5/6th CTW to play when others are on the bye. 

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The Numbers 

Below shows the current playing roster in order of Season Average.  

For those new to seeing the colours in my tables. 

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Average & 3 Round Average 

Purple = Over 100 

Green = Over 65 

Blue = Over 50 

Black = Over 30 

Orange = Over 20 

Red = Under 20 

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Purple = Less than 0 

Green = Less than 10 below their season average 

Blue = Within 10 +/- of their season average 

Red = More than 10 above their season average 

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Total Price Change 

Purple = Over $200,000 

Green = Above $0 

Red = Below $0 

Blank = No Change 

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Cameron Munster, Harry Grant & Nick Meaney are the clear standouts this season from a Storm team that has underperformed for their own lofty standards. Munster is the 4th highest averaging 5-8, however he is behind Brown (still serving his suspension), Walker (byes in rounds 20 & 26) and Ponga (concussion history). For these reasons I am still considering Munster as the 5-8 to target. 

Grant has been the clear best hooker all season, and with the depth in the position, a single hooker option is a viable option in 2023. So why wouldn’t you have the best in the position? 

Nick Meaney has been solid all year, and with the goal kicking and the Storm needing to work to stay in the top 4, points will come. A couple of quiet games have led to a drop in price but will be a great pickup for the run home. 

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Left Field Options 

Jahrome Hughes, Nelson Asofa-Solomona, Xavier Coates are not the standard picks for the run home, but can be worth it considering their POD status. For those who have burned their trades and are unable to have the Hynes/Cleary combo at halfback, Hughes could be guy. With a 3-round average of 68 and only owned by 7.7% of coaches, he’s worth a look 

Big Nelson has really stepped up in recent weeks showing that he can play bigger minutes and has been the Storm’s go-to forward. With a 3-round average of 72 and a BE of only 3, could be a very handy 3/4th FRF option and only owned by 4.6% of SuperCoaches. 

Xavier Coates may be on a lot of coaches “never again” list, but he has found some form of late, earning a Maroons call-up. A 3-round average of 68 and only owned by 6.3% of coaches, he could be the value pick allowing you to upgrade elsewhere without completely NUFFing out too many players. 

Part 2 – Manly / Roosters / Knights out tomorrow 

Best of luck for the remaining 8 Rounds. 

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