NRL Late Mail Round 11: Walsh Out, Nicho In Doubt

Our NRL late mail man Adam Stiles runs through all the last minute team changes leading into Round 11.


It’s easy to dwell on the late outs from last week but I’m sure that’s been revisited in plenty of other articles, podcasts, and our nightmares.

So I for one am looking ahead firmly to round 11.

Art Vs Science summed it up best when they said:

“In the beginning, there was a round.

But it wasn’t just any round. It was a round of light. It was a round of truth. It was a round of dreams. It was a round of youth.

It was a magic magic magic magic magic magic magic magic round”.

So here’s hoping for a bit of magic to keep our players on the field, and to everyone who will be there I hope we get to catch-up.

I’ll be the 6’5″ bloke in the various Broncos jerseys on Friday and Saturday.

As usual, all the updates across the round will come via @scplaybook1 on X/Twitter and Instagram, as well as myself @AStilesAuthor (X/Twitter only). 

But full disclaimer, these will be coming in live from Suncorp for the most part so things could get a little dicey as the weekend progresses…

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No late changes expected, should be 1-17 outside an occasional prop swap.


I’ve been calling a Jacob Preston start for a couple of weeks now and have finally been proven right.

Jaemon Salmon has been cut from the squad with Poasa Faamausili promoted from the reserves list onto the bench.

Josh Curran remains on the bench with Sam Hughes looking good to start.


No changes expected for Manly, should be 1-17.

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Reece Walsh has been ruled out for the Broncos with a knee injury. Fortunately for owners, NRL Physio is reporting it is minor and he should only miss 1 week.

Jock Madden is fine to return from his pec injury.


Sam Verrills and Chris Randall is a wild halves pairing but unlike last week where the late mail was firm around a swap, it’s hard to see where the warm bodies come from to replace them.

Tom Weaver is 18th man and could be a late addition to the spine which would see Chris Randall revert to hooker and Erin Clark to the bench. Unsure at this point who drops out if that is the case.

The somewhat usual swaps involving Klese Haas and Isaac Liu could happen despite being named per last week’s game day shuffle and David Fifita occasionally backflips onto the bench. 


The Kai Pearce-Paul benching the last two weeks have been to lessen his workload so I believe he won’t be a late call up to start at this stage. 

David Armstrong failed to finish the match last week with a HIA but it seems as though he’ll play at this stage.

After missing the last couple of weeks, Jacob Saifiti should be fine to finally return. 

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Boy did the Sharks keep the lid on Nicho Hynes‘ injury last round.

Though named to play he’s in doubt again with his minor calf injury and has been sitting out training earlier in the week.

Owners will hope the extra rest gets him on the field this weekend.

Braydon Trindall has also resurfaced on the extended bench and could be a late in for either Hynes if he’s rested, or Daniel Atkinson

No other changes expected. 


No changes expected for the Roosters, should be 1-17.


Both wingers, Alex Johnston and Jacob Gagai, should be fine to return so we could have another 1-17.


No changes expected with Murray Taulagi and Jordan McLean to return from hamstring injuries. 

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An unexpected TLT side has me questioning if this is truly how they’ll run out on game day. 

I could see Dylan Walker starting in the halves with Charnze Nicholl-Klokstad moving back to fullback and Taine Tuaupiki to the centres or bench but that’s speculation on my part and not based on any mail I’ve come across. 

The Warriors are also notorious for bench swaps on game day. 


There is some hopeful speculation from Taylan May owners that Jarome Luai will switch to the right side of the field given his new halves partner Jack Cole but like the similar ‘May to right centre’ speculation of a couple of weeks ago I’m doubtful they break a combination. 

Scott Sorensen is back on the extended bench after missing through a knee injury and could be a late inclusion in what should be the only change to the side of it eventuates. 


Not strangers to pulling a game day swap involving Christian Welch to the bench for Tui Kamikamica or Nelson Asofa-Solomona

That should be the only potential change at this stage and 1-17 wouldn’t surprise. 


Joe Ofahengaue prop, Junior Paulo bench. 

Bryce Cartwright had a false start last week but will be fine for Magic Round. 

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Nothing major expected for the Tigers, could be 1-17


Barring a major injury setback, Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow will play as named. 

Last week we saw Felise Kaufusi move to prop, Connelly Lemuelu to the edge and Mark Nicholls to the bench so a similar shuffle wouldn’t surprise. 

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