Weekly wrap: Round 15 studs & duds

Charlie Dadds recaps every game from Round 15 with a focus on how the SuperCoach prospects performed.

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Finally!! A rank rise! Albeit a small one, but in the blink of an eye my season is officially back on track. Seeing Jack Steele up and about again was a sight for sore eyes, but some stinky performances from Mason Redman, Tom Mitchell on debut, and Jarrod Witts left me with 2010 points; moving up 655 spots to 2963rd. Embed from Getty Images Trades Seamus Mitchell -> Josh Sinn Nat Fyfe -> Darcy Cameron Remaining salary: $99k Remaining trades: 3 Embed from Getty Images Woohoo, full premo! Now, I could get Fyfe up to someone slightly more established like Luke Ryan for example, but Darcy Cameron definitely pas

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