The run home: Which players to buy/hold/sell

Stats guru Jay Schubert looks at the data to calculate the maximum points each player should score between now and the end of the season.


It’s getting to that time of year, when we’re all short on trades, and trying to find the best players to hold for the run home. With Origin / Injuries / Byes / missed buses, it is getting harder to choose who is worth buying or holding.

The below looks at all the remaining games each player still has, provided they’re selected every game. Therefore, it is the calculated maximum points each player should score between now and the end of the season.

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How the scores are calculated

All scores are calculated using the diving / gymnastics average. Calculating the average score, minus the players highest and lowest score. This helps rules out HIA / injury affected games, and the rare blinder out of nowhere. All data is current to the end of Round 15.

Once this average is calculated it is then multiplied by the maximum number of games that player will play over the rest of the season – rounds 16 to round 27.

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To simplify each position, only the top 8 players are listed for total points across the remaining rounds. Also, players that have played less than 4 games are excluded.

If a player’s name is RED, they are currently injured / suspended but are due to return this season.

** Dylan Brown is listed in this group with games remaining after the next court date, if the charges are dropped, this will be the maximum points.


Hooker has almost been a lost cause lately with players underperforming, injuries and Origin Selections, however Harry Grant remains the clear leading in the position.


Payne Haas would normally be the clear target in the Front Row, however due to the scheduling and Origin, it isn’t so clearcut.


So long as he plays decent minutes plays, David Fifita is the clear target in the 2nd Row, the other listed players that are here are definite holds.


Halfback received a huge shakeup, with Nicho Hynes being overlooked for NSW, he is far and away the best in the position with the equal most games still to play. Also, anyone that jumped on Shaun Johnson should be strongly considering holding.


5/8 is probably the hardest position to fill at the moment, but Cameron Munster has gone under the radar a little this year and should not be overlooked.


CTW has had a shakeup this year, with so many new names towards the top of the list. Thankfully there is still some value here for those short on funds.


We’ve been blessed this year with so many fullbacks to choose from. Hard to go wrong here, pick 2 and play both.

Top 25

An extra table here to look at the Top 25 predicted players, this should assist in not only seeing which players to target, but also which positions to load up on. These should hopefully help you to make the most of your remaining trades and get the best out of your team for the run home.

Best of luck.

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