Weekly wrap: Round 15 winners, losers, injuries

2021 6th overall Clem Cassidy and Nick Moon recap every game from Round 14, eyeing the Supercoach studs and duds.


I cannot get a read on this year! Players going down, injuries, court proceedings, Origin, HIAs that are one week and not the next, three bye rounds, three more bye rounds which are as difficult as the first three bye rounds!

And that’s before I even get to Clem’s rap on WhatsApp!! I’m lost and it’s not even June! “It was all a Jah-Ream, (Didn’t have him in my team), Jus’ Brown, Nath ‘n’ Cody, Big Fifi D, Cook too it’d seem”.

That’s what this season has done to us!! Can’t wait to see what Clem is spitting come August! For the rest of what the Grammys are calling “the hottest new sound of 2023”, check out WhatsApp or go find Clem on Twitter.

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What a season it’s been already, and Round 15 epitomised what everyone seems to be going through. Most of us had massive calls to make regarding our halves and even that could change again this week coming. Then players like Smith and Hosking are late outs and then Cody joined them, it was panic stations.

Oh, and Mitch Moses thought that because it was a public holiday and he was on double time, he only had to play good for one half.

My VC on Garrick got me very excited for the weekend, but was let down by Kennedy, Warbrick and my AE in Luke (Who was getting his hammy’s warmed up for nothing) to finish with 1228 pre updates whilst my co-writer – who spent a fair bit of time on that rap – still manged to find time to tend to her Supercoach side, scoring a huge 1327 thanks to a Moses captaincy and owning both Walsh and Garrick.

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Titans v Tigers

I think Martin Luther King said it best when he said, “I have a dream”. In this case, we aren’t talking about a Civil Rights movement, but a young Tigers Fullback who has absolutely taken Supercoach 2023 by the proverbial balls and run away with it.

What a superstar and what a time to be an owner! Kicked off the weekend with a brilliant 95 that included an incredible solo try skipping past most of the Titans middle forwards. 3 round average of 110 and a breakeven of still just 20. He is close to being the player of the year and one that yours truly is looking more and more like a clown for not buying… Can’t get them all they say!

One I did get though was Johnny Bateman and despite not finding the line like last week, he was solid for his 68, making a recorded 54 tackles! The move to the middle will get his hands on the footy a lot more and I really like what he is doing. IPap on the other hand got through a heap of work but we are just not seeing the attacking output that helped him to his massive scores last year. Only managed 51 on Thursday and has one score over 65 this whole year. Avoid.

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One not to avoid, unless you struggle with pronunciation, is Tino Fa’asuamaleaui! What a month of footy this bloke has had! Finding the line, bringing some aggression, and giving owners a stress-free watch! Banged out a very impressive 95 which included a try and a reminder to any Blues forward who wants to have a crack at him to steer clear.

And AJ Brimson and his pesky hamstrings held up! He was in everything for the Titans, reportedly earning an 18th man call up for QLD. Has had a terrible run with injury this year with his hammy going on him but if he can string a few games together, he is a real smoky. Had a big back end of 2022, and with Foran, Fifita, and Campbell, there might be a few points post Origin.

Also, Haas 80 minutes on the edge..

Minutes played – Tino 61, Haas 80, IPap 76, Bateman 80

Injuries: Api Koroisau (jaw), Luke Brooks (hamstring)

Judiciary: Nil.

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Raiders v Warriors

Someone forgot to tell the Warriors to play nice this weekend!! Biggest weekend in Canberra since Mooseheads did 2 for 1 Vodka Oranges and they do an Oceans 11 job and took the night away from the 21 thousand screaming Canberrans! You can’t do that to Jarrod!

The emotion of the game seemed all too much for the Green Machine and the Warriors capitalised. Not that the Raiders had their chances, they had plenty but looked awfully clunky in attack and couldn’t split the Warriors defence.

That and they didn’t have one Shaun Johnson in their side!! What a performance from the halfback who is shaping to be the Dally M winner! Big call but who else has a bigger impact for their side?! Two 100+ scores on the trot and owners are laughing. He even had time for a chuckle after pinching a try in the dying seconds.

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Tohu set a nice try up and finished with 76 whilst the former fan favourite CNK too had a blinder, finishing with 84 and a try after skinning the man of the moment. In more nice guy points for the Warriors fullback, he refused to celebrate knowing who missed the tackle on him. Ya love to see it!

Raiders are quickly falling behind the Supercoach pecking order apart from Big Red and Taps. Red a very handy 70 for owners but Taps was kept quiet, scoring only 47 despite playing 62 minutes.

Minutes played – Taps 62, Horsburgh 71, AFB 64, Harris 74, Niukore 65

Injuries: Nil.

Judiciary: Mitch Barnett (Careless High Tackle), Marata Niukore (Careless High Tackle), Jack Wighton (Careless High Tackle), Albert Hopoate (Contrary Conduct)

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Sea Eagles v Dolphins

58 points. Fifty-Eight. Is that good? It seems good… I know that the World Wildlife Federation considered putting the Dolphins on the endangered list after Friday night so it must have been something special!

Turbo, Garrick, and DCE all had a field day taking apart a pretty flaky Dolphins defence. Turbo was back to his Supercoach scoring best, notching a massive 126 after being cleared to play despite showing Cat 1 concussion symptoms in Origin 1. I’m actually filthy because the NRL duped me and a heap of other owners who would have held him had we have known he would play this match. Anyway. They will be getting an email.

Although, it wasn’t Turbo who stole the show, but a winger come centre Reuben Garrick lit up Brookie. Yep, that same Reuben who our illustrious leader the overlord called to leave out. Not sure anyone did but if you did, please contact Tim directly.

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His 169 came through 3 try assists and 3 tries himself, plus 9 goals. The move to centre might now be permanent. A very good VC choice. Pats on the back to me.

Despite getting absolutely hammered the three most popular Phins players all scored ok. Isaako crossed for a try and finished with 66, Nikorima with 2 assists for 86, and the Hammer crossed very late when they were nearly taking the goal posts pads down for 67.

Same though can’t be said for JMK after only managing 17 in the 41 minutes he was on field

Minutes played – Fainu 50, JMK 41, Lemuelu 80, Stone 61

Injuries: Brenko Lee (ankle), Jeremy Marshall-King (shoulder)

Judiciary: Nil.

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Dragons v Rabbitohs

Shoulda sacked Griffin years ago! Might be a bit harsh but big turnaround for the Dragons in the past four matches. Got the win on Saturday in in front of a packed Kograh! And didn’t the Red and White put on a show for their faithful. Well, for 73 minutes anyway, then they tried to make a quick getaway to the Leagues club.

Benny Hunt was again in everything and notched up 97 whilst Michael Molo had an absolute day out in the middle scoring 86. Seems to be a favourite of Coach Carr so keep an eye on minutes.

Keon scored a try but only managed 55 so not the output new owners would have hoped for, and AJ might as well have stayed at home, barely seeing any footy with No Cody and Trell to feed him. 28. Not good.

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And Campbell Graham owners had every reason to turn the TV off after 70 minutes, but went from 30 odd to 98 after scoring a try, setting one up, and making 2 LBs. Freddy must not watch the Rabbits play, that can be the only reason he isn’t in a Blue jumper.

With the bye net week followed by a home game against the Cowboys, lets hope AJ and Cody make up for this week’s antics.

Minutes played – F Molo 58, Keon 68, Cook 80,

Injuries: Nil.

Judiciary: Michael Chee Kam (Dangerous Contact)

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Broncos vs Knights

A small confession. I did not actually get to watch most of this game, which is unusual for me. So, I will attempt to recap it using the SuperCoach app, which is basically my second home these days anyway.

And 24 – 20 to the Broncos. What a game! It could have been anybody’s. And who would’ve thought that would be the score! Firstly, a congratulations to the Broncos who have now won 200 games at Suncorp Stadium.

And secondly, congratulations to the Knights for putting up such a fight! I will say it again, those Knights, they’re a resilient bunch.

Reecey Walsh vs Kalyn Ponga. What a match up. The clash of the former and current QLD fullbacks. And both played out of their skins!

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As an owner who held Reece, I am completely stoked with his 116 points! 2 try assists, 2-line breaks, 3-line break assists, tackle busts, offloads, basically everything! The man is in some form and I am incredibly glad to be a QLD supporter at this time.

Kalyn Ponga also played his heart out, earning lucky owners 92 points including a try. 219 metres and 9 tackle busts. He’s such a good player to have in your team with no Origin risk. I’m considering getting him in.

Dominic Young top scored for the Knights. His 111 points included 2 tries and a try assist. The man is a try scoring machine.

You’d be stoked if you held Payne Haas through the Origin period. His 95 points means his average is now 76. Surely, we’ll all be wanting him in our teams post Origin! His base is enormous! Save a trade for him.

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Dane Gagai was set to ‘Origin-mode’ scoring 86 points (and also had an epic try saving play in the first half). He does have an average of 70, and with no actual Origin in sight for him…is he a sneaky get for this coming bye round?

I brought in big Greg Marzhew this week hoping he’d emulate his ton-scoring ways from Round 13. Unfortunately, he only managed a 49. But I don’t think I’ve exactly broken him as such…ahhh…I hope. With KP in the form he’s coming into, surely big Greg is tonning up for us this bye round too!

Cobbo finished on 77 points with 2 tries. And Staggs, well he got his ton last week, so this week we’re back to his 40s – we love life consistencies.

Injuries: Nil. 

Judiciary: Ezra Mam (Dangerous Contact)

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Roosters vs Panthers

Obviously, a Panther would win in a fight against a Rooster, it is science and it is physics.

And as such, it was total domination to the Panthers, who despite a more even first 35 minutes, eventually completely outclassed the Roosters with a resounding 6 – 30 victory, including the knockout blow of 3 tries in 6 minutes.

And there was fighting of the traditional type too, with Leniu and JWH both sent to the sinbin with 8 minutes to go. JWH in a fight? That is also science and physics.

For the Panthers, you’d be stoked to own them. Scotty Sorenson whacked out a casual ton including a million offloads and a whole heap of hitups.

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Stephen Crichton scored a try and had the kicking, earning his owners a nice little 94 points.

To’o owners will be happy he also scored, finishing on 66 points. Turuva scored a 60, which as an owner who never knows what they’ll get with him, we will absolutely take.

Dylan Edwards is so consistent and scored a try to finish on 69 points. He’s such a handy number for this coming round if you own him!

Soni Luke. The man is a worry. 19 points in 28 minutes. And I think he’s going to be a bunch of owners’ 13th man this coming Round 16. And I feel ya – because I’m one of you too.

For the Roosters, as an owner, all I can say is thank god Teddy scored that try. 66 points. I’m honestly considering flipping him for this round coming with Origin duties with players like Bula consistently scoring so well.

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When Manu dropped the ball at half time, the hearts of owners dropped too. His 51 points could have been so much more. But he’s a handy number to have for this coming bye round, so we will persist.

I’m not sure who else we talk about for the Roosters. None of them particularly set the world alight SC score-wise. Except for Nat Butcher. The hard-working man deserves a mention for his 56 points in tackles. What a machine.

That is all.

Injuries: Liam Martin (head knock), Moses Leota (head knock)

Judiciary: Nat Butcher (Crusher Tackle), Jake Turpin (Shoulder Charge), Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (Contrary Conduct – 2 charges), Spencer Leniu (Contrary Conduct – 2 charges)

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Storm vs Sharks

An absolute massacre of the greatest proportions. The Storm thumping the Sharks 54 – 10, meaning those who owned Storm players celebrated, whilst those who owned Sharks players, well they mostly did not.

Six first half tries to the Storm.

A first half double to that absolute wizard, Harry.

And here I was on Sunday arvo, watching the game behind the couch with my eyes closed because I was scared of not having Nicho…

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And instead, it was not owning Harry I should’ve been worried about all along. And not having Munster. And also Hughes.


If you’re having Nicho problems, I feel bad for you son

I’ve got 99 problems but a Nicho ain’t one

And I am a glass case of emotion. Because while I feel nice about the fact that I avoided the Nicho Round 15 disaster, I also feel so sad for him and for owners, especially if you Captained him.

It was not his best game at all, and he has been dropped from Origin 2, so as an owner, you can take comfort in the fact that you have him for Round 16 and surely a bounce back game is on the cards for him!

43 points. We won’t talk about it.

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Let’s talk about the Storm players though! And if you held Harry you were rejoicing because the man was on absolute fire in that first half! 123 points all up, including those 2 first half tries.

And honestly, as I watched from my spot behind the couch, as a non-owner, I count my blessings that he only scored that, because at half time, I truly thought I was staring down the barrel of a double ton.

And Munster. 124 points. The man was on fire! 3 try assists. 3 -ine break assists. Just wow.

And if you traded in Hughes you were laughing. 119 points. A try and 2 assists.

And mostly if you owned any Storm players you were in for an amazing to fairly decent score. They simply dominated. Imagine being one of the 2 people who owned Kamikamica! 96 points!

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Except if you owned EKatoa. 12 points. Injury meaning he was off in the first 11 minutes. I am so sorry for you that that happened.

For the other Sharks, Mulitalo top scored with a 73 including a try and an assist. Nikora scored a 55 which included a sin bin in the final minutes, so not the worst score, and all the other Sharks scored sub 40 pretty much. In other words, it wasn’t a great game to own a Shark.

But don’t let that put you off, because this was a truly hectically bad game for them – poor attack and huge defensive issues, and they do play the next two major bye rounds in 16 and 19, and they have a fairly easy run of it coming up (no top 4 teams in sight, until Round 22). Just keep in mind, they miss 17 if you’re bringing them in for next bye…

And yes. I’m bringing back Nicho…

Injuries: Eliesa Katoa (eye), Reimis Smith (hamstring)

Judiciary: Christian Welch (Dangerous Contact)

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Bulldogs vs Eels

King Gutho scoring a hattrick on the King’s Birthday. It is literal fate. Three tries, a try assist, 2-line breaks, a line break assist. 138 points. Just like that.

Three tries. In the space of half an hour. Helping the Eels to their 7th win of the season, a resounding 12 – 34 win over the Bulldogs.

And either my eyes are deceiving me or my number reading is worse than I thought, but did a literal 60% of people bench the great man on his try scoring birthday?? My app is telling me such things and I cannot believe it so we will put it down to my mathematical ability instead.

Mitchy Moses. As an owner and a Captainer, I will absolutely take his 89 points and his 2 try assists and his 20 points in goals.

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And as the Playbook WhatsApp Group subscribers will know, I rapped the line “IKat Phinner to Mitchy Moses, is this a winner” on Friday, and since IKat scored a nice consistent 20 or something we will absolutely take that trade as a win, except we will not, because of the fact that he had such an ABSOLUTE game, that he has now played himself into a Blues jersey and so now I’m back to square one with absolutely 0 halfbacks for next round.

There are only two men who can save me now…Spy…either lend me your ultimate crush SJ…or give me back my V05 Wet Look Gel you took hostage…

For the other Eels – Our favourite base-monster, Hopgood, scored a 62. The Carty Party is on to its 3567th day of benders, scoring a 77 – where do they get the stamina! The 25 people who traded in Simmonson for this round will be happy with his 82. The 101 people who traded him out will not.

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And Sivo scored his 16th try for the season, taking him to the top of the try scoring chart and earning his owners 64 points.

For the Bulldogs, Matt Burton scored a try, and a line break, and a line break assist to finish on 91. Kiraz scored a 52 and you can now pick him up for $490k which is surely rock bottom for him. Mahoney scored a 50 and is cheap too at 430k, he’s only averaging around 54 though.

If you’re thinking about getting in any Bulldogs, they do play the next 2 major byes, just keep in mind they miss Round 17 and they have some fairly tough matchups coming up too.

Injuries: Josh Hodgson (pre-game – neck)

On report: Maika Sivo (Dangerous Contact)

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