Bye round analysis: How to come out on top

Data analyst Joe Kenny takes a look at how the top 1,000 are set up for the bye rounds, and offers you some basic bye principles to help you come out on top

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The byes are here and so are the headaches – suspended premiums, dud rookies and the sub-rule are wreaking havoc across the league. Scraping together 18 players each week is going to be a challenge, let alone scoring well and upgrading your team. The good news is you’re not alone – read on for a stats breakdown of how the rest of the top 1,000 are set up and some basic bye round principles. Embed from Getty Images Bye Strategy – The Basics As a goal, we want to exit the bye rounds with a completed full premium team and enough trades to cover injuries for the rest of the year (4-5 by my guess). We want to do this while

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