Weekly wrap: Round 11 studs & duds

Charlie Dadds recaps every game from Round 11 with a focus on how the SuperCoach prospects performed.


Well, here we are.

I hope you enjoyed the last weekend of normality, because shi* is about to get REAL.

Don’t get me wrong, Round 11 wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination.

After some huge scores in Round 10, many SuperCoach “guns” came straight back down to earth.

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I’m talkin’ the likes of Jack Sinclair, Jack Steele, and Jack Ziebell… Not to mention Sean Darcy doing a hammy in the second quarter!

This week, Elite Dadds scored 2342 which moved me down just 120 spots to 1336th.

I’ve never normally traded in the week leading up to the first bye round, but I may have to out of necessity.

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Sean Darcy -> Jarrod Witts

Harry Rowsten -> Eddie Ford

This leaves me with only 12 trades left heading into the second half the season.

Still, with just three more upgrades needed to get to full premo, I can’t help but feel optimistic about the next 12 weeks!

Anyway, let’s get into the wrap.

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Sydney v Carlton

  • After a couple down weeks in a row, Jake Lloyd (139) pumped out his highest score of the season. I genuinely think he’s a top-6 defender this year
  • Five-round average of 115 for Chad Warner (112)
  • Errol Gulden (93) couldn’t quite replicate his ridiculous pre-season performance against the Blues
  • Don’t bring in Lachlan McAndrew (23) this week
  • He might not get FWD status after this game which makes it a bit harder to pick Sam Walsh (105)
  • Words can’t describe how glad I am knowing that I have Sam Docherty (124) in my side. Bring him in now if you haven’t already
  • Patrick Cripps (77) will be a very tasty option after his bye given how much he’s plummeting in price
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St Kilda v Hawthorn

  • The trend of rucks being unable to score well against the Hawks continues, this time with Rowan Marshall (98) falling victim to Ned Reeves (70) and Lloyd Meek (62)
  • After sensational games last weekend, Jack Sinclair (71) and Jack Steele (62) were unable to back it up
  • Liam Stocker (77) looks to have peaked just in time for his bye. A downgrade to Eddie Ford or George Wardlaw and pocketing a bucketload of cash in return looks like a great move
  • MY SKIPPER!!! James Sicily (172) might have just put up the best “I’m him” performance since MJ’s infamous flu game. In true Sic Dawg fashion though, a high elbow on Anthony Caminiti (45) will see him have a week on the sidelines. Despite the difference in their Round 11 points, boy am I glad I picked up Stewart instead!!

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  • Hopefully this is the start of a Dylan Moore (139) resurgence
  • Will Day (74) was everywhere with 30 touches, but 7 clangers and 66% DE brought his score down. That’s now five games in a row without a ton… Look to upgrade to a premo at his bye
  • Keep an eye on Seamus Mitchell (69) during the week. He went off for the last five minutes with a knee knock and didn’t return. It didn’t look too serious though
  • Josh Weddle (62) is projected to just about peak in price at his bye
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Melbourne v Fremantle

  • Without Clarry in the side, Christian Petracca (122) took control of the midfield as expected
  • Unfortunately, Max Gawn (98) missed out on gaining FWD status by just 0.1%. That is ROUGH
  • Kade Chandler’s (31) time us up. Definite cheapie of the year candidate though!
  • The main talking point of this week will be what to do with Sean Darcy (39)… The way I see it is even if this is just a two week injury, the plaudits that Luke Jackson (106) has received from the media and Fremantle coaching staff alike is enough to warrant a 50/50 ruck split when Shrek returns. Time up forward is NOT good news for Darcy owners so I think he’s a must-trade
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  • Caleb Serong (93) scored below 100 for the first time since Round 1
  • Here’s your post-bye upgrade sorted! Andrew Brayshaw (127) is now ripe for the picking with three 127+ scores in his last four games. It’s no surprise that Fremantle’s latest results have coincided with Brayshaw’s on-field run of form
  • I’ll also be looking at potentially bringing in Luke Ryan (91) at some point over the next few weeks. His three-round average of just 87 is drastically below his season average of 111, but I expect him to get back to those high scores after a rest this week
  • I placed the emergency on Matthew Johnson (72) and he delivered with the best score of his young career!
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Geelong v GWS

  • As I mentioned before, picking Tom Stewart (138) was clutch AF! It’s been a tough watch seeing one of the most consistent SuperCoach players go about his business this year, so I am oh-so grateful he’s in my side now
  • The Irish Nick Daicos, Oisin Mullin (54) made his long awaited AFL debut for the Cats. The perfect post-bye downgrade option doesn’t exi—
  • Kieran Briggs (102)… An average of 106, breakeven of -64, and no sign of Preuss or Flynn coming back into the team anytime soon!
  • Tom Green (95) and Stephen Coniglio (87) couldn’t capitalise on their injury-depleted opposition midfield
  • Lachie Whitfield (84) still has a five-round 99. If I couldn’t quite get up to a premo, he’d be my first choice
  • Ryan Angwin (61) pumped out a solid score
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Gold Coast v Western Bulldogs

  • 23 contested possessions for Matt Rowell (159)! He has a 165 and a 159 in his last three games, but also an 88 and 87 in his last four… Do you just take the good with the bad?
  • The #1 candidate to replace Sean Darcy is Jarrod Witts (135). Low score of just 91 this season amidst a plethora of 110+’s is too hard to ignore. Welcome to the team Wittsy!
  • I think not picking up Bailey Humphrey (90) when I had the chance could be the major turning point in my season. Three-round average of 103!
  • There he is! Rory Atkins (28) has returned! Hopefully he makes way for Charlie Constable who had 35 touches in the magoos
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West Coast v Essendon

  • Liam Duggan (117), Jayden Hunt (126), and Shannon Hurn (130) brought their own footy to Optus Stadium, combining for 96 touches and 31 marks
  • It was no surprise seeing Alex Witherden (63) struggle with Hurn back in the team. Here’s hoping for us SuperCoaches that retirement is on the cards!!
  • I never though someone could go from being my least favourite player to my most favourite, but Mason Redman (144) has done just that! After averaging just 72 across Round 5-8, he’s suddenly hit a purple patch in the last three weeks with an average of 127!
  • Talk about a purple patch! Since returning from concussion, Jordan Ridley (130) has smashed out a 122 and 130 in consecutive weeks
  • Zach Merrett (110) were perhaps expecting a slightly higher score than this but it’s hard to be disappointed. He should go bananas against the Roos this week
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Richmond v Port Adelaide

  • Wow… Tim Taranto (147) just played one of the best games of his career, racking up 33 touches and 4 goals! He’s a genuine captain option each week
  • Since being injected into the midfield, Shai Bolton (120) has a five-round average of 120
  • Toby Nankervis (119) is a left-field option if you’re trading Sean Darcy
  • Samson Ryan (39) can definitely be traded now
  • Dan Houston (114) has completely flown under the radar this year. Averaging 102
  • Connor Rozee (111) and Zak Butters (104) are in some hot form heading into a tantalising matchup against the Hawks this week
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Collingwood v North Melbourne

  • Read above for what I said re. Matt Rowell; can you take the highs and lows with Jordan De Goey (156)?
  • Nick Daicos (124) looks like an amazing captain option against the Eagles this week
  • Darcy Cameron (81) had the lion’s share of CBAs. Coupled with the fact that Mason Cox (45) kicked two goals up forward, this is very promising for people looking for a reason to bring him in after his bye
  • Does anyone still own Will Phillips (99)? His breakeven has plummeted back down to just 4

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  • Eddie Ford (83) has a breakeven of -114 and is projected to increase in price by $76k. He’s the #1 downgrade option this week for sure
  • Harry Sheezel’s (79) seagull role looks to have vanished. Maybe start having a think about potential replacements
  • Since Brett Ratten took over as coach, Jack Ziebell (71) has an average of just 80
  • George Wardlaw (43) couldn’t replicate his debut performance but I still think he’s a great option to bring in if you haven’t already. He just might not be the safe M8 option we thought he was going to be
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Adelaide v Brisbane

  • Without Jordan Dawson (120) and Rory Laird (115) I a). Don’t know how the Crows would manage and b). Don’t know how my SuperCoach team would manage. Having said that though, Laird has JUST been given a one week suspension…
  • Don’t get sucked into Ben Keays’ (102) score and CBAs; he was tagging Lachie Neale (122) for majority of the day
  • Josh Dunkley (146) has three 146+ scores in his last four games
  • Will Ashcroft (52) has enjoyed a terrific last few games, but now is the time to flick him to a premo

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