Niko’s watchlist: Trades, breakevens, and tags, Round 11

2021 runner-up Steven Nikolovski analyses the players he's most interested in, but also keeps a close eye on any potential tags that might occur this week

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The climb continues.  2548 points this week for me thanks to a clutch captain call which has me up to 2177th Guys like Sinclair, Merrett, Laird and Dunkley really delivered for me.  As is the game, it’s not all positive though.  I passed on Atkins two weeks ago and used the same reasons to pass on Humphrey so I’m bitterly disappointed with missing on that cash gen and cover through the byes. At least I have Weddle’s cash gen I guess, that was a nice surprise. Those with two of the three are in a really good position.  The plan was to hold trades this week but is Clarry’s hammy bad!!?? Is Will Day a keeper!!??

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