Round 11 trade targets: Ranking the best buy options

2019 NRL SuperCoach champion Dez Creek ranks the top players to target ahead of Round 11


As we conclude another fantastic magic round, I can’t help but feel like my supercoach season has become stagnant over the past month or so with no real moves up or down the rankings.

This is in partly due to having a very similar team to those around me. Seemingly, it’s been an extremely hard year to antipod any of the high ownership guns because they’re all performing as expected.

Furthermore, any good pods that are materialising are being snapped up instantly by anyone who knows the sky is up. So, just like Clem Cassidy did at the Caxton, it’s time sauce it up and throw caution to the wind.

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I get it, Alex Johnston IS the trade in this week. Underpriced, plays the tigers, plays round 13. Very tough to pass up, but pass up I must. 76 with two linebreak tries just isn’t cutting the mustard for me.

Despite having only 5 tries in 9 games AJ has racked up a staggering 13 linebreaks as well (hasn’t had a game without a linebreak yet), which in years previous would’ve seen him averaging much higher than his current 54.8.

I’m happy to bypass AJ for now and hope that having Latrell at least gives me some protection against any double hattrick type situations that may unfold.

So if not AJ then who? Our resident superpod expert Walson Carlos made a bold statement and started the season with this player, and from what I’ve seen got very unlucky he didn’t score significantly higher.

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I talk of course about Tolutau Koula, one of last year’s prime cheapie batch and a certified future gun of the game.

Koula now sits at mid-range price at $461,700, averaging a touch under 50 in 4 games without a try. Granted, he’s had 1 linebreak and 2 linebreak assists, however his base is still elite for CTW.

20 carries last week returning from injury was enough to impress me enough to bring him in. This is a trade where I sincerely hope I don’t have my Manly coloured glasses on, but I really think we haven’t seen even close to the best of Tolu yet.

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My second trade this week was initially going to be a cash grab with the likes of Valynce Te Whare and Jahream Bula looking like prime downgrades for some underperforming players in my team, however I’m opting for a more aggressive approach instead.

The Spy traded him out weeks ago in what’s proved to be a fairly good trade, so I’ll be following his lead in giving Harry Grant an early breather from my team in the lead up to origin.

Reece Robson will be the man to replace him, who I believe is severely underpriced at $582,700 with games against the Dragons and Tigers in his next two before cementing a certain 50-60pts for me in the round 13 bye.

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Robson has been running the ball fairly regularly this year and has still managed to hold down a 60 average despite the Cowboys woes in attack. Remarkably, he just has the single try assist in 10 games to go along with two tries.   

The plan over the next few weeks is to pick up some Eels players closer to round 13, Shaun Lane and Ryan Matterson seem the obvious targets but I’m not against the idea of trading Hopgood back into my team if he continues throwing offloads at will.

Lachlan Miller is another guy I most certainly want in my team before round 13, he looks to be an out and out supercoach gun and CTW keeper. Hopefully we’ll be able to pick him up a little cheaper closer to the date, however I’m storing up some cash just in case I need to splash it out for him if he continues the hot form.

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Grant > Robson

Warbrick > Koula

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VC Cleary

C Latrell

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  1. The Real Phin

    Damn it Dezzy.
    Here I am, 2 hours from the first lockout so proud that I’m not trading this week and now I’m like, “yeah, let’s crazy and make some serious moves!”
    Love it

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