Ownership analysis: Pain and gain points, Round 6

Data analyst Joe Kenny breaks down the key statistics to help give your side an edge on AFL SuperCoach rivals.


Round six was a *very* low-scoring round with anything over 2,100 being a decent score.

Popular rookies underperformed, most sides had a premium (or two) suspended, and spare a thought (or not…) for any Touk Miller owners (injured – 40 points).

So, which players made the biggest impact? And how is the top 1,000 looking?

Let’s take a look at the “Pain/Gain points” for round six – see explainer here.

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The Gainers

  • Daicos (145) and Taranto (144) topped the week for “gain” points with their high ownership numbers and strong scoring – simply must-haves to keep up with the competition.
  • The Bont (182) is looking like one of the few premium midfielders who were a good starting option. With 37% general ownership he is helping you against some of the competition but at 92% top 1,000 ownership, not so much against the top coaches.
  • The Setter-goat might be slowing down (76) points and had only 58% CBAs but features here as he still went over his starting price point. I wouldn’t be trading just yet though as getting your rookies off the field first should be a priority.
  • Coniglio (136) posted a great score and seems to have the ideal role (79% CBAs for the year). He is at a great price for a potential 100+ average and should be a top target this week – just watch how many round 15 bye players you have.

The Painful

  • Errol Gulden did the most damage this week (47) but remains a positive pick on the year. An easy hold for me– the Swans won’t lose like that every week.
  • Dawson (78) proved why you don’t pay top dollar for players as 9% of the comp traded him in. You are much better off targeting players at a discount (e.g. Sinclair or Sicily) who save you $100k+ and may end up with a similar rest of season average.
  • Oliver posted a reasonable score of 98, but you need him to go at 130 to be worth the money. Non-owners should all be planning to pick him up in a week or two once his price bottoms out.
  • Grundy (81) scored poorly with Gawn back in the side and should be a trade-out this week – take the $90k he has earned for you and buy something nice.

The Top 1000

  • Below we can see the average top 1,000 structure as of round 6 and the most owned players.
  • Structurally, we can see that teams:
    • Have about 15 Premium / Sub-Premiums
    • Have between 2 and 3 non-playing rookies (i.e. Madden, Constable)
    • Has a team value of just over $12 million
  • These are the numbers to keep up with – expect most to add another premium this week.

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