Niko’s binoculars: Keeping an eye on trades, breakevens, and tags, Round 6

2021 runner-up Steven Nikolovski analyses the players he's most interested in, but also keeps a close eye on any potential tags that might occur this week

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I’ve done it, finally a rank rise!  A large one too as I posted a score of 2414 for round 5.  Dawson, Daicos, Stewart, Laird, Bont, Darcy, Marshall and Dunks all going 120+ which was very welcome, although I did trade out Neale earlier in the season and he went nuclear, that hurts a little. Funny how a decent week changes your mood and suddenly I’m very excited for round 6.  I currently have $50k in the bank, 28 trades, and 3 boosts left and I'm willing to use another 3 trades this week especially since I can switch a lot of players positions now.  Let’s see what I can do.  Embed from Getty Images Who I'm Watch

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