Weekly wrap: Round 7 winners, losers, injuries

2021 6th overall Clem Cassidy and Nick Moon recap every game from Round 7, eyeing the Supercoach studs and duds.


“You take the blue pill…the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill…you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

After the week that was, can I ask for a green pill for a bit of normality!! Wonderland isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and waking up and starting again doesn’t seem all that enticing either!

A seriously mediocre week for many that didn’t own the Rabbitohs stars, it a plethora of 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s which made the week feel like you were driving through a school zone with road works.

HIAs, Sin bins, and a plethora of injuries meant that getting a score into the four figure mark was an achievement in itself. Whilst there’s no arguing the footy has been fantastic, it just hasn’t translated to the Supercoach scoring yet.

In the Weekly Wrap Up Cup, I took on Clem and after lockout it appears I have continued my unbeaten start to the SC playbook in-house league, knocking off my co-writer by a massive nine points! It came down to D bags V Mahoney and Mahoney did enough; that or Brown didn’t do enough for me to hold on to victory. Clems Friday Beers managed 1015, whilst I came away with 1024.

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Dolphins v Rabbitohs

Ahh shoulda listened! Get the bunnies players in they said, got a soft draw they said. Well, here I was with C Murray whilst everyone else was having all the Supercoach fun. Watching Graham, Walker, and obvs Trell as a non-owner is a tough, tough 80 minutes but none-the-less an enjoyable watch!

The aforementioned trio have just been enormous for Souths and owners, Trell has just gone to another level and only has the one score under 62, Graham has two scores in the 40s, the rest 73 or above, and Walker has a four-round rolling average of 98. Imagine our rankings if we owned all three? We could only dream.

Murray does a lot of passing and it seems his base has dropped 15 or so points. It’s lucky he is good looking, otherwise he would have been gone weeks ago!

With that being said, have you seen their draw for the next three weeks? Tough, tricky, and difficult. They take on Penrith, Brisbane, then Melbourne. They then take on the Tigers after that, so if you can get through the next three weeks unscathed there is light at the end of the tunnel.

And it appears they will have to do it without Koloamatangi. Might be 6-8 weeks. Not good!

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Bit of a regression in the Dolphin Supercoach guns with Isaako and the hammer scoring a pair of 44s after last weeks annihilation. If you’ve come this far with the duo stick solid.

Looks like JMK is a serious option at HOK with a solid 72. Been all class since the match review panel gave him some early Annual Leave.

Minute Watch: Gilbert 59, JMK 80, Murray 61, Arrow 61, Moale 54

Injuries: Keaon Koloamatangi (leg)

Judiciary: Kenny Bromwich (Dangerous Contact), Cameron Murray (Careless High Tackle) Davvy Moale (Dangerous Contact – Tripping)

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Sharks v Roosters

It just gets better and better! Life is good with N Hynes running amok and the Chooks still couldn’t find a way to contain him. He was again at his best and was unlucky not to break 100. Finished with 81 but the best part? Plays the Dogs, Cowboys, Dolphins, Manly (won’t win that), and Newcastle. Hello training runs!!

Nikora could be a serious smoky POD for that run mentioned above, scored 84 which included a try but has averaged 74 for the year and running off Nicho’s hip probably adds 25 to your weekly average. Costs a pretty penny but could average 90+ from here until Origin

And what’s happened to the once great Roosters that featured in many Supercoach sides of the recent past?! Only one player scored more than 60, with Cheese scoring a try but just made his way into the 60s, Manu was barely sighted for his 33 and will be peanuts come lockout, and old James Tedesco has seriously lost his shine as a supercoach gun, scoring 42. Has not had a score over 60 yet this year. D. Ramas

Minute Watch: McInnes 56, Nikora 80, Smith 63, Lodge 22

Injuries: Nil

Judiciary: Nat Butcher (Dangerous Contact), Brandon Smith (Careless High Tackle)

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Sea Eagles v Storm

If I plan on living a long and prosperous life, I cannot go through 80 minutes of football like that every week! Not good for my blood pressure, my marriage, or my fingernails!

It was a stop start affair, with no real flow but did we care? I certainly didn’t! There were more yellow cards than a bananas in pyjamas birthday party, but you couldn’t take your eyes off it.. The rivalry continues between these two clubs! I’d say though that the busiest man on Friday night would be the one preparing the ice packs for the bruised and battered bodies!

It was the DCE show and no one else came to play! His 104 eclipsing the next nearest score by 39 points, with not one other player from either Melbourne or Manly breaking past 67. The skip was in everything and has his running game back firing. If he can find Turbo in some open space, look out.

As for our main man at the back, he scored a brilliant try but still couldn’t crack 60. His 57 is his second sub 60 score, but does take on the Tigers this week with Schuster back… Non owners beware

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Welch was strong and scored 51 which we have come to accept as the norm, Katoa had his quietest hit out of 2023 but I won’t be selling, and Grant couldn’t find any quick play and had only the three runs for his 31.

Munster? Put the 6 back on brother.

Minute Watch: Ola 80, Welch 54, King 61, Eisenhuth 26

Injuries: Kelma Tuilagi (head knock), Tom Eisenhuth (groin/hip)

Judiciary: Raymond Tuaimalo Vaega (Shoulder Charge), Trent Loiero (Careless High Tackle), Justin Olam (Dangerous Contact), Tui Kamikamica (Dangerous Contact)

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Warriors v Cowboys

This Warriors train just keeps a rolling! The trip over to Mt Smart stadium now looks an ominous task and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There wouldn’t be many league fans who don’t have them as their pseudo second team and when they are winning everyone’s happy. Especially Clem!

AFB has arguably been the form front rower alongside Haas this past month. Banged out an impressive 79 with a try, whilst Harris was back to his solid best, scoring 63.

Charnze was very good, but it didn’t transpire across to Supercoach scoring managing only 29.

As for the Cowboys, well I think time’s up and it’s time to go Val! Has been poor to begin the season as has the Cowboys’ form. Saturday was hist first score under 60, but with an average of 63 for a premium centre, its not cutting the mustard.

And Drinkwater?! If I spent a long hot day in the sun mowing lawns, I’d still turn down the opportunity.

Minute Watch: Curran 73, Harris 62, AFB 45, Cotter 56, Lolo 54

Injuries: Nil.

Judiciary: Nil.

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Newcastle vs Panthers

17th June 1972 – Watergate

1st February 2004 – Nipplegate

15th April 2023 – Hairgate

The game that will forever be known as the game that led to a surge in NRL coaches booking in players for ‘long locks’ surgery to gain a competitive advantage.

Because a penalty for a jersey grab classified as a ‘hair pull’ on Jerome Luai, lead to a Salmon try 2 tackles later, devastating those tough, resilient Knights, who put up a massive fight against the Panthers. A Tyson Gamble field goal in the 77th minute sending the game to 15 all, setting up a Golden Point finish.

But once again, it was Nathan “Ice In His Veins” Cleary, who snatched victory for the Panthers with a field goal 45 seconds into Golden Point time.

If you do not own Cleary, I do not know what you will do.

Carrying a 3-round average of 123 and a 5-round average of 97, Cleary is ranked number 1 for halfbacks this season.

Please, if you are one of the 47% of teams not running with him – hit me up and give me some insight into why not.

And as for everyone who Captained him, opening up the app on Sunday and seeing he’d unicorned his way up to 86 points from 58 points to give us 56 extra Sir Captaincy points, was the happiest moment of many of our Round 7 lives. Non-owners, this is what it is like to own Cleary. Pure joy in the darkest of moments.

To’o owners would be happy with a 67 including a try, in a round where popular CTWs went lowwww, so very low. He’s definitely one I want (back) in my team.

Two popular high-class Knights got their lowest scores of the season. Lachie Miller managed a 32 including a bunch of missed goals and errors. And Marzhew made sure he kept to the Round 7 low scoring CTW script – and didn’t manage to cross the line but still managed a score of 42. Don’t fret and trade them out please! The entire round was a bludger full of low-scoring nightmares.

But as for Turuva. After catching a cold and not much else out there on the left wing, he finished on 27 points. Now I am a patient girl. I will give chances. Many chances. Multiple chances. But even I have limits. And with an average of 44, and a BE of 56, I am so sorry, but it is quite possibly the flick for you.

Injuries: Liam Martin (hamstring), Brodie Jones (quadriceps)

Judiciary: Nil.

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Titans vs Broncos

Gone in 60 32 seconds minutes…

…the hopes and dreams of the Titans who were leading at half time, after a second half Reece Walsh masterclass saw the score blow out to 43 – 26.

And also, the hopes and dreams of the SuperCoachers death riding him, who were salivating at a score that would redeem their death riding.

Because this is what Walsh does – turns a score of literally next to nothing into a ton faster than you can say 101 points, 95-point average, 1st ranked fullback for SuperCoach Season 2023, and 4th highest scorer of the round.

He and his sparkling eyes shall live in my team forever.

David Fifita is not a player I would like to be death riding either. He is SO much more involved than last year when he just stood to the side waving his arms a lot. 82 points in this game including a line-break, a million tackles, offloads, tackle busts, and hit-ups. Now imagine all that plus he crosses the line too…yes…be afraid death riders…be very afraid…

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Payne Hass remains everybody’s FRF goals. Continuously churning out the points, he managed 73 in this game and has an 81-point average, to lead the FRF category.

Tanah Boyd continues to score points because I continue to bench him. Whilst 54 points isn’t much to write home about, it is when it outscores pretty much every player you played over the weekend. A try assist and a try contribution and 20 points in goals is nothing to sniff at in a round where your average player scored you about a 20. And your bench, by comparison, was salivatingly elite.

After going a bit rogue and scoring his ton a week too early, Staggs is back on script with 28 points – thank god for some consistency in our lives. I would not be racing to bring the man in. Cobbo scored a freak try in the 76th minute because freak tries are what he does, but still only managed 49 points.

And as for AKP. 63 points including 2 tries and a linebreak. Oh! And let’s not forget the 2 lovely tackles too. 73% of his 5 million owners benched him, including yours truly. But we are still happy, because a 50k price-rise now sees the cheapie pushing the 500k mark – and we love a cheapie who makes it rain harder than a rapper in Vegas  – upgrades to Garrick anyone – because this is what SuperCoach is all about – turning cheapies into glorious guns.

Injuries: Nil.

Judiciary: Keenan Palasia (Careless High Tackle)

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Raiders vs Dragons

1.55pm: Clementine runs flat tack up the hill to make it home from the beach in time for the game. Her feet are flying. She runs faster than a beach sprinter…people watching her run past turn to each other in disbelief and exclaim – “was that Damien Cook?!” She is a dedicated individual, more dedicationally dedicated to her recaps than her tan…

2pm: Up the stairs and through the door. TV on, laptop out, app open – ready for recaps…We made it! And here we go!

2.10pm: Is this a stitch up? Did Nick FAKE getting Nicho’s long wet locks surgically attached to his head in order to swap our games around this round so he didn’t have to recap this game?? Come to think of it! I haven’t seen a photo yet…

2.11pm This IS a complete stitch up! There’s gotta be an investigation into this!

2.12pm: *Feels hungry* Eats banana contemplating revenge.

2.13pm: *Google search* “Do humans really share 99% of their DNA with bananas?”

2.13pm: Oh oops, only 60%.

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2.20pm: *Still hungry despite banana* Ooh a pie sandwich would be good misery breaker right about now…possible race to the bakery and make it back for the second half?

2.21pm: *Hopeful thoughts* But what if something good happens?

2.23pm: *Google search* “Who would win in a fight between a pie and a banana?”

2.25pm: How many raspberry cruisers will Timmy McGuire pay me for writing this recap?

2.25pm: *Hopeful thoughts* Could I possibly push for two?

Five thousand years later: Niiiiiiiick!!!! I require photographic evidence of your new locks sir!

Ten thousand years later: A try! A try! Finally, a try!!

And by god what a bludger of a first half that game was, which included such things as the Dragons using an interchange before the game even started.

And thank god things sparked up a bit more in the second half, with the Raiders taking the win 20 -14.

Embed from Getty Images

And I truly do not want to own any Dragons or any Raiders right now except for Tapine who managed a 57 and lost 15k. Except he is on a bye next week. So, I will stick to my plan and get him the week after instead.

Because after spending 5000 hours in the app last week playing FRF musical chairs, I went with Welch instead of Tapine – which was fine, because Tapine only outscored the man by 6 points. Honestly, the hours of contemplation were not worth it – I wish I’d just stuck with new-god Moale instead.

*Hopeful thoughts* After 7 weeks, is it possibly almost time to build Moale an altar too?

Injuries: Nick Cotric (hamstring)

On report: Jarrod Croker (Raiders), Jack de Belin (Dragons)

Bulldogs vs Eels

30 – 4 to the Eels for them to celebrate their 3rd win of the season.

And for those injury-ravaged Bulldogs, another injury heartbreak.

Kiraz. Our favourite gun CTW. Our hearts are also broken for you. A knee injury in the 12th minute. We hope you recover well and quickly.

And from a SuperCoach perspective his 6 points have seen him drop 78k. With a 143 BE waiting for him for his next game back, I will not be holding.

The Eels went on a bit of a try-scoring frenzy – 3 in just 7 minutes, and whilst the Bulldogs fought hard in the circumstances, including another injury to Averillo, the Eels continued to pile on the points to take the win.

Those who held the HopGod rejoiced, when he ended up starting and went back to slightly more godly ways, scoring a 61 in 71 minutes including 39 tackles. He is a busy, busy man when on the field.

Whilst those who brought in TPJ enjoyed 53 points in 43 minutes, including about 1000 offloads (okay 5). Remember you’ve got another free watch this week vs the Sharks if you’re thinking of bringing him in.

Embed from Getty Images

Preston scored a more respectable 59 points including a line break, a try contribution, and 30 tackles, to make another $40k – that’s $344k for the season! With an average of 60, what a glorious cheapie he’s turned out to be!

Poor Mahoney on 33 points did not have a great game, because despite tackling his heart out with 40 tackles, he missed a bunch of them and conceded a bunch of penalties and crucial errors too.

And as for Dylan Brown. Dylan Brown managed 60 points which is fine – the ton will come…the ton will come won’t it…won’t it??. Because I have been patiently waiting for 4 weeks for him to score me the promised ton. And as I sit here rocking in the corner and looking at all the cash he’s lost me, it gives me some comfort to repeat to myself over and over again “bye round coverage, bye round coverage, bye round coverage…”

And oh dear. Perhaps the kick-ons went one day too many for the Carty Party. Despite the nap and the blue Powerade last round which saw them up and about and ready to smash another session, they faded fast in the afternoon heat. He scored a 34 in his 51 minutes, and lost (a tiny bit) of cash for the first time this season too.

Injuries: Jacob Kiraz (knee), Jake Averillo (knee), Josh Hodgson (illness)

On report: Nil.

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