Weekly wrap: Round 4 studs & duds

Charlie Dadds recaps every game from Round 4 with a focus on how the SuperCoach prospects performed.


This game honestly annoys the flying fridge (for the sake of my future career in journalism, I’ll refrain from using the many swear words I would so dearly love to say) out of me.

Like, why do I bother?

Why do I devote my entire life to this?

I mean, this is literally my job.

My job is to write about SuperCoach…

Why would I not captain Clayton Oliver against the Eagles?

Why would I have the captaincy on him all weekend only to change it to Rowan Marshall after the news of Jarrod Witts’ late out?

And why, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, would Rowan Marshall get subbed off at the start of the fourth quarter?!

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I digress.

My blood is boiling and my team sucks

The wound is still fresh.

I scored 2047, dropped 8000 spots, and now sit at 35,000th.

Trades this week? Eh, throw the options against the wall and see what sticks.

I went a week early on JVR so I can’t bring him in, and besides him there really aren’t any bubble boys worth going after.

And, as sh** as my team is, I don’t particularly like the idea of sideways trading.

So at this stage, no, I won’t be making any trades.

In the meantime, enjoy the wrap while I go run a hot bath and re-evaluate how I make life decisions.

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Brisbane v Collingwood

  • The Cam Rayner (121) defensive experiment is well and truly over after this performance. If only he started getting some CBAs, then he’d be a genuine option
  • The writing was on the wall for a dominant display in the ruck from Big O (108) and boy did he deliver with 43 hit-outs. He’s probably not really SuperCoach relevant though; draft option only
  • All my attention was on Lachie Neale (102) with the understanding that due to Big O’s dominance, Lachie Neale would follow… To say I’m disappointed is an understatement, but if Josh Dunkley (84) couldn’t even crack a ton then maybe he can be excused
  • Conor McKenna (86) could be one of the best picks of the year. I’m surprised only 57% are lucking out on the Irishman
  • Another tidy game from Will Ashcroft (75) who should be in all our teams until at least his bye
  • I for one was relying on a solid score from Darcy Wilmot (50), but it never came. Here’s hoping that the Suns get smacked and Charlie Constable finds his way back into the team
  • LIGHT THE CANDLE! Nick Daicos (151) is out of this world. He could genuinely finish top three in the Brownlow this year
  • Scott Pendlebury (109) still hasn’t dropped below 100… POD?
  • Dear Jordan De Goey (107), Please. Don’t. Do. Something. Stupid. And. Get. Suspended, because it turns out you’re actually a pretty good midfielder
  • I’ve made a mental note to not say anything about Jack Crisp (64). Average player, even more average snapchat game
  • Tom Mitchell’s (64) run of 100+ scores to start the season came to an abrupt end with a very underwhelming score considering he averages 130 against the Lions across his entire career
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North Melbourne v Carlton

  • Good Friday turned out to be very good for Harry Sheezel (111) who not only notched up his fourth consecutive 110+ score, but also broke the record for collecting the most disposals after four career games
  • Luke McDonald (117) could be a sneaky POD option… This is his second 110+ score of the year
  • Luke Davies-Uniacke (102) and Jy Simpkin (106) were back in the team but didn’t do a whole lot to excite owners
  • Jack Ziebell (92) bounced back from last week’s performance
  • Will Phillips (67) was solid. You can play comfortably play him on-field
  • Charlie Curnow (130) booted six and now has three straight tons in a row…
  • Mitch McGovern (124) gritted his teeth to run out the game with a corky but was substituted in the last quarter
  • Patrick Cripps (114) has a low score of just 99 and also has three 110+ scores this season
  • Adam Saad (104) has gone 115, 113, 128, and 104 already. He’s owned by just 5% of teams
  • We need to talk about Sam Docherty (74)… Only one ton so far this year, losing a ton of cash, and visibly just doesn’t seem like his former self. Trade? Hold? Head says trade, heart says hold
  • A good enough game from Lachie Cowan (51, but he’s probably the first cheapie on my chopping block next week if I need to fund some trades
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Adelaide v Fremantle

  • Holy moly. If this wasn’t a statement performance from the new Crom captain Jordan Dawson (173) then I don’t know what is! I hate to say it, but he’s not in my team, and I will now be trying absolutely everything to get him in
  • I had my doubts about Izak Rankine (112) heading into this season; not because I didn’t think he was a star player, but I did question whether Pick 5 and $1m a year was justified. With two 110+ scores in a row, he’s doing his best to prove me wrong
  • The rollercoaster that is Rory Laird’s (114) season continues. I can forgive him for this because James Aish (57) was paying him very close attention
  • The first ton of young Max Michalanney’s (103)! He’s only dropped below 60 once this year
  • There we go Andy Brayshaw (114)! Hopefully this gets his season back on track
  • Yet another 110+ score for my perennial burn-man Luke Ryan (111)
  • DONKEH! Big Sean Darcy (125) goes bang again! Don’t call it a comeback, he’s been here for yeeaaarrrsss
  • Brennan Cox (89) bounced back from his stinker last week but still didn’t do enough to prove he’s a genuine pick… Just yet…
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Richmond v Western Bulldogs

  • His disposal still sucks, but Tim Taranto (114) just keeps getting it done
  • That’s more like it from Daniel Rioli (136)! He’s a star player, evidenced by his two 125+ scores this season; but has shown that he needs to develop his consistency (75 and 56 in two of his four games)
  • A pretty underwhelming game from Jacob Hopper (75)… Look to move up to a premo when he maxes out in price
  • Liam Baker (83) can’t be trusted just yet
  • This is getting ridiculous now… As a non-owner, watching Tim English (145) go about his business is borderline torture. He has not scored below 134
  • Two tons in a row and possibly the cheapest he’ll be for a while… Is Bailey Dale (136) back?
  • Tom Liberatore (141) has had a great start to the year, but watch out for a tag in the next few weeks when he comes up against Port, Freo, and Hawthorn
  • Excellent bounce-back performance from Marcus Bontempelli (122)
  • He’s only dropped under 100 once, but Jack Macrae (103) is far from the SuperCoach star he once was
  • He couldn’t repeat his round-saving effort from last week, but Oskar Baker (47) is as solid as a rock on our bench
  • Liam Jones (45) is an absolute spud. I’m counting down the days until he makes way for a premo
  • Arthur Jones (28) is now on the bubble but judging by his scores of 26 and 28, perhaps there are better options
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St Kilda v Gold Coast

  • Low score of just 76 this season and coming off a huge weekend, it seems that Mitch Owens (143) is the pick of the forward mid-pricers that we all turned a blind eye to
  • With a 63 still in his price cycle, you can afford to wait another week on Jack Sinclair (113). After that, he’ll be a borderline must-have
  • Because I already exploded over this in the intro, I’ll keep it short… WHY WAS ROWAN MARSHALL (96) SUBBED OFF?!
  • A monstrous 27 disposal second half somewhat saved Brad Crouch’s (87) day
  • Picking Liam Jones over Liam Stocker (77) will haunt me for eternity… Has not dropped below 70 yet
  • Anthony Caminiti (64) and Mattaes Phillipou (61) continue to make money. You can start thinking about cashing in on Pou soon though
  • Rainman’s boy is BACK! 38 touches, 10 tackles, and a goal from Noah Anderson (134)
  • Touk Miller (122) is yet to drop below 100
  • Ned Moyle (64) showed immense promise as a late-inclusion debutant, but I don’t trust his job security with Witts coming back in
  • Bailey Humphrey (39) didn’t show too much on debut. Wait another week
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Sydney v Port Adelaide

  • I feel bad for laughing, but Oliver Florent (135) prematurely celebrating after not even making the distance from 40 metres out was the highlight of my weekend
  • Chad Warner (137) looked excellent but much like his 2022 season, his consistency – or lack of rather – makes it too hard to pick him
  • Three tons and a low score of just 93, is Jake Lloooooyyyyyddddddd (120) back?
  • If only Errol Gulden’s (102) CBA numbers were higher because he would average 110+ with ease
  • Damn, that Joel Amartey (21) party was WILD!!!
  • Surprisingly, Port are actually quite irrelevant in the SuperCoach world
  • If you take out his 45 in Round 2, JHF (95) is averaging 105 this season…
  • Connor Rozee (84) was shut down by James Rowbottom (81)
  • Dylan Williams (64) played well in just his second career game. With Georgiades waiting on the wings though, I don’t have high hopes for his future in the side
  • Is Ollie Wines (34) the worst Brownlow medallist of all time?
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Essendon v GWS

  • If you discount his very uncharacteristic 49 in Round 3, Mason Redman (128) is averaging 119… Which would rank him as the fourth best defender in the game right now
  • Zach Merrett (111) looks to have almost bottomed out in price
  • Don’t get sucked into Sam Draper (109). He is not a very good footballer
  • He might look like a Teletubby (is that bad of me to say in 2023?), but geez Jake Stringer (108) is good at footy. 15 touches and 4.6… 10 shots on goal!
  • Darcy Parish (98) has been very below par this season. Will Setterfield (87) looks to have had an impact on his game
  • If you’re still holding onto Jordan Ridley (88), I wouldn’t rush to sell him unless you can get to a big, big dog
  • Both Jye Menzie (75) and Alwyn Davey (45) will continue to tick up in price but will likely only last a few more weeks in our teams

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  • 17 marks from Nick Haynes (117) and a low score of just 85 this year!
  • Josh Kelly (108) was on fire early but faded toward the end
  • Tom Green (99) definitely isn’t the lock everyone thought he was. There’s no rush in trading him out, but I would be looking to move him on to a Clarry type player if you can
  • I’m just waiting for Lachie Whitfield (89) to get DEF status
  • It hurts so much not having Jack Buckley (80) in my side. He’s already gone up $125k and still only has a breakeven 10!
  • Stephen Coniglio (71) will bounce back from his last two poor games. Don’t you dare trade him out. The role is still there
  • Still not good enough from Finn Callaghan (65). Move on ASAP
  • Harry Rowsten (37) only had 57% TOG
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West Coast v Melbourne

  • Tim Kelly (139) racked up 36 touches and 2 goals but he’s not going to do this every week. Don’t get sucked in
  • Elliot Yeo (57) was understandably on a minute’s restriction and was subbed off at 3QT
  • Noah Long (49) scored his worst score of the year but will still move up in price
  • Reuben Ginbey (40) had a very uncharacteristic game by his standards. He’ll bounce back next week, but it’s an early indication that we can’t place all our trust in rookies
  • As much as I want to, I just can’t bring myself to trade in Brodie Grundy (144). Gawn is due back in a few weeks and I don’t see Grundy sustaining this level of scoring when that happens
  • Even as an owner, watching Clayton Oliver (121) run rings around the Eagles was hard. He’s a captaincy lock week in, week out
  • Christian Petracca (103) dominated with 30 touches and 3 goals
  • Kozzy Pickett (89) attended 6 CBAs and booted 2 goals to go along with his 5 points. This score could have been massive. He’s a smoky POD option
  • Judd McVee (70) has turned his season around in the space of two games! Prior to Round 3 he was averaging just 36.5, and now he’s averaging 75 in his last two games
  • Kade Chandler (59) had his worst game of the year but will still soar in price over the next month
  • Jacob van Rooyen (53) is the rookie to target this week with a breakeven of -70
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Geelong v Hawthorn

  • If you’re a real adrenaline junkie, Jeremy Cameron (156) plays the Eagles this week… Enough said
  • Patrick Dangerfield (119) has two tons in his last two games! I’m just hoping he gets FWD status but I highly doubt he will
  • Mitch Duncan (116) played his first game for the year and dominated but, as predicted, he had an impact on Tom Stewart’s (92) impact
  • Where the HELL did that come from, Esava Ratugolea (88)?
  • Jack Bowes (72) was pretty average
  • Will Day (107) scored his second straight ton but might be in trouble for a sling tackle on Brad Close. FWIW I think he’ll be fine. It didn’t look like a “sling” tackle at all
  • Oh boy that wasn’t great from James Sicily (76). I had him pencilled in for a 150+ and instead he pulls that out!
  • James Worpel (75) is not looking great and needs to be turfed ASAP
  • Garghhh of course the week I trade out Fergus Greene (73) he kicks two goals and goes at 100%. His price cycle has just started again so congrats if you held
  • Cam Mackenzie’s (49) role is so up in the air right now
  • Tyler Brockman (25) was subbed due to injury in the third quarter so that puts an end to him being a trade-in prospect

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