Weekly wrap: Round 4 winners, losers, injuries

Nick Moon and 2021 6th overall Clem Cassidy recap every game from Round 4, eyeing the Supercoach studs and duds.

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Onnneeeeee Hunnndddrreeeddddd and Eighhhhhhhhttttttttyyyyy!!! Nicho has single handily saved many a Supercoachers season and probably ended plenty more! He broke Supercoach for 2023 and to make matters worse, most of us *yes most* left 200 points on the pine by not playing Warbrick and AKP! In what was another upside-down week where nothing was as it seemed, a long-haired halfback rode out of the fire carrying the last hopes and dreams of those Supercoachers game enough to bring him in. It was a risky play, but those owners are now sitting there smiling like a dog with 2 tails. Before Sunday night’s demolition, I was going t

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