Supercoach Draft: 2023 positional ranks

Ahead of NRL Supercoach Draft day, we rank every position in the game to help with your 2023 selections.

NRL Pre Season

Most leagues are doing their drafting this weekend and this year we’ve gone deep into the analysis to rank all the players by each position.

The below ranks are based on a round 26 grand final but if your draft finals are different you will need move and adjust rankings accordingly.

For example, if your grand final was in round 25 I would move the Souths players up the rankings as they are generally lower on these rankings because they have a bye on the draft grand final.

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Hooker is a relatively shallow position heading into 2023. The time of the 80-minute hooker is all but over.

Even though it’s a shallow position don’t go chasing at hooker and look to take some value late in the draft.

RankName2022 AVG RankName2022 AVG
1Grant78 9Verrills52
2Cook75 10Soni19
3Robinson65 11Hodgson3
4J Brailey58 12Liddle44
5B Brailey59 13Egan47
6Koroisau63 14Croker55
7Mahoney55 15Marshall-King58
8B Smith46    
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As I mentioned in the draft strategy piece, FRF is a position I am not going to spending early picks on.

I think there is value in AFB and Welch if they slip far enough, but I am happy to take a 40-50 PPG FRF as my final picks.

RankName2022 AVG RankName2022 AVG
1Tapine66 11JFH54
2Harris61 12NAS52
3Tino67 13Welch49
4Haas63 14Twal52
5Cotter59 15Aloiai51
6Klemmer64 16Tatola51
7AFB52 17RCG51
8J.Papali’i59 18Paulo50
9De Belin54 19D Safiti46
10Lodge49 20Thompson49

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2RF is where I really want to target players with attacking upside in good teams.

Players that get through a lot of work are great, but I’m moving away from those players that bang out 50-60 each week and want players that could go 80+, despite the risk they could only score 40 points.

RankName2022 AVG RankName2022 AVG
1IPap79 16Bateman
2D Fifita66 17Harris61
3Murray71 18Frizell57
4Carrigan62 19Kikau65
5Young67 20Taumalolo58
6Lane69 21Barnett51
7Matterson66 22B Nikora62
8A Crichton66 23Elliott53
9Tapine66 24Martin53
10Yeo66 25Garner55
11Tino67 26N Butcher53
12Koloamatangi67 27Hopgood36
13Olakau’atu65 28Arrow56
14Nanai63 29Radley50
15Fermor65 30Loiero49
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HFB is probably the shallowest position and one I’d be looking to prioritise early.

There is a clear drop off after Reynolds, ranked 8th. Try to get a halfback before this drop off but if you miss out, just wait till later in the draft and look at other positions.

RankName2022 AVG RankName2022 AVG
1Cleary80 9Hastings52
2Hynes86 10Brooks53
3Hughes69 11Hunt56
4DCE66 12Boyd37
5Moses70 13SJ43
6S. Walker59 14O’Sullivan62
7Fogarty63 15Townsend39
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5/8 has a little more depth this year than previous year.

 Moylan as the 15th ranked 5/8 isn’t the worst option if it comes to it.

RankName2022 AVG RankName2022 AVG
1Munster81 9Keary51
2Doueihi59 10Mam56
3Burton57 11Dearden58
4Brimson64 12Hastings52
5Brown74 13Wighton52
6Luai57 14Schuster23
7C Walker57 15Moylan50

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The CTW rankings are continuing with the theme of chasing the upside and don’t be afraid to get the elite options early.

There is also some value in relatively unknown CTWs that will be further down people’s lists, and you can get the likes of Warbrick and Khan-Pereira relatively late.

RankName2022 AVG RankName2022 AVG
1Manu76 21Farnsworth56
2Garrick71 22Gagai56
3Holmes69 23Young53
4To’o59 24Oates57
5Meaney61 25Cobbo56
6A Johnson68 26Taulagi55
7Mulitalo61 27Lomax60
8Graham63 28Aitken56
9Miller63 29Addo-Carr51
10Tupou58 30Kiraz54
11Tago60 31Thompson64
12Talakai60 32Suli52
13Sivo59 33Best51
14Marzhew55 34Niu57
15Ramien59 35Rapana50
16Katota60 36Olam51
17Nofoaluma58 37Hiku50
18S Crichton60 38Bird55
19Tass54 39Feldt48
20Staggs49 40Coates44
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Elite options will fly off the board in the first round, but I’d be happy to even get Savage late if I’m desperate as there is some depth in this position.

RankName2021 AVG RankName2021 AVG
1Trbojevic61 9Edwards67
2Tedesco80 10Walsh53
3Mitchell84 11Meaney61
4Drinkwater71 12Ponga50
5Gutho68 13Miller63
6Brimson64 14Kennedy52
7Papenhuyzen90 15Savage46

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