Team reveal: Rainman drops his 2023 SC squad

Approaching the first week of trial games, SuperCoach legend Rainman reveals his highly anticipated 2023 AFL SuperCoach team

AFL Pre Season

I love this time of year!! We are about to get a real sense if all of our tinkering/overreaction to match sims and hours of pre season research are worth it.

I always love to put out a team prior to the practice matches starting, it is great to be able to talk through strategy of selections and starting picks, but also gather feedback from the community on their thoughts.

This is how The Rainmen (Working team title for this year: “KnowHer AndHerSon”) are structured right now.

It will no doubt change with further information from the practice matches, but I am pretty comfortable with what the structure looks like; the bodies that fill it will likely change. Rookies are place holders only and are mainly bottom end, so will likely have to change depending on who stands out and who is named.

I won’t talk through each selection, but just those that may differ a bit from the crowd, I will also talk through who is also on my watch list.

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This is where I feel like there may be lots of similarities across starting sides this year and that is ok. Reasonably rookie heavy, provided they have the job security we hope.

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Docherty is the one that is likely a little unique, but as a Blues man I need at least one of my boys in teh squad and what he did last year was exceptional. Witnessing him first hand training with the mid group has me excited on the upside at his price and only a restructure to cover other lines will see me moving him i think.

Rooks may change but I think we may have some good ones this year, also think Cowan is firming for round 1

Watchlist: Ridley (How do the bombers use him this year), Young (Kick in Duties please)


The engine room, and an interesting year on how many top end guys you go this year as opposed to those Breakout, Break Back or under priced premos.

Oliver: I am keeping the faith, he is an outstanding player with a 2 year average of over 125 and only 3 games under 80 in the last 2 years. Less variability than you think, and I would rather start him than chase him.

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Parish: Underpriced given injury last year (which is also a concern) but when he has more than 87% CBAs, he averages 122.6. A nice early draw helps. A question on how he plays under Scott, so is probably the most movable of my mids.

Noah: Been hot on him since the end of last year. Surprisingly good contested rate for someone that is so outside, led the league in metres gained and kicks for midfielders last season and I can only see him getting better. Tough early draw, but I am backing him in

Watchlist: Mills (Where does he spend his time, SC lovechild, role is a watch), Cripps (Feel like he could break the Brownlow curse and go BANG again), Green (What do GWS look like, and was his 2nd half of 2022 a blip?)


Ugh…every rucking year… they do my head in. This year is clearly no different.

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Darcy: I know, shared role with Jackson… I don’t think it will be shared as much as some think and Darcy has shown his immense scoring power, does not need a lot to score a lot. That midfield is only getting better, seeing an uptick in HTA%. Pre Season has been better than the last 2 only missing time for family bereavement reasons. Can also impact forward. Lastly, I love Freo’s early draw… he could go full Beast!!

Watchlist: Grundy (I think he could be great, but need to see how he is used), English (Can the stickman hold himself together?), Witts (Feels fully priced but no shared ruck makes him attractive)


There are some clear stand outs, but I think you can run with some variance.

Fyfe: I know, He is past it and he is playing forward…BUT… I can still see him impacting and getting off to a good start to make immediate cash for us. He won’t be a keeper, but I can see him making good coin and he has the upside of that Mid role, should something happen to Brayshaw/Serong/Brodie/JOM. Again Freo’s early draw is delicious and his record against early opponents make me want to take the risk…. Just check out his record against North!!

Windager: Primed to be Ross Lyon’s tagger. Think Ryan Crowley of all of those years ago. I see him with an increased CBA rotation and had some games in that role at the end of last year posting a few 70+ scores. Needs to average around 75 for it to be worthwhile and I think he can. Pre season form is strong and word out of Moorabin is only positive. He is my most iffy selection at this stage

Watchlist: Fisher (If he gets the CBA’s he could pop, awkward price though), Powell (A junior jet, do the opportunities for MID come under Clarko?), Sam Darcy (Intercept defender role? If so, could be a swing), Sheezel (Mid rotation with some half back time? If so… yes please)

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Notable omissions: Coniglio (just want to see the Giants under Kingsley, i think of the big 4, he is the one that i am least confident about given age and potential role variability), McLean (still not convinced he is best 22, and if so, he feels like he could be a vest… This may change though)

So there it is. As I said it will undoubtedly change, but that is where it sits for now. Hit me up with thoughts, questions.



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