Team reveal: Dez Creek drops his 2023 SC squad

With trials done and dusted, 2019 champion Dez Creek reveals his highly anticipated 2023 NRL SuperCoach team

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Hooker Brandon Smith ($478,200) This man is currently owned by 51% of Supercoaches and it already has me asking myself what the hell the other 49% of players are doing? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making audacious moves while playing this game, however you also need to play as within yourself as possible, especially over the opening 4–6-week period of the season to judge who’s in form and who isn’t. At this stage there’s literally no reason to pick against the Cheese while he is priced a whopping $330k less than Harry Grant - who I’m sure will be the benchmark hooker again this year. Embed from Getty Images

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  1. Ponga is an interesting choice. Move to 5/8 might not hinder him but surely Hastings goal kicking in the trial will impact pongas ability to hit those big scores.

    Love the solution to the ctw headache a lot are having though by just stacking it

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