Weekly Wrap: Round 24 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 24 NRL SuperCoach wrap, including injuries, suspensions, and minute watch for the week that was.


Well that’s the head-to-head season over and done with! I’m sure some players are on your never again list after failing right when you needed them.

Well done to all those who manged to win their respective finals matches, hopefully in some way the whole crew at SC Playbook played some part in that. It’s great to see on the socials everyone getting around each other and riding the sides home!

Come this time next week, 2022 will be but a memory and we can all look forward to planning our tilt at the 2023 title. We won’t know what to do with ourselves!

And congrats to Dezzy Creek who manage to topple Wals in the SC Playbook in-house league!

Dez hit form at the right time of year enabling him to take out the title.

I believe the Overlord Tim now owes Dezzy a Harbour cruise, all expenses paid with 10 of his mates.. Think that’s what was agreed upon.

The Nonfungible Turbos found a bit of form, managing 1,262 rising 325 spots to 1664 overall. I need to make up 160 points to have a crack at the top 1,000. The Spy needs to make up 372 points.

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Broncos v Eels

It seemed like only a week ago, Brisbane were locked into the top 8 and planning for the finals. Wait it was? Wow what a fortnight they have had. It might not have been the best time for the defensive coach to take annual leave.

Parra were well up to the task and with every strong win, they get closer to that dismal loss.

The big names for them all shone with Papali’i hitting 123, Lane busting out another 100+ score and the fullback amassing a monster 159! Although it was only his second ton of the year, they have both come at the right time of the season.

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Brown and Moses steered the blue and gold ship well and look world beaters on their day knocking out 78 and 88 respectively. Let’s see how long they can ride this wave into September.

And Brisbane, well let’s hope the Dragons put them out of their misery. Like a wounded Kangaroo on the side of the highway, sometimes it’s better for the pain to stop. Losing Adam Reynolds didn’t help, but he doesn’t miss all the tackles.

Haas knocked out a mediocre 53 considering his price and Mam pretty much hit his average.

Minutes played – Haas 80, Capewell 80, Lane 67, IPap 70, Matterson 56

Injuries – Adam Reynolds (head knock), Thomas Flegler (throat), Kobe Hetherington (head knock), Brenko Lee (hamstring)

Judiciary – Reagan Campbell-Gillard (dangerous contact), Jordan Riki (shoulder charge)

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Panthers v Warriors

Many astute owners held their Penrith contingent for this matchup and they finally delivered! To’o, May and Kikau all had a night out feasting on a Warriors edge that seemed non-existent at times.

Both wingers bagged doubles, with May was unlucky not to have three. To’o finished with 103 and May 113.

Kikau and Crichton were also amongst it with Kiks knocking out another 100+ score, but the reports are getting louder about 13 or so players getting a rest next week and I’m guessing he might be one of them. Ivan to lace them up perhaps? Is Rhysey Wesser around? Team list Tuesday will be interesting.

Minutes played – Api 42, Kiks 70, JFH 60, Harris 61, AFB 62

Injuries – Api Koroisau (ankle), Spencer Leniu (shoulder), Shaun Johnson (calf)

Judiciary – Nil

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Storm v Roosters

Ohh I hope we didn’t fill up on the NRL Finals entrée that was served up on Friday night! What a belter of a game and sign of things to come, I hope.

Parking the Supercoach wrap to one side.. Can the Chooks go on and win this whole thing?! Gee they know when to peak! And the addition of Lodge has really lifted their intensity to start games. It’s going to be a cracking September.

Owners of Joey Manu might be hoping he has the two or the five on his back come Friday night as he found himself with a lot more footy after being moved to the wing for Tupou.

He finished with 85 and was immense and looks like he wouldn’t blow out a candle after getting through a mountain of work.

Apart from him, only Taukeiaho was able to break 60 with Tedesco, Suaalii, Crichton and Walker all playing big games, but sometimes big games don’t amount to Supercoach points.

As for Melbourne, well Jahrome Hughes stood head and shoulders above anyone else in a purple jumper as he notched 105. He looked the most likely to break the game open, with Munster, Smith and Grant not able to break the Steggles wall.

Minutes played – Smith 46, NAS 50, Grant 80, Crichton 80, Lodge 42, Watson 38

Injuries – Victor Radley (concussion), Daniel Tupou (groin), Tom Eisenhuth (leg)

Judiciary – Lindsay Collins (dangerous contact), Victor Radley (dangerous contact), Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (contrary conduct), Nelson Asofa-Solomona (dangerous contact)

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Raiders v Sea Eagles

There couldn’t be many more blokes walking around the Peninsula that haven’t gotten a game for Manly this year? I reckon even Des wouldn’t know half the blokes he has had to play this year.


The Raiders played well! Hudson Young and Jordy Rapana had cracking games, with Young scoring 111 which was good news for owners after three weeks of sub 65 scores.

Joey Taps couldn’t handle Manly’s aggression in the middle… Yeah right.. He scored 51 which was his lowest score (Barring his rib injury game) since Round 3! They have a bit to play for next week, win and they can suit up for an extra week of fun!

Minutes played – Young 54, Tapine 46, Elliot 58, Ola 80

Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Sharks v Bulldogs

Fair to say the fate of most head-to-head finals rested on the hair of one Nicholas Hynes. He was captained by 36.4% of us! Unfortunately, he couldn’t repeat last week’s heroics, scoring only 66 despite laying on a try and contributing with one other.

It was a dour game, with Cronulla just looking to get the two points and be done with it. Thankfully Mulitalo finally crashed over for a try (ended with 2) to post 78, his highest score since round 14. He has another friendly matchup next week v the Knights awaits.

Nikora has had a month! Wasn’t he our rookie Supercoach gun a few years back?! 101, with the three rounds prior to this week scores all in the 70s. He can bag a try.

Talakai and King are two players that might come in handy next weekend, dependent on restings.

The pair were busy, but haven’t featured too heavily in the scorers’ sheets for a number of weeks now.

Minutes played – McInnes 56, Nikora 80, RFM 80, King 64

Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Rabbitohs v Cowboys

This match didn’t live up to any of the hype I thought it would! It was like the Cowboys thought ‘let’s get in and get out of here with or without the 2 points.’ A win though would have nearly locked up second spot for them.

All the Cowboys supposed Supercoach guns were very quiet. Only Scotty D managed to break 50, with Robson, Nanai, Lolo, Leilua and Holmes all allowing the scorers to have a quiet night, and focus on keeping tabs on Trell..

Yep.. Trell again! Oh how this season would have been different. I’m not going to do a Spy and recount how many points I would have if I traded him in.. but I’m sure it’s more than 70…

D Cook was a late withdrawal with COVID, but it appears Mr Albanese wants him back for next week’s grudge match v the Roosters and has cut the isolation time down to five days. I would like to think somewhere Albo rang PVL to check with him first.

Minutes played – Murray 68, Arrow 80, Leilua 80, Lolo 62, Nanai 80, Cotter45

Injuries – Damien Cook (pre-match – COVID)

Judiciary – Coen Hess (careless high tackle)

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Tigers v Dragons

I have emailed the NRL requesting them to fix their four-minute video package I watched on this game. It was labelled highlights and I certainly didn’t see any in the video I watched. Did I miss something?

It seemed as though Zaccy Lomax finally came to the Supercoach party after sitting in his car watching all the fun for the year.

He banged out a solid 91 and was one that may have gotten coaches over the line in a head-to-head win. Jack Bird was in everything but only managed 34. If giving it to the opposition fans was worth 20 points, he probably would’ve finish 150+.

In a typical Tigers performance, they had the W in sight, but decided against singing the song and bottled another game. Adam Doueihi though can hold his head high, doing his best but to no avail.

He finished with 99 and looks every bit the premium five-eighth in Supercoach

Minutes played – Joe O 71, Tuilagi 76, Pole 44, Bird 71,

Injuries – Damien Cook (pre-match – COVID)

Judiciary – Coen Hess (careless high tackle)

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Titans v Knights

AJ Brimson, where have you been hiding? He had a massive 139 to round out the penultimate round and was in everything, probably even grabbing the parking tickets on the way into Cbus Super Stadium!

The Titans played like a top 8 team, although they did clock off to make sure the overs got up, but gee they found the line with ease.

AJ was superb, and many were calling for him as a smokey POD for the final few rounds and wouldn’t they be cheering! He has a three round average of 110, and now takes on the Warriors to round out the season, albeit in NZ.

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If there was someone who many head-to-head finals relied on having a big game it was none other than D Fifita.. and for one final time in 2022, he was just nowhere to be seen!

He crashed over for an early try, but seemed to succumb to a finger injury, that or he had to get home to tape the Masked Singer. Either way he only lasted 47 minutes and probably meant many finals swung in the direction of the non-Fifita owners.

Tino and Fermor rightly so were the Titans best up front, as they have done all year.

The Knights had a sniff of winning this match, but once word came through the Tigers had all but wrapped up the spoon, well what was there to play for?

Minutes played – D Fifita 47, Fermor 80, Tino 80, Klemmer 68

Injuries – Nil.

Judiciary – Brian Kelly (dangerous throw), Isaac Liu (dangerous tackle)

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