Weekly Wrap: Round 23 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 23 NRL SuperCoach wrap, including injuries, suspensions, and minute watch for the week that was.


It was an all you can eat points smorgasbord and my wakeup call never came and I missed it all!!  What a week of NRL Supercoach and what a time to do it! Preliminary semi-finals for those had to head players the scores were humongous. Me? Well, I was left picking at the scraps left behind by the big dogs!

The massive scores coincided with some huge blowouts. Seek.com said the busiest job in Australia this weekend was being a NRL scoreboard attendant! My god they got a workout.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom for me, owning AJ and Val did brighten my weekend, although missing Gussy Crichton and you know who again meant I’ll be watching most head-to-head finals from the side-lines.

Might enjoy the weekend’s footy without the stress of need Mulitalo to score 170 for a respectable round

The NonFungible Turbos continue the slide, managing only 1306, falling 842 spots to 1989 overall

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Rabbitohs v Panthers

Had a very Finals Footy smell about this one! Both teams flexing their muscle, it was Penrith who inevitably came out on top thanks to a late Liam Martin try.

The outside back trio of the Panthers are on the nose of a few teams, mine particular after May, To’o and Tago combined for 121 and don’t look like breaking the line anytime soon. I think I would beat To’o in a race if run tomorrow.

Latrell, well to be honest im sick of writing about him! Its Turbo like, only difference is owned Tommy last year. I probably sound like a broken record but yeah… It’s killing me! Anywho…

AJ and Walker are firing again and if these 2 continue on their merry run, Souths will be there deep into September. Taking nothing away from AJ, but he does have the easiest job in the NRL. Catch and put the ball down

Minutes played – Murray 60, Arrow 80, Kikau, Martin & Yeo 80, Api 57

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Cowboys v Warriors

Well, it was meant to be the Drinky show, but he was well and truly outshone by his more enterprising teammates! Dearden bagged a hattrick and Townsend seemed to set every try up, whilst Supercoach star Val Holmes came thundering back into the good books with a huge performance, finishing with 118 including 2 assists (one that the Spy thought should have gone to Drinky – What game were you watching!?) and banged goals over. Big bounce back after the last 2 weeks.

Tip of the hat to those who traded in Dearden when Cleary went down. Bold move considering his floor but has scores of 79, 72, 72, 50 and now 91. Probably the best 5 round average of a halfback not named Nicho

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Leilua snagged a try and started the match, a great POD for the run home for those maniacs with multiple trades left. His 73 came in 80 minutes.

And poor Reece Walsh. Not even a night at the Mad Cow could have cheered him up after his performance.

Minutes played – Nanai 56, Leilua 80, Lolo 48, Cotter 51, Harris 65, AFB 52

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Jeremiah Nanai (Grade 1 Dangerous Contact)

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Broncos v Storm

Well, the hits kept coming! A clinical performance from Melbourne and a 2020 performance from Brisbane saw another huge score line.

Cobbo fell back to earth but wasn’t expected to score too well against the Storm whilst Ezra Mam will have to find his way back to Brisbane after Nelson Asofa-Solomona will likely accidentally take him back to Melbourne is his pocket.

Grant was just on another level and my play to Anti POD him in the final 6-week post Origin really came back to bite me. Has a 3-round average of 94 and no one is winning H2H final without him. Scored 113 and looks like he will score or set one up every time Melbourne get close to the line. Also, can make 60 tackles if needed.

Munster and Meaney were solid, Meaney kicking 10 goals so half his score from the touchies putting their flags up whilst Munny took a back seat to the Grant show but still managed 80.

Minutes played – Haas, 52, Capewell 52, Smith 58, King 51, Grant 74

Reported Injuries – Kurt Capewell (ankle), Tui Kamikamica (back), Tyran Wishart (ankle), Xavier Coates (head knock)

Judiciary – Nil

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Eels v Bulldogs

Don’t y’all be sleeping on D Bagz! Was a star to start the year, had a minor dip and has come back in the last month to blow everyone away! Was near perfect against the Dogs scoring 131 and has scores of 80, 98, 56 preceding that! He’s been the one consistent for the Eels this year, even last week when they got thumped to zero, he still managed 56. Just imagine if he got that Dual position we were all crying out for…

Moses was strong in his return from a cuticle issue I’m being told. Might have even been one of those quicks you get in the skin under your nail… Anyway, he scored 98.

Lane, Sivo and Mahoney all were good, but it didn’t amount to much in the Supercoach scores.

Burton couldn’t rally the troops as the Dogs were outmuscled by an Eels side obviously on their “win” week. Has been on a very downward slide since his 126 against the Titans

Minutes played – Lane 75, IPap 65, Matterson58, TPJ 32, M King 51

Reported Injuries -Nil

Judiciary – Tevita Pangai jnr (Grade 1 Dangerous Contact)

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Sea Eagles v Sharks

“He’s taken an intercept. Cherry Evans has taken an intercept and runs away to score under the posts to a delirious Brookvale Oval crowd!”

Just wish it wasn’t whilst we were down by 40.

My god can March get here any sooner? Or a fully fit Tommy Turbo? Oh, how I long for the days of Turbo 200s setting up tries for fun… Seems a lifetime ago.

It was all Nicho on Saturday as he took control for all the captainers out there and posted a mammoth 130, his 3rd score on the trot above 90. Gets his hands on the footy so much, he could get the Sharkies to the big one! Is he everyone’s favourite player not from their team? Cause same. Will likely finish season 2022 as the leading Supercoach scorer, something none of us saw coming in early March

Nikora has strung a few really solid games together whilst McInnes has thrived in the middle.

Mulitalo though hasn’t seen open space since Round 14 it seems judging by his scores and has been very underwhelming, especially in these sorts of games where you expect a try or 2.

Minutes played – Ola 69, Schuster 49, McInnes 63, Nikora 80

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Roosters v Tigers

It was lucky this game was held at eh SCG, it was the only scoreboard capable of putting the numbers up! My goodness what a performance by the Chooks!

6 players scored over 100 and most had a pretty big bearing on everyone’s scores this week. Nat Butcher crossed for 4, Sammy Walker banged 12 from 12 and Tedesco just did his thing, But the night belonged to Gussy Crichton! A huge 161 points in a 2 try performance, many head-to-head matches would have hinged on ownership of the Roosters’ back rower.

Was on about 100 at half time and it only got better. Uzzy Khawaja couldn’t even post those numbers at the SCG this year!

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Tedesco was admittedly on the low side of what was predicted of him and the final score too, but many would have just been grateful he took the field, after reports he was going to miss it.

Joey Manu though was one along with Suaaliii who didn’t get in on the action. Had an early try disallowed and spent most of the night patting his team mates on the back. Would love a 191 in the remaining 2 weeks

Minutes played – Crichton 80, Radley52, Lodge 32, JoeO80, Tuilagi 80

Reported Injuries – Luke Garner (head knock), Ken Maumalo (groin)

Judiciary – James Tamou (Grade 3 Contrary Conduct), Victor Radley (Grade 1 Dangerous Contact)

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Dragons v Titans

Another match that kept the bean counters at Supercoach headquarters busy! Not surprising though, 2 sides have shown all year that defence isn’t something they have taken seriously.

Bird, Mogo and Fermor all broke 100 with Fermor having a really strong end of season. Takes on the Knights and Warriors so he could go large again.

Tino and Big Dave Fifita were enormous again, but just couldn’t get their side over the line. Fifita has been really solid, without that big game 130+ score we know he has in him. Hasn’t scored over 100 since Round 6 but is looking likely with each match. Shame there is only 2 to go.

Amone, Hunt and Lomax all played well in the 2-minute snippet I saw on Fox Sports news on Sunday night. Bring on the finals please!!

Minutes played – Su’A 80, Bird 80, Fifita & Fermor 80

Reported Injuries – Phillip Sami (head knock), Moses Mbye (hamstring), Andrew McCullough (knee)

Judiciary – Francis Molo (Grade 3 Careless High Tackle) Josh McGuire (Grade 1 Dangerous Contact) Moses Mbye (Grade 2 Careless High Tackle)

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Knights v Raiders

The most talked about ribs in Australia don’t belong to a steakhouse or an all you can eat buffet; they belong to Joey Tapine!

The form front rower of the comp returned on Sunday and whilst he seemed to try and avoid a fair bit of contact, he still made his mark felt, setting a try up late in the game to swing it Canberra’s way.

Managed 75 in 57 minutes and whilst the Raiders are playing for a finals spot, he will be there doing his thing.

Minutes played – Klemmer 70, Tapine 57, Elliot 51, Young 80

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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