Spy Talk: Tackling the week’s big questions, Rd 23

Fresh off a 91st placed finish last season, the SC Spy looks into the big dilemmas facing SuperCoaches each week.


G’day Troops!

It’s late in the season, there’s lots of scrambling, injuries coming in hot and likely more to fall.

This isn’t any different to normal except that we are short on, or have no trades, so the impact is huge.

Also with the season effectively over for clubs out of the race for the eight we may see some blokes shut down early with Garrick a great example of this.

As always, value your trades if you have any left, only use them if required and you don’t have to rush them. You could hold Garrick a week if you like or you could move him on now if you need it.

This week I am going to change it up a little and bring you into the mind of the Spy and the dilemmas I’m personally facing this week and how I am approaching these issues.

Hopefully some of the thought process can help you now or in the future! Let’s go..

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Reuben Garrick

The most obvious dilemma at the moment is what to do with Garrick?

Unfortunately I am about $1,000 short of getting Valentine Holmes straight up v the Warriors which is a shame, but additionally the Cowboys do finish with Souths and Penrith, so maybe it’s a blessing.

There is an argument as well just to wait and hold him if you have the depth. A juicier option may present itself next week.

I don’t necessarily think this is the play, but if you need to consider it and see what’s best for your side.

For example, Manu may be a lot cheaper next week and this may allow me to do a more effective double trade of Garrick/Cleary out for a good half and Manu.

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This is particularly important if the Chooks win and Raiders lose as the Chooks will be locked in the eight and could look to freshen up Teddy and play Manu at fullback one of the last two weeks.

This is my major worry as a non-Manu owner, but the major dilemma I have is that I need two of my last three trades to get him.

This is only warranted I believe if he plays 5-8 or fullback. Though this week is terrifying because the Chooks have the potential to run rampant and maybe Teddy goes off with 20 to go and He Who Must Not Be Named shifts to the back?

As you can see it’s not always that simple. To make things even more complicated, Cleary locks out tonight so I can’t even just wait and assess.

There is a move I do have an eye on and that’s the other Joseph. Young Suaalii can be brought in one trade, he tends to get around 40 without a try and could get 1, 2, 3 or more this weekend! Similar to Holmes, the last two games aren’t quite as easy but I also don’t have to play him unless injuries hit.

At the moment I am leaning this way on what to do with Garrick!

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What would this mean?

The way I look at it is that it would then become two trades in the bank, no Manu, Cleary still sitting there and $110k spare.

If Teddy did rest either of the last two weeks I would straight trade to Manu so this is not an issue.

If not, then I will have those two trades to do as I please if carnage hits and there are key outs left right and centre.

I also have a big eye on Cobbo for the last two rounds and this extra cash could also provide a straight trade from one of my CTWs to him. A bit of youth to end the Spy’s season on a high!

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How about the other positions?

To be honest I’m pretty happy with my other spots as you can see in my team pic below.

Brandon Smith is covering Harry Grant if he was to miss a game. There’s depth in the front and back-row. Cleary can be traded to anyone if Hynes was to miss (or take an auto-emergency worst case).

Depth a 5/8, FB and CTW look okay, providing Talakai returns next week.

As a result, my four bench players are really strong so it doesn’t make a heap of sense to use a trade as I would have to drop someone good to play them.

As I have always said, the last couple of trades could also prove incredibly handy if there were to be any mass outs across the board or in one position where we only have one backup.

There lies my reluctance to use two of my last three trades on Manu whilst he is still at centre, despite the fact I fear him most.

SC Spy Team Update

The boys are hovering around the 3,000 mark with three rounds to play. This is more than okay and a good solid season, but I am just disappointed as I really thought I was a chance to go Top 500, if not Top 100 just over a month ago. Alas it was not to be.

This week I just think Teddy is the man for captain. He was semi-quiet last week so he could be back to his energising best.

My only concern that I have pondered today is whether or not he only plays 60 odd minutes. This seems like a huge chance based on the fact that they may lead the Tigers by plenty, and why burn him out if so? He has a had a busy year!

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As such there is a chance I go straight on Hynes v a horribly out of form Manly, whilst Shaun Lane could be a smokey v the Dogs, but I want more upside.

Scott Drinkwater is another smokey but he does have the risk of a smaller floor and also an early spell candidate if they lead easily. As such I will avoid, but I hope he goes mad as a semi-pod and the fact I just bloody love him!

Have a cracking weekend guys n girls. It’s a big one for not only Supercoach, but also top eight finishing positions and form of the key sides.

Penrith v Souths is a real good indicator of where Souths are at and how Penrith respond without their halves. I think Penrith get the job done with Edwards back (defence), however Fisher-Harris is a big hole to fill. The forwards battle wins this one!

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