Final Word: Trades, tactics, tips, Round 23

2019 champion Dez Creek has the final say on the major Round 23 plays, including PODs, skippers, trades and more.

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Given that we’re on the final stretch home, most avid SuperCoaches should know all the target/POD players to use your final trades on, hence I’ll focus this article predominantly on the matchups this week and who I like for differential captaincy options. Two heavyweights of the competition are locking horns this evening in a grand final rematch, and despite Penrith missing their two key playmakers, I think they will be well up for this one. Many will be looking to sit their Penrith contingent due to Souths (Latrell’s) recent run of form, but I strongly advise against this. The likes of Brian To’o and Taylan May are absolute pla

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