Trade guide: Assessing the most traded players, Rd 20

We take a look at the most traded in and out players each week to determine if SuperCoaches are on the right track.


This week, it’s the case of the walking wounded! Three injured players make up the top-3 most traded out list…

But should we really be pulling the trigger on these trades?

Sports journalist and SuperCoach expert Dylan Bolch will run his eye over the top trade targets each round and summarise which players are really worth trading in, and which are really worth trading out. 

He will give a quick take each week on the ten most traded in players and the ten most traded out as per the official SuperCoach site. 

Here is his analysis ahead of Round 20:

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1. Tom Stewart ($562,400 DEF) – Number one traded in player this week, and for good reason too. In the week’s leading into his little holiday, Stewart put up some ridiculous scores including a 122, 174, and a 161. What I particularly love about this trade, and why I agree with it so much, is that his six weeks out of the game was due to suspension, not injury. He’ll be fit as a fiddle when he comes back and should be ready to explode.

2. Jai Culley ($102,400 MID/FWD) – Without a doubt, Jai Culley is the best available rookie option this week, with scores of 90 and 76 already to his name. He looks integral to the Eagles’ development, so I’m sure he’ll stay in the team and continue his high scoring for the rest of the season

3. Max Gawn ($538,800 RUC) – Big Maxy is back!! He had a monstrous 40 hit-outs, and the most promising sign is that he attended 24 CBA’s compared to Jackson’s 11. With a breakeven of 118, you’re probably picking him up at his cheapest price, and his remaining fixtures are a thing of beauty.

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4. Jack Steele ($587,200 MID) – I think Jack Steele is one of the best mids available right now, but I do have slight concerns about bringing him in this week. If you read Charlie’s ‘Tag Watch’ article the other day, you would’ve seen that Finn Maginness could possibly follow him around on Saturday arvo. Personally, I don’t think Finn would be able to go with Jack all day; I think he’d be much more better suited to tag Brad Crouch or Jack Sinclair, but I’m still not sure if I’m prepared to take the risk. 

5. Marcus Bontempelli ($652,400 FWD/MID) – If you’re looking for a forward, the Bont needs no introduction. In his last two games he’s scored 181 and 161… 

6. Jack Sinclair ($606,400 DEF/MID) – Jack Sinclair has been sensational this year, but similar to Steele, I’m just not sure if I can take the risk knowing Finn Maginness is looming right around the corner. If you’re brave, he looks like an ideal upgrade from George Hewett.

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7. Elijah Hollands ($123,900 MID/FWD) – Hollands finally made his long awaited debut and played excellently. Although, with only a minimal amount of trades left, if you’re in the market for a rookie, Jai Culley is your man.

8. Rory Laird ($686,800 MID) – Ooooft this is a tricky one. Laird is 100% the best player in the game, but you’re paying some absolute top dollar for him. He has an unheard of five-round average of 141, so if you can afford him, by all means pick him up without hesitation. However, I wouldn’t be moving heaven and earth to get him I don’t think.

9. Bailey Smith ($513,900 FWD/MID) – If you’re strapped for cash and can’t quite get up to Bontempelli, Bazlenka could be your ticket into the Bulldogs midfield. With the Doggie’s fighting for top-8 at the moment, Smith will be trying his absolute hardest to get the footy.

10. Harry Himmelberg ($566,500 DEF/FWD) – If you managed to bring in Big H in round 11, you would be a very, very happy person right now. Since that point, he has a lowest score of 95, all while recorded four 110+’s including a mammoth 187. A couple weeks ago I would’ve said that you may have missed the boat, but he’s emerging as a legit top-3 DEF/FWD.

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1. George Hewett ($536,100 DEF/MID) – Bit of an obvious one here to kick things off. With a whole lot of uncertainty surrounding this particular injury, we’re at a point in the year where you can’t be holding onto dead weight. I personally don’t want to trade him, but the fact that everyone is means that you’ll be caught up in the dust if you don’t. I hate to say it, but Hewett is a must trade.

2. Dan Houston ($485,000 DEF/MID) – Similar to Hewett, Houston will definitely miss this week with concussion, and there is absolutely no way that you can keep him. He has to go bruv!

3. Jade Gresham ($396,900 MID/FWD) – The injured brigade! Gresham will also miss this week, but even if he managed to play, his three-round average of 61 really isn’t enough to warrant holding him.

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4. Luke Jackson ($417,200 RUC/FWD) – In hindsight, Jackson was initially a great pick with Gawn out injured. However, Gawny as back, and as a result, Luke’s scoring has taken a major hit. His three-round average of just 73 is an example of that. If you can scrape together $40k, Rowan Marshall looks like a great option around his price range.

5. Jacob Wehr ($306,200 DEF) – Wehr has certainly fulfilled his services that we all required, but now is the time to cash in. Unless you’re using him as cover for Hewett (which I don’t recommend), you can probably say goodbye to him.

6. Jayden Short ($470,500 DEF/MID) – I’m surprised that Short is on here instead of Crisp, but still… I could say the same thing for both of them. If you’re full premo and have just one trade left, these guys should be at the top of your list. 

7. Sam De Koning ($367,800 DEF/FWD) – SDK has been amazing this year, but his price is now starting to tick backwards, so make sure you cash in now. Thank you for your services, Sam.

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8. Tom Green ($442,800 MID) – I can’t believe people still own this guy! To be fair, he started the year like a house on fire, with six tons in his seven games. However, he hasn’t ton’d up in his last four games, and he’s currently got a two-game average of 49.5.

9. Darcy Cameron ($488,400 RUC/FWD) – Much like Jackson, this was an unbelievably good trade at the time, and he has served his owners fruitfully. However, with Grundy’s imminent return, and back-to-back scores in the 70’s to his name, it’s time to abort the Darcy Cameron experiment. 

10. Patrick McCartin ($377,700 DEF/FWD) – Refer to what I said about Sam de Koning. Thank you for your services, Paddy.

Let me know what your trade plans are in the comments below or over on Twitter @BolchDylan. 

All the best in Round 19!

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