Don’t out-think the room, lock in proven guns

2019 NRL SuperCoach champion Dez Creek has a word of warning for those trying to get too tricky with trades this week.


As we approach the final stretch of footy for the year, many Supercoaches will be looking to use their final trades to purchase some ultra-PODs to help them move up the rankings, however, it may just be the case that it isn’t worth going against the grain when it comes to certain positions.

Last week we saw the James Tedesco of old absolutely shred the Dragons ruck to bits, and anyone who backed against the man is left asking themselves what on earth were they thinking?

This week many are considering not bringing in the best 5/8 and hooker in Supercoach because the Melbourne Storm are out of form, I tell these people, you’re kidding yourselves if you think anyone outscores Grant and Munster on the run home in their positions.

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Yes, this is an overly hardy stance, but it seems many Supercoaches need some sense knocked back into them this time of year. How quickly people forget that Grant is averaging 76 for the season and over 80 when playing hooker.

I guess Des Hasler’s speech to the media on Tuesday has inspired me to call a spade a spade, and not buying Grant and Munster after four losses in a row is certainly a spade.

Speaking of Manly, I know there are many Olakau’atu owners out there pondering whether they should trade him to a Murray/Fifita/Matterson type player this week.

I personally will be trading him to Murray even though it’s clearly a luxury trade.

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Six trades left would be the bare minimum to even think about making such a move, however Ola’s 70% ownership in the top 100/1000 has to place him right at the top of an anti-POD list.

Cameron Murray in single figurs % ownership is too delectable to resist. Murray still has the ceiling of Olakau’atu, however he doesn’t need to score a try to accumulate 70-80 points for you – a much safer option going forward.

Valentine Holmes is another guy that many will be mulling over. A fantastic 118 last week definitely had me sweating as a non-owner, and he certainly passed the eye test.

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However, the question remains whether he can keep that sort of scoring going for the remaining six rounds, $665k is a lot to pay if he can’t.

Also keep in mind that his ownership is already at 35% in the top ranks, and probably increases to over 50% this week.

I’m also seeing Taylan May and Izack Tago’s names being thrown around in regards to trade outs.

Of the two I would certainly prefer to hold May on the off chance that he goes in for a few hat-tricks to end the season.

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Luai being out is likely nowhere near as big a loss for Penrith as many people think, so both guys are holds until the end in my eyes.

Turbo Irvo is currently sitting 382nd overall with 6 trades left. Trades this week are Brailey to Grant and Olakau’atu to Murray.

VC Teddy and C Grant (a true show of faith in a Melbourne bounceback).

Good luck this week everyone.

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