Tag watch: Players to be wary of, Round 20

We take a look at the players who could potentially cop a tag this week to make sure that you don't bring in the wrong option.


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The premise behind this is that with just a few weeks left in our SuperCoach seasons, many coaches only have one or two trades left, so it’s important you don’t trade in someone who has a high likelihood of being tagged straight away.

I’m sure we’re all aware of the usual taggers like Willem Drew, Matt De Boar, and Harry Schoenberg to name a few; but in the last few weeks, Finn Maginness, Marcus Windhager, and Jye Caldwell have all risen to the top as some of the league’s most prominent di*kheads taggers.

Let’s take a look at the matchups this week to make sure that the players you decide to bring in won’t stink it up on debut.

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Harry Himmelberg v Sydney

Ok, I’m starting off with a bit of a long shot here, but I am slightly concerned regarding Big H this weekend against the Swans. Ryan Clarke has recently been deployed as a half-back tagger, nullifying Brodie Smith (68) last week and Bailey Dale (76) in round 16. Himmelberg is a completely different player to those blokes, but it’s always a possibility…

Last 3 v Sydney: 91, 72, 75

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Jack Steele/Brad Crouch v Hawthorn

This is without a doubt my biggest concern for this week, and being a Jack Steele owner, I am STRESSING. Why am I stressing? Finn Maginness… Finn has finally found his feet at AFL level… As a tagger. Last week, he absolutely DESTROYED Jy Simpkin (26), limiting the prolific ball winner to just 14 touches. The week before, he kept Tim Kelly (80) to 21 touches, and the week before that, he limited Jordan Dawson (80) to just 15 touches. He’s one of the most lethal taggers in the game at the moment, and I fully expect him to go to at least one of either Jack or Brad.

Steele last 3 v Hawthorn: 125, 91, 111

Crouch last 3 v Hawthorn: 98, 99, 85

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Tom Mitchell v St Kilda

The Pig has had a rollercoaster kind of season thus far, but his last four games have been some of the best he’s played all year! 118, 102, 94, and a 125 last week against the Roos is great to see, but if you’re an owner, I have to break the news to you… This run of good scoring will come to an end this week when he plays the Saints. “Why?”, you ask. Well… Marcus ‘The Wind’ Windhager blew up a storm last week, and poor Tim Kelly (11) was trapped right in the middle of it. In 84% time on ground, Kelly had just FOUR TOUCHES… FOUR! I barely even knew this guy existed until last week, but I know now for sure that this tornado is heading straight for Tom Mitchell.

Last 3 v St Kilda: 119, 105, 94

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Jy Simpkin v Essendon

I think we all expected Jye Caldwell to tag Nick Daicos last week, but thankfully for us, he chose to be a good bloke instead and not ruin the game for a 19-year-old. This week though, it’s going to be Jye v Jy… No doubt about it. Like our good mate Finn, Jye Caldwell has emerged as one of the best lock-down midfielders currently in the game, and to be honest it’s just good to see him playing some consistent footy. What’s not so good is watching him single handily annihilate my SuperCoach team. If we cast our minds back to Round 17, Lachie Neale (89) suffered the wrath of Jye, scoring just his second sub-90 score of the year thanks to his measly 21 touches – the lowest amount he has recorded since Round 20 last year. In Round 16, it was the same sad story for Callum Mills (85), who was tagged to just 13 touches! The round before that, Tim Kelly (49) was kept to just 19 disposals… I think you can sense a pattern going on here, and Jy Simpkin will be the next to suffer.

Last 3 v Essendon: 99, 54, 127

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