POD Hunter: Low ownership picks to set you apart, Round 19

We take a look at the best options flying under the radar to set you apart from AFL SuperCoach rivals.

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Happy Tuesday ladies and gentlemen!! It sure is a happy Tuesday indeed, because for the second week in a row, I’ve had a weekly rank inside the top 1000! I owe my good score to two PODs in particular, Harry Himmelberg (132, 7.4%) and Scott Pendlebury (110, 5.3%), who have both been on fire over the past month. However, my score could’ve been 50 points better if I stuck to my original plan of bringing in Zach Merrett (136, 9%) as a POD instead of Cam Guthrie (84, 2.1%). Oh well, that’s SuperCoach for ya! Let’s look at some PODs! Embed from Getty Images Defence Mason Redman ($565,700, 96.3, 0.8%) The Bombers

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