Money movers: Players to trade/target to up cap value, Round 18

2021 AFL SuperCoach runner-up Steve Nikolovski assesses all the key players set to make big cash, and those set to plummet in value.


A small rank rise for me last round, but nothing to get excited about.  Would’ve been better if I just took the 124 from Clarry instead of getting greedy.  Daniel Rich out hurt, especially with Massimo getting subbed out, and the pain continues with him out again.  So, lets see how trading looks this round looking at the break-evens. 

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Rookies to Consider Trading in

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Jase Burgoyne*D/M-65$117,30067+$59.0k
James BlanckD-22$141,90049+$32.0k
Zane Trew*M-19$123,90046+$29.1k
Hewago Paul OeaM/F-13$123,90043+$25.0k
Noah CumberlandM/F-13$123,90062N/A
Josh CarmichaelM/F-13$104,40054N/A
Jai CulleyM/F20$102,40019N/A
Tyler SonsieM23$117,30022N/A
Ashley JohnsonF24$123,90023N/A

* Indicates player is on the bubble

Top Trade in’s:

  1. Josh Carmichael – As you can see from the list it’s slim pickings.  I have Carmichael on top because he is definitely playing and looked pretty good last week in his debut.  Added bonuses of DPP flexibility, and bargain basement price to maximise your upgrade money.
  2. Jase Burgoyne – Love his DPP but on the extended bench and not convinced he gets selected.  If he does get the nod, he’s a great trade in and reliable scorer.
  3. Jai Culley – Big wraps on him as the #1 mid-season draft rookie and got his chance to show us what he’s got at the top level.  He has handy DPP too.

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Players to Consider Trading in

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Brandon Zerk-ThatcherD-26$300,60060+$38.5k
Ed LangdonM2$384,90081+$35.4k
Blake HardwickD5$318,80070+$28.9k
Shai BoltonM/F6$463,70086+$35.9k
Harris AndrewsD10$399,20083+$32.5k
Noah AndersonM16$519,500116+$44.7k
Chad WarnerM21$488,50096+$33.5k
Josh DaicosM24$380,30082+$25.9k
Daniel RioliD/F26$484,300115+$40.0k
Jamie CrippsF29$415,00080+$22.7k
Steven MayD29$401,80078+$22.0k
Tom PapleyF36$426,60082+$20.5k
Tim TarantoM/F37$441,10079+$19.0k
Callan WardM39$417,40078+$17.6k
Nick HindD41$492,800115+$33.2k
Tom HickeyR41$442,80081+$18.1k
Christian PetraccaM45$558,500108+$28.3k
Mitch DuncanM/F45$486,600103+$25.9k
Patrick DangerfieldM45$438,10086+$18.4k
Rory LobbF46$419,70084+$17k
Zach MerrettM49$577,200115+$29.6k
Jed AndersonM/F50$454,60093+$19.1k
Keidean ColemanD/F50$437,700106+$25.2k
Connor RozeeM/F51$520,50092+$18.5k
Peter WrightR/F52$441,10092+$18.1k
Jeremy HoweD56$378,20084+$12.5k
Luke Davies-UniackeM57$567,300134+$34.5k
Tom MitchellM58$477,40099+$18.5k
Dylan MooreF60$490,60088+$12.4k
Andrew BrayshawM72$580,700148+$34.1k
Touk MillerM73$620,900132+$26.4k
Jack SinclairD/M77$579,900120+$19.3k
Isaac HeeneyM/F77$440,90090+$5.6k
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Top Trade in’s:

  1. Daniel Rioli – Has really blossomed playing off half back and is exciting to watch.  DPP is handy too.
  2. Zach Merrett – Scoring super well with Darcy Parish out of the team.  3 round average of 132!
  3. Andrew Brayshaw – Has scored over 130 in three of his last four.  What a talent.
  4. Luke Davies-Uniacke –This kid is a freak.  Scored over 124 in three of his last four.  Both 3 round and 5 round averages are above 120.
  5. Dylan Moore –Seems to be in the midfield rotations now and has a great tank.  I really like the Hawks draw coming home.
  6. Jed Anderson / Tom Papley – If you’re looking for a forward slightly cheaper than Moore, I like these two.  Papley was ultra-impressive on the weekend and would’ve scored a monster if he kicked straight.  Both playing bulk midfield minutes at the moment.
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Players to Consider Trading out / Wait to Bottom out and Trade in Later

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Max GawnR189$614,000107-$36.8k
Toby NankervisR186$546,60088-$43.8k
Jacob WeiteringD153$399,80077-$33.8k
Jack MacraeM149$606,600116-$14.7k
Josh DunkleyM/F147$531,80099-$21.6k
Dion PrestiaM147$444,70081-$29.3k
Jarrod WittsR146$559,900117-$12,9k
Jacob HopperM143$527,70088N/A
Ben McEvoyR/F143$483,70084-$26.5k
Sam WalshM140$590,100115-$11.3k
Jordan DawsonD/M139$624,000121-$8.0k
Marcus BontempelliM/F138$597,000109-$13.1k
Bailey SmithM/F138$553,700108-$13.5k
Will BrodieM/F137$552,700107-$13.6k
Patrick CrippsM108$512,20099-$4.0k
Jayden ShortD/M98$472,90083-$6.7k
Paul CurtisF76$274,80057-$8.4k

Top Trade out Targets:

  1. Paul Curtis – Very doubtful he reaches his break-even so a very good time to upgrade him, especially if you’re playing him on field.
  2. Jayden Short – One ton in the last 6 rounds.  If you have the luxury, you should trade him out.
  3. Patrick Cripps – No tons in the last 4 rounds.  Same with Short, if you can, do it.
  4. Will Brodie – Seems to have maxed out in price with one tonne in the last 4 rounds.
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Final Say

Hopefully you’ve avoided all the carnage and Covid outs this week.  I thought I may be full premium for the first time this year, however, will need to wait another week with both Oliver and Rich out.  As I’ve said previously don’t be afraid to take some risk and make the game fun.  I’m leaning to bringing in Dylan Moore as a unique pick that I would never really consider doing.  Why not hey.

As usual, good luck!

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